From darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, Jupiter is the great one who brings positivity to all. Understanding Jupiter’s placement in the chart helps one learn how we see life and how we pursue it. This guardian angel can make or break our mental state. So let us learn more about him.

Jupiter in astrology

Planet Jupiter in astrology or Brihaspati is regarded as the Guru of the celestial cabinet and is the most benefic planet in astrology. It is often said that any dosha in Kundli is alleviated very easily if the person has a strong Jupiter. This planet is the indicator of growth, progress, fortune, and happiness. Whenever Jupiter aspects someone’s astrological chart, they are very likely to see an improvement in their current status. They might be bestowed with good luck or some fortune and find happiness more often. If an individual experiences a tough situation in life, Jupiter makes things easy for them, resolving many of their problems.

Jupiter signifies growth and expansion; hence Jupiter is also the planet that is responsible for weight gain. It tends to make a person bulky. It is also the natural indicator of children and also signifies the spouse in a woman’s life.

Jupiter is the signifier of the pursuit of knowledge and the ones who seek it. It is thus associated with the ‘Guru’ in all our lives- teacher, mentor, and religious leader. Jupiter takes one on the path to enlightenment – from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. It is full of serene wisdom

As a planet that is the prime driver of our happiness and prosperity, the planet of fortune, and the planet that alleviates difficulties, it is important to understand Jupiter in astrology to get the beneficial effects of Jupiter.

Vedic story of planet Jupiter

Jupiter, or Brihaspati, or Dev Guru, or simply Guru is of prime significance in Vedic astrology, as well as in Vedic stories. He is considered extremely auspicious and benefic and has a lot of wisdom. He is also the highest of the benefic planets in astrology.

Brihaspati was born to Sage Angiras and his wife, who undertook severe penance for bearing a son who would be symbolic of wisdom. Happy with their penance, the Gods blessed them with Brihaspati, or the lord of lights.

Brihaspati is also the preceptor or the Guru of the devas, hence he is known as the Dev Guru. He is also the chief priest of Indra who performs sacrificial rituals and yagnas for the Devas. He is foremost among all the Brahmanas. He is considered to be the repository of knowledge and extremely versed in sacred texts, including the Vedas. He is also symbolic of religious piety.

Brihaspati was married to Tara, who later eloped with Chandra Dev, and their union resulted in the birth of Budh or Mercury, who was cursed by Brihaspati to be neither male nor female.

Brihaspati, being the Dev Guru, has an enmity towards Shukracharya, the Asura Guru. This enmity is also partly due to the possession of the knowledge of MritSanjeevani by Asura Guru Shukracharya. Brihaspati sent his son Kacha to Shukracharya to acquire this rare and exclusive knowledge, but the son was partially successful in gaining this knowledge.

Planet Jupiter in astrology

Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun and also the largest in the solar system. Jupiter is thus the most beneficial of all planets in astrology. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. The MoolTrikon of Jupiter is in Sagittarius from 0 to 10 degrees. Jupiter in astrology is the ruler or karaka of the 5th House, 9th House, and the 12th House of the astrology chart.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, while it is debilitated in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter finds directional strength in the 1st House irrespective of the Rashi, Jupiter will give good results in the 1st House.

The transit of Jupiter in any Rashi or House is for a period of about 12 to 13 months. The Mahadasha period of Jupiter is for 16 years.

The friendly planets of Jupiter are Sun, Moon, and Mars. It is neutral to Saturn, while Jupiter has enmity with Mercury and Venus.

The day of Jupiter is Thursday, and its direction is the North East. Jupiter is associated with yellow colour and wearing the same colour is recommended if one has a weak Jupiter in their astrology chart. The metal of Jupiter is gold, and the color of Jupiter is Yellow.

Planet Jupiter in astrology signifies the male gender and is of the Brahman Varna. It has sattvic guna. Its nature is Kapha or watery.

