We are fortunate to be living in an era where information is seen as a fundamental right. Things were very different just a few decades ago. Then, information, especially spiritual information, was considered a privilege available only for the absolute elite. Astrology was one such field, and it remained so till the advent of the internet. Now, the most intricate astrological details can be availed for free at the click of a button. To say this has helped the world become a better place would be a massive understatement. Thousands have experienced significant improvement in the quality of their lives through free online astrology. Almost all major astrology companies now provide free astrology services online.

With over three decades of service and endorsed by over 1000 professional astrologers, Clickastro is a pioneer in this field. Free Clickastro astrology reports are available from this page. Perusing this report will make you aware of how unique a person you indeed are. A random check on Google will reveal close to a dozen websites providing free astrology services. In addition, various apps will help you consult an astrologer. Some of them also offer free services.

Do we have free will in astrology?

God has a plan for you. That is half of the picture, and the other half is your free will. There are only three primary colours in nature’s plan, but the artist can use his free will to make any colour he desires using the three. To see how free will works in astrology, take the life of Aishwarya, a 37-year old senior journalist and mother of two. When Aishwarya turned seventeen, her parents consulted an astrologer to know about her marriage. After checking her horoscope and consulting the charts, the astrologer informed Aishwarya’s parents that her marriage should happen before she turns 21; otherwise, it would be delayed till she turns 30. Upon hearing this, Aishwarya’s father was determined to have her married before she turned 21.

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But Aishwarya wanted to pursue her studies. She desired a career in journalism and wanted to benefit society. Her mother supported her dreams. Then, finally, the father had to relent. Getting into journalism and earning recognition was more challenging than Aishwarya had anticipated. It took her close to 10 years to secure her position as a journalist of repute working for a leading media company. In the meantime, almost all her friends got married and had children. Her parents had aged, and Aishwarya, at 31, was still alone.

Then a proposal reached her through a colleague. It was from another journalist working for a different company. Their families got together, and the horoscopes were matched. It was found the horoscopes complimented each other perfectly. The family members, too, got along wonderfully. The marriage was held in the next available muhurtham. Fast forward to today, and Aishwarya is living a happy and content life as the wife of a leading and respected journalist, a mother of two beautiful and healthy children, and herself being a journalist of repute all at the same time.

Aishwarya is aware that her decision and the choices she made have brought her to this stage in life. But looking back, she can’t help but see the fingerprints of God all over it. Aishwarya’s life exemplifies how free will compliments astrology predictions in real life.

Is free online astrology accurate?

‘I like astrology, but I do not trust Astrologers’ is what 20-year old Ashwin, an engineering student, had to say about the matter. Ashwin’s comment reflects the mindset of the majority of young people of today, often referred to as the millennials or Generation Z. They are surprisingly open towards the concept of Astrology. Still, their opinions about astrologers are not that flattering. It is not their fault. Siphoning money from the gullible, through the misuse of astrology, used to be a way of life for many. They dared to do it due to the lack of access to the basics of astrology for almost anyone except the elite. Another factor was the biases and prejudices present within the minds of these astrologers. Such people did more to harm society than help it using the tenets of astrology.

Thankfully, times have changed. Astrology reports are now available online. These free online astrology reports are generated via specialised software, which removes the possibility of human error and predispositions corrupting the report. So long as the birth details are accurate, there is no need to doubt the accuracy of the reports. To know more about the topic, check out our blog on online horoscope and their accuracy. Suffice to say that an online astrology report is 100% authentic and accurate. You can check the same yourself by checking out Clickastro’s free horoscope report.

What is the most reliable horoscope site?

Clickastro is among the top 20 horoscope sites based on Alexa Traffic Rank. The crucial factors that make a horoscope site reliable are its tenure, following and variety in services. Trust has to be earned over the years. This is especially true in the case of astrologers, whose predictions take years to materialise and make believers out of sceptics. Also, astrology, like food and culture, is vast and varied. This is because there are so many different types of astrology, each of which has millions of followers. This is in addition to the dozens of languages spoken by millions of other people.

So, providing services catering to the different kinds of astrology in other languages is essential for any reliable horoscope site. It is thus that the website gains followers from satisfied customers whose number runs into the millions. Clickastro provides free online astrology services in over ten languages, including Tamil, Telugu and Sinhala. It also offers East Indian, North Indian, South Indian, Kerala and Sri Lankan style astrology charts.

Above all this is the quality of the services provided. It is the sacred law of astrology that each person is unique. This has to be reflected in the services. The reports generated should feel intimate to the customer. The details contained should be personal and distinctive to the individual concerned. The language should be simple, precise and easy to understand. It should also reflect the progressive strides made by society in the 21st century. It has to be balanced in nature and applicable as much to women and transgenders as it used to be for men. The best websites generate accurate and politically correct online astrology reports consistently month after month, year after year. There are many links in Google which list out the most reliable websites in the field of astrology.

How can I consult an astrologer for free?

Free consultations are now available through a phone call, Whatsapp and special horoscope apps. However, availing detailed horoscope reports can help a person only so much. To get a clearer picture of what the future holds for him, personal consultation with an astrologer may become essential. Reliable horoscope sites have their list of astrologers available online. The customers can discuss their problems and receive remedial measures to be carried out.

Through careful analysis of the horoscope and the life of a person, an astrologer can shed light on unseen details that can bring massive change into the person’s present situation. It will boost your confidence and self-esteem, thereby obtaining an overall improvement into the quality of life. Various websites offer consultation with astrologers of reputation over the phone or via WhatsApp. Some of them are free services.

Findastro app provides an ideal platform for seekers to gain consultation with an astrologer of their choice. Some of the astrologers offer free first time consultations. The user can check the credentials of the astrologer before making his choice. Round the clock services are available. It presents the most hassle-free and straightforward way to gain consultation with an astrologer. Most websites offer only limited services free of cost. The customer can ask one or two questions. Also, the questions have to be from a specified area of life like career, foreign travel or education. So, it is up to the user to make the most of it.

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