Mithuna Weekly Horoscope

Also read Mithuna in : Malayalam
Sunday, 10 November 2019 to Saturday, 16 November 2019
Those who are single and looking forward to a romantic relationship, this week they will get it. There's love in the air. But they are also advised to stay within their limits and not get carried away. Parents will enjoy good health. There would be much happening around them that brings them joy and happiness. Children will make them proud. Children in the family should avoid getting into any trouble. They should be very careful this week. Those who seek a job or a change from their current position may expect some good news this week. Their recent efforts in this direction would yield good results. Those in the legal profession would perform well this week. They need to work hard and with optimism and they will succeed. Students will have to work really hard this week to excel. Their efforts would be suitably rewarded with their results. Teachers can expect a transfer with promotion to a distant place. Sportspersons would have a good week. The best days of the week are 11, 12
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