Planet Jupiter in astrology stands for general fortune and luck. Under the influence of Jupiter, people gain spiritually and also achieve material wealth. It also indicates happiness. Jupiter is also believed to be the epitome of spirituality and meditation.

In relation, Jupiter is the signifier of children, and in a woman’s birth chart, it is also the karaka of the husband. A well-placed Jupiter implies having children at the right age, where the children are healthy and also render much happiness. Unlike Mars, which is merely the romantic interest of a woman, Jupiter signifies the husband and the happiness related to him. A good husband and marriage at the right age, along with a blissful marital life, are all indicated by Jupiter for a woman.

Jupiter is also the person whom we turn to, for any kind of guidance in life. They are knowledgeable people with more experience in life. They are often the older generation in the household who know more about the world than us.

In professions, Jupiter is the professor, the teacher, the mentor, the philosopher, the religious leader or theologian, and the manager. Jupiter is the most learned and is thus associated with education. He is the wisest of all beings, with unmatched knowledge of the scriptures. Thus, any religious leader or religious scholar is the representative of Jupiter.

In places, Jupiter implies the places of learning. Thus, schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, and any other place where people learn and acquire knowledge are associated with Jupiter. It is also the place of worship at home and any other religious gathering since Jupiter is the signifier of religion and theology. For a woman, it is also an indicator of the wedding altar or Mandap.

In medical astrology, Jupiter represents the liver, gallbladder, large intestines, kidney, body fat, thigh, knees, tongue, and brain. It also indicates the circulation of blood inside the heart. Therefore, any afflictions to Jupiter or an adversely placed Jupiter might result in diseases of the above organs. In such cases, a person might have an unhealthy liver or jaundice in the more severe cases, may be obese or extremely prone to weight gains, and may face heart blockages owing to fatty deposits on the heart, inflammation of tissues, enlargement of organs, and such other associated medical conditions.

Planet Jupiter in astrology also indicates weight gain, hence when Jupiter aspects in an individual’s natal chart, they tend to put on weight owing to several reasons. It may be due to ill health, hereditary, or other reasons. Under such an influence, it is always recommended that one exercise daily and be watchful of their diet.

Mental attributes of Jupiter

Jupiter being the Guru is representative of the superior morality and values in our lives. It also indicates growth and expansion- physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual.

When Planet Jupiter is Well Placed in Birth Chart

A well-placed planet Jupiter implies that the person gives importance to morality. They think about the moral side of any action. Before acting upon their decisions, they take into consideration if it is fair and just for the self as well as for others. They do not do anything that would amount to being morally wrong.

A well-placed Jupiter in astrology makes one very optimistic. They tend to look at the bright side of any situation. Whenever they face some difficulty, they take it as an opportunity rather than an obstruction. With their positive attitude, they can overcome even the most difficult of situations and resultantly remain very happy.

A well-placed Jupiter makes people scholarly. They take a keen interest in reading and learning and are well-versed in classical literature, classical music, and classical arts. They are also interested in reading about religion and philosophy.

A religious bent of mind is also something bestowed by the god Jupiter. Such people exhibit a keen interest in religious and spiritual matters and spend a considerable amount of time reading the scriptures. Their interest in religious matters is not a blind adherence, but they like to gain knowledge in religious and spiritual matters. They are also well-versed in traditional learning.

A well-placed planet Jupiter in astrology also makes people generous. They engage in acts of charity and are good donors, as they believe in the welfare of all. They strive to make others happy and have faith in the philosophy that you get more when you give more.

When Planet Jupiter is Adversely Placed in Birth Chart

People who have an adversely placed Jupiter often tend to ignore the moral aspects of the acts they commit. They look only at their well-being and prosperity and do anything that will benefit them. This might even be at the cost of others. They do not shy away from sacrificing what is right, fair, and just.

