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Kundli Doshas explained: All you need to know

According to Vedic Astrology, a dosha is a condition in the horoscope that is riddled with flaws. These doshas occur owing to the unfavourable position of the planets in the 12 houses of a person's birth chart.

The planetary positions are calculated keeping in mind the date and time of birth. The birth horoscope chart is then prepared, and if malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu et cetera occupy specific houses, they tend to affect the horoscope and give rise to doshas. These planetary positions not only cause doshas but also yogas that have a positive impact on the horoscope, and the individual in turn. A few doshas that can be present in a horoscope include; Kala Sarpa Dosha, Pitru Dosha, Naadi Dosha, Shaapit Dosha et cetera.

The highest percentage of doshas are caused by the planet Mars. A whopping 100 percent of the doshas in Vedic Astrology is caused by Mars. Apart from Mars, the Sun, Saturn, and Rahu are also a major cause for doshas. Saturn causes 75 percent of the doshas, while the Sun and Rahu account for 50 and 25 percent of the harmful occurrence.

What leads to the formation of a dosha?

As mentioned earlier, the dosha is formed by the negative placement of planetary bodies in different houses of the horoscope. For example, if a planet is in a negative state or the Ascendant or the zodiac sign is directly under the influence of one of the malefic planets, there is a higher possibility of it having a detrimental impact on the individual. It is also widely believed that not only the present birth but even a previous one could play a role in the presence of doshas in the Kundli. Doshas cause a host of bad influences instead of providing positive or auspicious results.

For how long does the dosha last in a Kundli?

There is no specific time frame for the existence of a dosha in horoscopes. It varies from dosha to dosha, with a few having their impact for a short time frame, while others could harmfully impact individuals for a sustained period, extending up to many years. This could especially happen if the person fails to pay cognizance to the issue at hand, and properly execute the relevant remedies.

A prime example of this can be seen in the case of Manglik Dosha. The doshas effects are nullified only if the person follows the remedial path offered by an astrologer or marries another Manglik. In the same way, a dosha pertaining to Saturn (Shani) could last for a prolonged period of time. ClickAstro's free Kundli prediction offers remedies for doshas like the Kuja, Rahu, Ketu et cetera.

Can the effect of doshas be eliminated if the proper remedial process is followed?

There is a saying that if there is a problem, there will always be a solution to it. It is no different with the doshas found in horoscopes. There is a process that is in place to remove doshas but with every different dosha, there is a unique remedial process. Depending on the nature of the dosha, a relevant practice is suggested to negate it. Worshipping the planet causing the dosha, visiting certain temples known for higher spiritual energies, performing a Shanti Pooja, fasting, engaging in charitable causes, et cetera are few of the remedial measures that are known to lessen the effects of a prevalent dosha.

How do I find out if my Kundli has a dosha?

Astrologers with an in-depth knowledge of the horoscope and its derivatives can find the presence of doshas with a certain ease. It is not as easy as it is believed to be and only those with experience can make accurate predictions before coming to a conclusion. ClickAstro's Kundli prediction is among the most renowned online calculators that not only reveal the doshas in the horoscope but also explain the measures that one can employ in considerably reducing the ill-effects.

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Harmful Kundli doshas and their remedies:

Manglik Dosha: If Mars is present in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or 12th house in the horoscope, the person is considered a Manglik. To rid themselves of this dosha, individuals can fast on Tuesdays, read the Hanuman Chalisa, recite Mangal Mantra, marry after the age of 28, and preferably to another Manglik, et cetera.

Kala Sarpa Dosha: Known as one of the most harmful doshas in astrology, this dosha occurs when all seven planets are placed between Rahu (head of the snake) and Ketu (tail of the snake) in the birth horoscope. There are 12 different variants of this dosha causing a wide range of discomfort to the person affected.

Pitra Dosha: This dosha comes into the picture when there is a case of our ancestors having committed sins or behaved in an unjust manner. This dosha is caused by the position of Saturn and Rahu. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is looked at as the father and the Moon as the mother. Rahu and Ketu are enemies of the Sun and the Moon, so if either the Sun or Moon, Rahu, and Saturn happen to occupy the same house, there is said to be Pitra or Paitrik dosha. An individual with the Pitra Dosha struggles to progress in life despite his/her best efforts.

Kartik Janma Dosha: According to the Hindu calendar, Kartik is a month that begins in mid-October and ends in mid-November. Individuals born during this period will definitely have this dosha in their horoscope. It is a perilous dosha as, due to the Sun's low energy levels at this time, the effects will be on the immediate family of the person suffering from it.

For a further analysis of the doshas and their remedies, read ClickAstro's blog on 'Doshas and how you can remedy them'.

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