Planet Mars has attracted not only astrology enthusiasts but everyone including scientists and Scientologists. Even though scientists of the twentieth century have proven that Mars is red, this description is there in many Vedic texts. Sage Para Sara, Varahamihira has clearly stated that Mars is red and it is the planet for action, passion, and wars. In all branches of astrology, Planet Mars is known as the warrior of the zodiac. Mars is also known as the red planet.

Since Mars indicates passion and action, Mars indicates the energy in us. In the planetary cabinet, Mars is known as the soldier and it executes the decisions taken by the king, Sun. When Mars is prominent in one’s chart, the person will become a sports person or soldier. 

People with a prominent Mars are very direct and there is no hypocrisy in them. Whatever is there in their heart they will speak it out loud. They will keep their promises despite the adverse situation. Such people will try to satisfy themselves. They are known as egoists and self-obsessive. 

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They like to take up adventurous jobs; they don’t like to get into any easy job, where risk is not involved. They will take up jobs where an inner fire is involved, like surgeons, engineers, and armed forces. If Mars is bad in the horoscope, such people can even become serial killers. 

If Mars becomes your Lagna lord, then you will have a very athletic physique. There will be less mass, but you will have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Mars-ruled people are known as very short-tempered. They like to overpower others and they will be going the extra mile to prove themselves.

In the Vedas, Mars is known as the son of Earth or Bhumi, so Mars is also the indicator of land and real estate deals. There are multiple stories connected to Mars in Vedas. In one such story, Mars is the son of Shiva and Bhumi. Shiva was doing the celestial dance Tandav and a drop of sweat fell from his body. Then Bhumi took that drop of sweat in her and Mars is the result of that sweat. Mars is also known as Lohitanga. It has another name, Angaraka. 

In the natural zodiac wheel, Mars rules two signs – Aries and Scorpio. Mars has 108 names in astrology. It is exalted in the sign of Capricorn and debilitated in the sign of Cancer. Those people with a strong Mars will like to use red color in their daily life, like the red cloth and red accessories. It gets exalted at 28 degrees in the Capricorn sign whereas it is debilitated in Cancer at 28 degrees. Mooltrikona Rashi is Aries.  

Mars is also the indicator of the 6th house in astrology because the 6th house deals with all the negative things like challenges, wars, debts, diseases, and enemies. If you are ruled by

Mars, naturally there will be a lot of opposition in your life as you are here to face the enemies. 

Mars indicates a lot of things in Vedic astrology. Few of them are head, cranium area, red blood corpuscles, fever, heat, metals, fire, burns, cuts, wounds, competitions, difficulties, misunderstandings, younger siblings, iron, steel, coffee, tobacco, thorny plants, boyfriend, dogs, tiger, wolf, sportsmen, police, and sports.

The effects of Planet Mars in Different Houses

The 1st house

When Mars is in the first house, it will make you very action-oriented. Mars gets sthana bala in the first house and you will be known as a very energetic person. You will have a very athletic figure and you will be very action-oriented as well. However, you will be known as a selfish person, because Mars will become very self-oriented. You will have a very passionate nature and that can always be misunderstood by others

The 2nd house

When Mars comes into the second house, you will have a lot of focus on your family matters and possessions. Mars indicates wars, so you will have issues with your family members. The second house indicates speech, so you may even try to speak badly and you will have very offensive language. Your language skills will develop late in life. You will make money, but there will be a lot of expenses as well.

The 3rd house

When Mars is in the 3rd house, you will have majorly male siblings. The third house also indicates finances, so, you will have major expenses. This placement indicates long-term financial hurdles as Mars is also the indicator of the debts. However, this placement is very ideal for a career in sports and the army, as the third house indicates courage.

The 4th house

This is not an ideal place for Mars as it loses its strength here. Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer and in the natural zodiac wheel, Mars rules the 4th house. There will be some profit from real estate and civil engineering-related domains. There will be power struggles in the family. The mother will have a lot of burdens too. 

The 5th house

This is the house of children and creative talents. So, when Mars comes into this house, it indicates issues with children and young people around you. You will always try to dominate the team members and that can be a major issue in your life. Gambling will not bring you any profit.

The 6th house

This is a very complex placement for Mars because Mars is the indicator for debts in the 6th house. This will bring frequent issues due to debts, diseases, and enemies. However, there will be enough opportunities to overcome the challenges as well. 

The 7th house

Whichever house Mars is placed in, it will bring some struggles. When Mars is placed in the 7th house, it will cause issues in the marriage. You will try to dominate your partners. 

The 8th house

Mars rules the 8th house in the natural zodiac wheel and this house indicates finances, partnerships, and sudden changes. Mars will make you have many partners but you will fight with all of them. This placement is also not ideal for finances. 

The 9th house

This house indicates faith, belief systems, and higher studies. You will be an adventurous person and you will also be a traveler. You will be a repository of knowledge and you will be a lifelong student. At the same time, you will be much interested in religion and philosophy. 

The 10th house

This is the favorite house for Mars as the planet gets exalted in the sign of Capricorn and in the natural zodiac wheel, so Mars will get a lot of sthana bala in this house. This placement gives you the interest to be in the police or administration-related domain. You will have some issues in your career, but you will overcome that. 

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The 11th house

This is the house of team settings and friendships. When Mars is placed positively, you will have a good relationship with friends and team members. If Mars is bad, then there will be frequent issues with them. You will always be a hopeful person

The 12th house

This is the last house on the chart and Mars doesn’t like to be here. When Mars is placed here, it will bring sleep issues. This is a favorable placement for foreign travels. This position will also bring you some enemies. 


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