A pessimistic attitude is also derived from an adversely placed Jupiter in astrology. Even when they are faced with a great opportunity, they are always worried about the negative consequences and are always too scared to take any big step

Depression is a common feature among people who have an adversely placed Jupiter. As such, people tend to be pessimistic; they remain unhappy with their lives and how things turn out to be.

An ill-placed planet Jupiter in the astrology chart often makes a person fanatic. It can also be in the form of religious fanaticism when they fail to understand the basic tenets of the religion and adhere blindly to anything that they get to know, even if it is half the truth.

Jupiter that is adversely placed can also make one extremely indulgent. Such people spend too much time and money on unnecessary things and also end up spending more on luxuries of life that are not even needed.

An adversely placed Jupiter makes people very prejudiced. They base their judgments of others on vague grounds and mostly form opinions without understanding the situation or people objectively. They are thus judgmental and prejudiced in their approach to the world and mostly harbor pessimistic thoughts about others.

A negatively placed planet Jupiter in astrology makes for an egoistic person. Such people are extremely filled with the sense of the self. They only think about themselves and believe in their supremacy. They look down upon others and think that others are not worthy enough. They are boastful of their achievements and accomplishments and dismissive of others.

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Jupiter in various houses as per Vedic astrology

The position of Jupiter in various houses influences the natives in different ways. While some positions of Jupiter are auspicious, some of them also render the natives with inauspicious outcomes. Let us explore how Jupiter’s position in the 12 houses of the natal chart affects our lives.

Jupiter in First House

As per Vedic astrology, if Jupiter is placed in the 1st House or the Lagna at birth, the individual will possess an attractive appearance. They will enjoy a long life. They are virtuous, courageous, dynamic, learned, and excel in their field. They possess the grace of god.

Jupiter in 2nd House

If Jupiter is placed in the 2nd House, the individual will be learned, wealthy, and possess attractive facial and body features. They will be charitable and eloquent and will enjoy good food.

Jupiter in 3rd House

If Jupiter is positioned in the 3rd House, the individual will suffer humiliation. They will be horrid and stingy. They suffer from digestive disorders and may face defeat at the hands of women. One of their brothers will be renowned and may be placed in an honorable position. They are prone to committing sinful acts.

Jupiter in 4th House

If Jupiter is placed in the 4th House, the individual will enjoy happiness, pleasures, and wealth. They will be bestowed with relatives, luxuries, and conveyance. They will prove to be strong and a source of distress for their enemies.

Jupiter in 5th House

If Jupiter is placed in the 5th House, the individual will be blessed with abundance, happiness, kin, courage, and wealth. They will be learned individuals and will hold positions of respect and recognition.

Jupiter in 6th House

If Jupiter is placed in the 6th House, the individual will be well-versed in a recitation of Mantras, apathetic, weak, and manly. They will destroy their adversaries; however, they are lazy and face humiliation. They will be renowned on account of females.

Jupiter in 7th House

If Jupiter is placed in the 7th House, the individual will be blessed with a beautiful wife and children. They will be charismatic and will prove to be more liberal than their fathers. They will be eloquent speakers, and poets, and will hold higher positions. They will be renowned among the people and will be well-educated individuals.

Jupiter in 8th House

If Jupiter is placed in the 8th House, the individual may face humiliation. They will enjoy a long life. They will be poor and would earn their livelihood working as servants or menials. They will lead a miserable life and would have indulged in sinful acts.

Jupiter in 9th House

If Jupiter is placed in the 9th House, the individual will be learned, wealthy, and fortunate. They will hold ministerial positions as well as positions of leadership. They will perform virtuous and religious rituals. They will deliver paternal duties earnestly. They will earn name, fame, and recognition with their virtuous deeds.

Jupiter in 10th House

If Jupiter is placed in the 10th House, the individual will possess immense wealth. They will earn a reputation and will perform virtuous deeds. They will be bestowed with abundance, conveyance, fame, and happiness. They will be favored by influential people as well as gain a favorable place in the government.

