Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious festivals in the Hindu and the Jainism community. Also known as Akha Teej, this day is perfect for performing special pujas, feeding the Brahmins/poor, reading the scriptures, etc. as it allows one to attain spiritual strengths.

The basic meaning of the word “Akshaya Tritiya” is eternal, one that doesn’t diminish easily and Tritiya indicates the Third day. So, Akshaya Tritiya usually falls on the third Lunar day of the Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha month (April – May) and brings eternal prosperity, hope, and success. This year, Akshaya Tritiya 2020 will be celebrated on April 26, 2020 (Sunday). Important dates are listed below: 

Important Timings on Akshaya Tritiya 2020:

Akshaya Tritiya on Sunday, April 26, 2020
Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat – 05:45 AM to 12:19 PM
Duration – 06 Hours 34 Mins
Tritiya Tithi Begins – 11:51 AM on Apr 25, 2020
Tritiya Tithi Ends – 01:22 PM on Apr 26, 2020

Akshaya Tritiya Gold Purchase on Sunday, April 26, 2020

Akshaya Tritiya Gold Purchase Timings – 05:45 AM to 01:22 PM
Duration – 07 Hours 38 Mins

What to do on Akshaya Tritiya 2020?

akshaya tritiya puja

Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be one of the most auspicious festivals since it’s the day of manifold blessings. The starting of any new venture or the purchase of gold is believed to bring divine results and endless fortune into one’s life. People buy gold on this day as they believe it pleases Lord Kubera (the treasurer of Gold). Another reason why buying the gold is given so much importance on this day is because of Shravana (July – August). Astrologers consider this period favorable for marriages and thus Hindu families prefer buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya. It is also believed that marriages performed on this day bring more harmony and stability in the relationship.

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Vidhi

On the day of Akshaya Tritiya, you must wash all your gold ornaments with raw milk, Ganges water, place them on a red cloth and then worship them with Kumkum and saffron. You must offer red flowers too and regularly chant the Mahalakshmi mantra “Oum Hri Shri Kamle Kamalalaye Passed Prasid Mahalakshmayi Namah” and at the end perform the aarti to please Maa Lakshmi.

Doing Akshaya Tritiya puja with pure devotion helps you get success in your career, brings you name and fame both, and you become the master of good fortune under the grace of Lord Vishnu, Lord Kubera and Maa Lakshmi. It also helps you gain spiritual fulfillment.

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Legends Associated with Akshaya Tritiya 2020

There are several legends associated with the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya. A quick sneak peeks into some of the most popular ones:


  • The foremost legend is linked to the epics of Mahabharata. It’s believed that when the Pandavas were in exile, they met numerous dignitaries and sages and Queen Draupadi faced issues in the process of feeding so many individuals especially with the limited food stock they had. When Lord Krishna visited them, he advised Yudhishtira to pray to Lord Sun to provide them with the bowl of Akshaya Patra. The bowl was always filled with food and never went empty until so desired.
  • It’s believed that Lord Krishna met his old friend Sudama on this day. Sudama lived a life of poverty with his family whereas Lord Krishna enjoyed a luxurious life. When Sudama met Lord Krishna, all he had to offer him was a bale of chipped rice thus his reluctance was quite evident. Out of a friendly gesture, Lord Krishna snatched the bale rice and ate it. On returning to his hut, Sudama notices that his native place has converted into a beautiful palace with parks full of beautiful men and women.

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Akshaya Tritiya and Jainism: What’s the Correlation?

Other than the Hindu religion, even the Jain community celebrates the festival of Akshaya Tritiya with zeal and full devotion to Lord Rishabha. As legends foretold, it is believed that Lord Rishabha (first Tirthankara) broke his one-year fast by drinking sugarcane juice on Akshaya Tritiya.

It is said that when Lord Rishabha ruled the Earth, people were always happier and there were no signs of distress or anxiety. As years progressed, the efficacies of Kalpavriksha (the wish-fulfilling trees) reduced and people started experiencing unhappiness and discomfort.

At this time, it was Lord Rishabha who taught them 6 professions to help them maintain their satisfaction:


  • Swordsmanship for the ones who wanted to protect the innocent and weak
  • Writing skills for the ones who were inclined towards sharing their experiences
  • Agricultural skills for people who were inclined to feeding others
  • Trade and Commerce for those who wanted to earn a living for their families
  • Craftsmanship for the ones who wanted to preserve the culture, and found beauty in a natural material
  • Knowledge for the ones who wanted to enlighten others

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How to Celebrate Akshaya Tritiya

Majorly, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Odisha. Each of these states has different traditions and rituals which makes the celebrations all the more unique. Let’s check out a few places and understand their celebration styles:


  • In Maharashtra, women celebrate Akshaya Tritiya with great enthusiasm and exchange turmeric (Haldi) and Kumkum. All women gather together to pray to Devi Gauri (symbols of marital bliss.) for the well-being of their husbands. They offer local sweets to Devi Gauri and pray for her blessings. They also buy a lot of gold as it’s considered auspicious.
  • In Rajasthan, people consider Akshaya Tritiya a Shubh Muhurat for tying the knots of marriage. Different cities and villages celebrate Akha Teej in different forms like Bikaner celebrate it by flying kites throughout the day, while in some villages, child marriages are prevalent despite them being illegal.
  • West Bengalis celebrate Akshaya Tritiya by purchasing long-term assets like gold and silver. A popular trend “Halkhata” wherein people offer puja to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi and start with a new audit book and accounts. Few people even perform Satya Narayana Katha at their home while a few take a holy dip in sacred rivers

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