Mithuna Weekly Horoscope

Also read Mithuna in : Malayalam

Sunday, 27 September 2020 to Saturday, 3 October 2020

Singles would have a great week as they may meet people who share their thoughts. Travel is strongly indicated this week. You might either go on a business trip or on a pleasure trip. In both cases you would do well. Your business trip would be very successful. You will enjoy a lively social life ahead this week. You will be rewarded for your contributions to the society. Keep yourself on the right track and you will achieve all your goals. Real estate agents and builders will finally have a good week. They will make some profits on existing deals and on new property deals. New ventures will take off and business would be booming. This would be a lucky week for those who are into share trading and gambling. They would make some definite gains. They need to make the most of the opportunities that present before them. Politicians will see a growth in their popularity this week. They need to build on this upward wave. A good financial week is predicted as you can expect income from multiple sources. Be sure to save for the future. You will enjoy a good healthy week. You will also be able to deal with official and domestic issues easily. The best days of the week are 3, 30
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