Jupiter in 11th House

If Jupiter is placed in the 11th House, the individual will be wealthy, fearless, and virtuous. They will not be very educated and will have few children; however, they will enjoy conveyances and will be served by many servants. They will also have a much longer life span.

Jupiter in 12th House

If Jupiter is placed in the 12th House, the individual will be loathed by others. They will be detested by others as they use abusive language. They will serve as servants and will be luckless. They will be childless and will engage in sinful deeds.

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Jupiter Dasha period

Jupiter Mahadasha lasts 16 years. This period is considered one of the most beneficial in life. Jupiter, being an auspicious planet, brings auspicious results. It brings financial success, wealth, power, status, knowledge, and spiritual development.

Going into the Mahadasha of Jupiter, you can achieve more power, reap more profits, and excel in academics. Knowledge of spirituality, occult science, and astrology will increase. Honor will come from the government. Yagyas, marriage, pilgrimages, children, and other auspicious activities will happen. There will be happiness from the spouse, kids, and family members. You will be friends with rich and influential people.

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However, a negative or bad planetary influence of Jupiter will be like a bad teacher who will misguide you. There will be no faith in God. You will be rude to the elderly. Wealth accumulated may be lost. You may suffer from asthma, obesity, diabetes, etc. There will be problems regarding insurance and banking. Misfortunes are likely. There will be no saving and prosperity.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Jupiter is a beneficial planet for the person born with Aries Ascendant (Mesha Rasi). It will bring outstanding achievement in life. You will reach a high level of success. You will attain name and fame. Children will be born to you. Society will benefit from your actions. You will make your father proud. There will be spiritual enlightenment.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Taurus Ascendant

The period will not be good unless Jupiter is positioned in an auspicious house. If positioned in its sign, exalted and conjoined with auspicious planets, then Jupiter will bring money, wealth, prosperity, and success in career. Otherwise, success will be a distant dream. There will be problems with careers and expenses.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

As a Lord, Jupiter is inauspicious. But, if it is in its sign in Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter can prove to be a blessing. This is the same if Jupiter is positioned in the 2nd house in Cancer in its exaltation. There will be all kinds of happiness. The career will get a boost.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Cancer Ascendant

There will be extremely good results. This will bring fame, honor, social standing, wealth, prosperity, and good paternal relations. You are likely to get power, position, and authority. There will be great spiritual development.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Leo Ascendant

An auspicious Jupiter is a beneficial planet. Hence, you will reap the beneficial result of Jupiter. This mahadasha will bring happiness, prosperity, success to children, and higher education. There will be an increase in knowledge. You will have command over various subjects. There may be travel to overseas destinations.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendant

Jupiter is not a beneficial planet. It will not bring good results. However, if Jupiter is posited in its sign or has created Rajyoga by being in conjunction with Saturn, then there will be good results. You will get improved residence, scale high positions, have powerful friends, and find maternal happiness. Jupiter will bring conjugal happiness.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Libra Ascendant

Jupiter will not bring good results here. However, it can bring good results if it is posited in its own and exalted sign. If so, auspicious results like health, happiness, winning over enemies, small travels, and spiritual development will happen during the period.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Scorpio Ascendant

The Mahadasha of Jupiter is quite beneficial for the Scorpio ascendant. It will bring knowledge, wisdom, higher education, and versatility. There will be gain in wealth, increased prosperity, and success with immovable assets. You will improve in public speaking, occult science, and spirituality. Those who are in astrology can reap beneficial results during this period.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendant

Jupiter is the most beneficial planet for the natives. There will be health, happiness, social standing, command over people, knowledge, etc. During the 16 years, you will get a beautiful house, attain prosperity, have influential friends, and experience maternal happiness. The Mahadasha of Jupiter is considered to be the most beneficial period for those born with Sagittarius ascendant.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

The planet Jupiter is not a beneficial planet for the native belonging to the Capricorn ascendant. However, it can fetch good results if Jupiter is placed in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th houses during the 16 years. You will travel extensively during this period. There will be a lot of spiritual development.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Aquarius Ascendant

