A dosha is a condition in the horoscope (Kundli) that casts bad influences instead of positive results. It is caused by the malefic or unfavorable placements of planets in different houses (bhavas) in the Kundli. The birth chart in a horoscope represents planetary positions in the zodiac circle or celestial sphere corresponding to the place and time of the native’s birth. It creates the basic astrological design of his/her life and character.

Accordingly, in the birth chart, when malefic planets like Kuja (Mars), Sani (Saturn), Rahu, and Ketu assume inauspicious positions, it might create Doshas. Vedic Astrology prescribes various doshas such as Kala Sarpa dosha, Pitru dosha, Naadi dosha, Kuja Dosha, Rahu-Ketu doshas, etc. It also suggests certain conditions for each of these doshas to occur.

The nature and period of impact of doshas vary from one another. Some cast their influences for a short time frame, while others could harmfully impact individuals for a long period, extending up to many years. The presence of doshas in the Kundli is sometimes attributed to the karma of the previous birth too. Among the various malicious planets, Kuja or Mars is responsible for the occurrence of many doshas. Kuja dosha (also known as Manglik dosha or Chovva dosha), which affects the native’s marriage chances, is the best example of a dosha caused by the malicious placement of Kuja. Check whether you have Manglik dosha or any other dosha.

Characteristics of Kuja or Mars

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To know the impacts of Kuja dosha, you should first know the characteristics of Kuja and what features it imparts to you.

-Mars is the planet of courage, energy, confidence, willpower, etc.

-It can inflict the negativities viz. anger, violence, aggression, competition, irritation, hot-temper, domination, conflicts, disaster, etc.

The way these features affect your life depends on the planet’s position in your birth chart. However, the dynamic energy of Kuja has to be channelized positively, or it would create problems in life.

What are the reasons for Kuja dosha (Manglik dosha / Chovva dosham)?

Kuja dosha or Manglik dosha is a malefic condition in the Kundli caused by the unfavorable positioning of Kuja. This dosha specifically affects the individual’s married life. A horoscope is said to have Kuja dosha if the planet Mars/Kuja is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses from the ascendant /lagna or Moon or Venus (Sukra). However, this isn’t the only condition to form the Kuja dosha; there have to be certain other conditions to trigger this malefic formation. If Mars is placed in the 7th or 8th house, then the possibility for Manglik dosha is more.

The position of Kuja in the following houses is supposed to instill certain characteristics/conditions which would be problematic or unfavorable in marriage.

Kuja in the 1st house: quarrelsome, combative, and dominating 

Kuja in the 2nd house: harsh speech

Kuja in the 4th house: emotionally aggressive, which may result in frequent changes in career too

Kuja in the 7th house: exhibits too much energy, creates differences with family members

Kuja in the 8th house: the early death of the mate

Kuja in the 12th house: financial losses, repressed anger, and enemies 

The presence of any of the above conditions doesn’t confirm Manglik dosha. Some other factors, such as positions of rasis and other planets, are to be checked, which may support or nullify the chances for this dosha.

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What are the impacts of Kuja Dosha on Marriage?

-Constant fighting or serious disagreements would happen between wife and husband when Mars affects the 7th house (which is the house of marriage) in a malefic manner.

Manglik dosha in horoscope can cause physical, emotional, or verbal abuses in marriage.

-The native would face hardships caused by the spouse’s behavior or actions, resulting in separation.

Because of this, it is common in our community to check for Manglik dosha while considering marriages. Kundli Milan or checking the horoscope compatibility between the boy and girl is the preliminary step in Hindu marriages. Kuja dosha check, along with various other analyses, is done while studying the horoscope compatibility.

How to find the Kuja Dosha in Kundli?

Vedic Astrology stipulates various conditions for the occurrence of Kuja dosha. So, a mere checking of the position of Mars in the horoscope wouldn’t be enough. One should check the other factors that support or nullify the possibilities for Kuja dosha. Only an astrologer with in-depth knowledge can find out the presence of the dosha and suggest remedies to overcome its malefic effects. 

In case a Kundli is identified with an inauspicious placement of Kuja that can lead to Manglik dosha, then the factors that nullify the dosha should also be checked. Now, you might be concerned about accessing a genuine horoscope analysis that lets you know whether you have Kuja dosha or not. Clickastro’s In-depth Kundli is a detailed online horoscope report. It is specifically programmed to analyze all those factors that cause or nullify the Manglik dosha.

A check for Kuja dosha is usually done in the context of Kundli Milan or horoscope compatibility. While performing Kundli Milan, the horoscopes of the boy and girl are separately analyzed. Suppose the possibility of Kuja dosha is identified in any one of the horoscopes. In that case, it should also be analyzed for the factors that could nullify the dosha effects. Many conditions could neutralize the Kuja dosha effects. Some of these are as follows –

-If Kuja is positioned in the fourth or seventh house and is present in Mesa, Karka, Vrishchika, or Makara, it will be beneficial to the native.

-Dhanu in the twelfth, Vrishchika in the fourth, Makara in the seventh, and Karka in the eighth are some positions that can nullify the effect of Manglik dosha.

-Makara is the exalted house of Kuja. So, irrespective of the house, Kuja in Makara causes no problem and is a favorable positioning.

What are the Remedies for Kuja Dosha?

Vedic Astrology also recommends some remedies to overcome or lessen the ill effects of doshas. These include fasting, performing some poojas, worshipping a specific deity or the planet causing dosha, visiting certain temples, etc. Some commonly suggested remedies for Manglik dosha are –

-People having Kuja dosha are commonly advised to marry a person having the same quantum of dosha. This is supposed to balance the negative energies of both. Such people are also advised to worship Lord Hanuman, visit Hanuman temples on Tuesdays, and recite Hanuman Chalisa. Worshipping Kesariya Ganapati in the pooja room is another remedy recommended for them.

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-The intensity of the Kuja dosha is supposed to become low after the age of 28. So, some people with this dosha are advised to marry after this age.

-For some people, the presence of Manglik dosha can be the result of bad karma of the past life. Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa is the best remedy for them.

-Fasting on Tuesdays and offering prayers to Kuja is another remedy recommended to lessen the intensity of the dosha.

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