Ever heard about free astrology services? Sounds surprising, right? Well, the digital world is now abuzz with various astrology service providers introducing apps and websites that provide free astrology services. Several well-known digital astrology service providers like Clickastro, who have been pioneers in the field of providing astrology software and online astrological services, have invoked a curiosity among the masses. Recent times have also contributed to people seeking online services for every need of their life, including astrology consultation.

So what exactly is a free astrology service? What are the services that are provided through free astrology? Let’s explore the world of free astrology. Astrology has always been a go-to option when life throws difficult moments in our lives. Our lives do not seem to improve despite all our efforts, and we begin to wonder whether the universe is working against us. So we seek the help of our family astrologers who analyse our horoscopes and predict our destiny and what the current time has in store for us. We end up paying a huge amount for the services and the pujas that may be done to appease the lords. So how is free astrology different? Read on to find out more.

How can we help you with our free horoscope services?

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How does free horoscope service help us? Are they reliable and trustworthy? Do these horoscopes provide accurate predictions? Most of the digital astrology service providers have been successfully developing astrology software based on Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is a more accurate and advanced form of astrology with predictions based on complex mathematical calculations which help to determine how the positions and movements of planets and other celestial bodies impact the life of an individual in the present time as well as their future.

These free astrological services are also easier to access from the comforts of your home or anywhere on the go. If you are curious to know what your kundali predicts about your life, it is now possible with just the click of a button. Your online kundali is generated once you provide accurate birth details, including the time, place and date of birth. You get your free horoscope within seconds, and it provides astute predictions of various life events, including your personality traits, characteristics, education, career, love and married life, wealth and assets, etc. The free horoscope also provides information on various aspects such as your yogas, bhavas, dasa and apahara periods, etc. Your free online kundali conducts bhava analysis to provide astute predictions on important aspects of your life.

Where do we get free horoscope predictions?

So, where do I go to get my free horoscope predictions? Simple! You can access your free horoscope predictions that are provided by various well-known online astrology service providers. These astrology service providers give astute predictions based on Vedic astrology-based software, which has been approved by various well-known astrologers in India. Since these free horoscopes are based on astrology software which helps in performing accurate calculations of complex mathematical combinations and calculations without room for human error, they are successful in providing free online Kundli services in different languages as per your requirements with just your birth details but do ensure that you provide accurate birth details. Inaccurate birth details will not aid in providing accurate and precise predictions.

Are horoscopes legitimate? Do they ever come true?

Your free online horoscopes are legitimate and authentic. The software used for generating horoscopes is based on the principles and guidelines of Vedic astrology. When accurate birth details are entered into the system, the software algorithms are programmed to provide accurate and precise predictions based on the positions of the planets, nakshatras, and other celestial bodies. Each house and sign helps to provide astute predictions of your personality traits, educational and career prospects, relationship with family members, life partner, offspring, marriage, wealth and assets prospects, etc. It also analyses the various planetary combinations in your natal chart to provide predictions on your yogas, which determines how you can secure your wealth, career, fortune, pleasures and opportunities in life. Since your free kundali is based on the principles of Vedic astrology, the predictions are precise, making it legitimate.

Does a free horoscope predict the result correctly?

Free horoscopes can predict accurate and precise predictions, provided the software is based on the true principles of Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology studies the planetary positions against the positions assigned to a few relative fixed Nakshatra. This is a scientific astrology system and comprises complex and meticulous mathematical calculations that help to provide astute predictions.

Vedic astrology has been aiding all astrologers in the predictions of important aspects of our life based on the positions of the planets in our horoscope or natal chart. The horoscopes are prepared based on the accurate birth details of an individual, including time, place and date of birth. Astrology analyses the effect of 27+1 constellations, which comprise 12 zodiac signs, nine planets and 12 houses or bhavas, to study your birth chart. The free horoscopes online are Vedic horoscopes prepared according to when a person is born and how these 12 signs are positioned among the 12 houses and nine planets, providing an accurate prediction.

What are the basics for free online astrology horoscopes?

As mentioned above, free online astrology horoscopes are based on the rules of Vedic astrology, which comprises complex and meticulous mathematical calculations that are conducted to arrive at precise and astute predictions. The free horoscope by date of birth is prepared when you enter accurate and precise birth details. Once you have entered the details, the software perform complex mathematical calculations within seconds without any room for human error.

These are easily accessible to anyone from the comforts of their home, office or anywhere in the world. What’s more, is that you do not need to wait for hours to get your horoscope. Your horoscopes are made available within seconds. You can also get the free online kundali according to various Indian astrology chart styles – North Indian, South Indian, Kerala, East Indian and even based on Sri Lankan astrology. So you can get your free online kundali in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Sinhala apart from English horoscopes. You can now avail yourself of free online Jathakam based on Vedic astrology with accurate predictions of all important aspects of your life.

How to make my online kundali?

You can prepare your free online Kundli within seconds. It is much easier to access and is available on all devices. You can even prepare your online kundali on your smartphone devices by just entering your accurate birth details. The online kundali with accurate birth details provides all pertinent information, including Panchanga predictions, Bhava predictions, Bhava Table, favourable periods, Dasas and Apaharas, Graha dosha including Kuja dosha check and Rahu and Ketu dosha checks, remedies for doshas, Yogas, etc.

Why would one go for free horoscope predictions?

As it suggests, the horoscopes are available for free and that too from the comforts of your home or anywhere in the world. You are saved from spending a long time and money on procuring these horoscopes. Your free horoscope can be accessible from any device, including a laptop, phone, tablet, etc. These are easily stored and can be accessed anywhere anytime. The free horoscope predictions are also accurate, and it eliminates the chances of human error as these horoscopes are prepared with meticulous and complex mathematical calculations, which can only be done by an experienced and well-versed astrologer. This leaves no room for any human error. The software algorithms are based on the principles of Vedic astrology, which further aids in providing accurate predictions online.

The free astrology online services by Clickastro is based on positive astrology, which removes the fear factor and rather instils confidence in individuals in facing the challenges with the right remedies. What’s more is that these free horoscopes have been approved by renowned astrologers from across India. So why wait? Access your free online horoscopes today to know what your destiny beholds for you. Know how you can make your future bright and successful.

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