The planet Jupiter will make you prosperous during the 16 years of the Mahadasha. There will be a continuous source of income. The result will be more effective when Jupiter is posited in its own and exalted position. But, if Jupiter is badly placed, it can affect your financial background.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant

The Jupiter Mahadasha is excellent for the person born with Pisces ascendant. It will bring outstanding achievement, especially in a professional career, business, and job. Expect help from the father. You may form friends in high places. If Jupiter is badly placed, there will be professional degradation and loss of jobs.

How to make Jupiter strong

In astrology, Jupiter holds significant sway, symbolizing wisdom, prosperity, and growth. Strengthening Jupiter in one’s chart is often sought after for favorable outcomes in various aspects of life. Vedic astrology recommends various remedies and practices to enhance Jupiter’s strength in a horoscope.

Firstly, attire plays a pivotal role. Wearing yellow clothing on Thursdays, the day associated with Jupiter is believed to amplify its positive energies. This simple yet symbolic act sets the tone for aligning oneself with Jupiter’s vibrations.

Beyond attire, active participation in environmental stewardship is advocated. Planting and nurturing renewable trees not only contribute to ecological well-being but also resonate with Jupiter’s expansive energy. Watering these trees regularly becomes a mindful practice, symbolizing the nurturing aspect of Jupiter’s influence.

Spiritual endeavors are integral to strengthening Jupiter. Regular worship, coupled with recitations of Vishnu Shatranama and Harivansh Purana, fosters a deep connection with the divine forces associated with Jupiter. Additionally, donating auspicious items like golden turmeric and yellow flowers at sacred places reflects reverence and gratitude toward Jupiter’s blessings.

The application of saffron Tilak, whether on the forehead or navel, serves as a potent ritual. Similarly, creating a saffron bundle to be kept close for 27 consecutive Thursdays is believed to magnify Jupiter’s beneficence. Flowing almonds and coconuts wrapped in yellow cloth in running water symbolize letting go of obstacles hindering Jupiter’s positive influence.

Watering the Peepal Tree on specific days while chanting Jupiter’s Beej Mantra or Gayatri Mantra is a revered practice. It signifies the nurturing of spiritual growth and wisdom, attributes associated with Jupiter.

Generosity towards the elderly Brahmins, through donations of yellow items and observance of fasts on Thursdays, is considered auspicious. Offering water to the banana tree and worshipping it embodies reverence towards Jupiter’s abundance and fertility.

Gemstones like Pukhraj and Suneli, as well as herbs such as the root of banana or orange, are recommended for strengthening Jupiter. However, seeking guidance from an astrologer is imperative before adorning oneself with these remedies.

Finally, reciting Jupiter’s Mantra and Gayatri Ekakshari Beej Mantra regularly further amplifies Jupiter’s influence. Combining these recitations with the practice of wearing yellow clothing enhances the vibrational resonance with Jupiter’s energy field.

Jupiter in a woman’s chart

In astrology, Jupiter’s placement in a woman’s chart holds significance, offering insights into the nature and characteristics of her potential spouse, as well as where she might encounter them. Here, we explore the implications of Jupiter’s position in various houses:

Jupiter in Aries and the First House:

Women with this placement may find a husband who is gentle yet assertive, individualistic, and respected in society. The meeting could occur during physical activities like gym sessions or club gatherings.

Jupiter in Taurus and the second house:

Here, the spouse may embody beauty, sensuality, and a strong family orientation. Meetings could occur at family functions or gatherings.

Jupiter in Gemini and the third house:

Women may find a husband who is intellectually curious, articulate, and possibly a good speaker or teacher. Encounters might happen through neighbors or short-distance trips.

Jupiter in Cancer and the Fourth House:

Spouses with this placement are likely to be spiritual, emotionally sensitive, and family-oriented. Meetings could take place at home or at social gatherings.

