Consult the best astrologers in India from your Mobile!

In the modern world where everything is met through online, Clickastro is introducing a mobile app for astrology consultations. You would be already familiar with various Clickastro apps offering services like horoscope generation, daily predictions etc. This new product is meant to help you to consult the most renowned Vedic Astrologers in India. The app Guruji – Ask Astrologer: Astrology Consultation is available for you in the Play Store! It lets you find the most effective astrology solutions or advice for the specific problem you are facing!

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Why use astrology consultancy app?

Every person in this world would come across some difficult or desperate situations in life. During such situations, you would get totally confused about ‘what to do’ or ‘how to get the things sorted’. Some specific problems or dilemmas that you face can be analysed astrologically. Using the astrology consultancy app will let you find your horoscope-based solutions to the problem/dilemma you are facing. It gives you easy access to the astrologers. You can avoid the search for an astrologer and you don’t have to travel to his place. The astrology consultancy app lets you make queries or discuss your problems through mobile. 

Benefits of using Astrology Consultancy app

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-Easy access to astrologers.

-You can avoid travel.

-You can make consultations through mobile.

-You will have the privacy to discuss your personal matters.

Why use Clickastro Astrology Consultancy app?

Clickastro’s Guruji – Ask Astrologer: Astrology Consultationapp is simply the best astrology consultancy app you can get. It lets you consult the best Vedic Astrologers in India. Clickastro’s panel of astrologers includes the best and the most renowned astrologers from various parts of the country. This assures you the best astrology consultancy! You can have an expert astrology analysis of your problems and get the most effective horoscope-based solutions. 

By tap opening this app, you can go through the profiles of the consultant astrology pundits (To check it now, Guruji – Ask Astrologer – Astrology Consultation App ). Some of them are celebrity astrologers known across the world and some are astrology gurus or authors of various astrology books. Most of the astrology pundits you find in this panel are Vedic Astrologers specialized in some specific topics. You will also find astrologers who are experts in other occult subjects like Vastu, Numerology, Gem Therapy etc. The app lets you choose an astrology consultant based on your preferences in region, language, kind of solution you are seeking etc.astrology consultancy app


The Uniqueness or Benefits of Clickastro ‘Guruji – Ask Astrologer: Astrology Consultation’ App

-A panel of best Vedic Astrologers in India.

-Renowned astrologers from various regions in India.

-You can consult the astrologers who are difficult to contact otherwise.

-Astrologers who are experts in finding horoscope-based solutions.

-Includes specialists in Career Astrology, Business Astrology, Medical Astrology, Marriage Matching, Prasna Sastra etc.

-Includes astrologers who have mastered Vastu Sastra, Numerology, Gem Therapy etc.

-Gives expert solutions to the matters concerning all aspects – career, business, marriage, romance, legal issues, wealth, health etc.

-Lets you consult the experts without personally meeting them.

-You can choose the consultant based on the specific problem you are facing, the kind of solution you want, the language you prefer etc.

-You can book your consultation from anywhere and at any time.

-You can provide a detailed account of the problem/dilemma you are facing.

-Assures a detailed study of your problem or crisis.

-Assures the most effective horoscope-based advice/solution to the problem you are facing.

-You can get the solutions/advice in English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Rajasthani or Sanskrit.

-You will get the astrologer’s expert advice or solution on your mail.

-The solution/advice will be very clear and satisfying.

-The app is easy to use.

-The app assures your privacy.

-It’s a multi-purpose app offering various other astrology services.

You can download this app ‘Guruji – Ask Astrologer: Astrology Consultation’ from the Play Store. Click

astrology consultancyOther Features/Services of Clickastro Consultancy App

The ‘Guruji – Ask Astrologer: Astrology Consultation App is more than an astrology consultancy app. It’s a comprehensive astrology app offering the necessary Vedic Astrology based solutions. The other features of this app include daily horoscope, horoscope generation, marriage compatibility check and daily panchang.


Daily Horoscope Predictions of this app are based on your Sookshma & Prana Dasas. It finely analyzes your sookshma-prana dasas and gives predictions, mentioning the starting & ending timings. These predictions let you know how the next few hours of your life would be.


Horoscope Generation would be the most important astrology service you seek. This app lets you generate detailed horoscope reports for you and your dear ones. While providing the birth details – the date, time & place of birth, the app accurately captures the planetary positions to generate an authentic horoscope report.


Marriage Compatibility Check is the primary and the most important step in fixing a marriage. This feature lets you check the horoscope compatibility between any two individuals. It gives a genuine report analyzing the Poruthams/Kootas, Chovva/Mangal Dosha, Dasa-Sandhi and Papa-Samya.

Daily Panchang provides information viz. Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana, Nithya Yoga, Day & Night duration, Sunrise & Sunset timings, Kalidina Sankhya, Rahu, Gulika, Yamakantakal, Abhijit Muhurtha etc. This helps to find the Muhurthas too.

Don’t wait, Download Guruji – Ask Astrologer: Astrology Consultation app for getting the most effective astrology solutions from the experts. This is the app for your personal astrology consultation. You can call it ‘My astrology guide’!

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