Jupiter in Leo and the Fifth House:

Husbands may be child-loving, attention-seeking, and fortunate in education and creativity. Encounters could happen at schools, entertainment events, or art galleries.

Jupiter in Virgo and the sixth house:

Analytical, attentive, and socially conscious spouses may be found here. Meetings might occur during social service programs.

Jupiter in Libra and the seventh house:

Partners could be cultured, balanced, and authoritative. Encounters may happen in public places or during legal proceedings.

Jupiter in Scorpio and the eighth house:

Spouses might be interested in the occult, ambitious, and secretive. Encounters could occur in secluded or secretive settings.

Jupiter in Sagittarius and the ninth house:

Philosophical, spiritual, and culturally diverse partners may be found here. Encounters might happen in religious places, libraries, or during travels.

Jupiter in Capricorn and the tenth house:

Materially successful yet lacking in spiritual depth spouses could be encountered. Meetings might occur at work or in organizational settings.

Jupiter in Aquarius and the eleventh house:

Partners could be interested in social service, progressive ideas, and spiritual growth. Encounters may happen at social functions.

Jupiter in Pisces and the Twelfth House:

Spouses may possess spiritual qualities, creativity, and an affinity for foreign lands. Meetings could occur abroad or during spiritual pursuits.

Jupiter in a male chart

In astrology, a man’s Jupiter sign offers valuable insights into the characteristics and tendencies he may exhibit as a husband. Here we explore the distinct qualities associated with Jupiter’s placement in various signs:

Jupiter in Aries:

Men with Jupiter in Aries are adventurous and open about their feelings. While they’re sweet-natured and lucky, they may struggle with impulse control and household chores due to easily getting distracted.

Jupiter in Taurus:

Taurus Jupiter men are decisive and enjoy indulging in luxury. They’re generous with gifts and possess good financial management skills, making them reliable providers for their partners.

Jupiter in Gemini:

These men are adaptable and prefer letting their partners take the lead. They excel in communication and are helpful around the house, often embodying the role of a supportive best friend.

Jupiter in Cancer:

Known for their nurturing nature, Cancer Jupiter husbands prioritize family and home. They openly discuss plans, especially regarding children, and shower their loved ones with affection and care.

Jupiter in Leo:

Leo Jupiter men thrive on attention and appreciation. They can be possessive and expect acknowledgment for their efforts. As spouses, they prioritize their partner’s appearance and social status.

Jupiter in Virgo:

Practical and detail-oriented, Virgo Jupiter’s husbands may be seen as nitpicky by some. Their partners’ care and attention to dietary needs are crucial for their well-being due to potential health issues.

Jupiter in Libra:

Fashion-conscious and sociable, Libra Jupiter husbands pay attention to aesthetics and status. However, they may engage in conflicts within the relationship and seek a partner who enhances their social image.

Jupiter in Scorpio:

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Scorpio Jupiter men exhibit fluctuating generosity and a desire for devotion. They may feel misunderstood but expect unwavering loyalty from their partners, holding grudges when their emotional needs aren’t met.

Jupiter in Sagittarius:

These husbands embody a teacher-like persona, exuding positivity and joviality. While they may need reminders for household chores, they enjoy companionship in travel and maintain a cheerful demeanor.

Jupiter in Capricorn:

Career-oriented and practical, Capricorn Jupiter husbands prioritize work but provide stability and security in the relationship. They’re not extravagant with gifts but ensure their partners are well provided for.

Jupiter in Aquarius:

Aloof yet friendly, Aquarius Jupiter’s husbands may appear detached but possess a kind-hearted nature. Their introverted tendencies may be misunderstood by extroverted partners, but they value companionship.

Jupiter in Pisces:

Romantic and empathetic, Pisces Jupiter husbands are blessed with good luck and exhibit emotional sensitivity. While forgetful and prone to spontaneity, they offer unwavering support and understanding to their partners.

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