When we look at the astrological chart, Saturn is the last planet to be considered. Along with this, Saturn is also frequently misunderstood and misrepresented. People are wary of Saturn and are often worried about the negative consequences of Saturn’s aspect. However, it is far from true, since Saturn is the fairest planet in Vedic astrology, representing the fruits of our actions. A just person is rewarded with good results, while a bad action will invite a bad consequence. This is why Saturn is also known as the planet of Karma or the Karmafal Daata- the one who rewards or gives results according to people’s actions. You should not expect any favor or ill will from Saturn, other than what is aligned with your actions and behavior.

People are often scared of Saturn as they think the planet is associated with obstructions and slowing down the pace of progress. It does not block progress, but merely obstructs the path, and this can be overcome by sheer hard work and dedication. Any reward is delayed, not denied, and people get the consequences of their actions even after many years have passed in between. It can make a beggar out of a ruler, and a ruler out of a beggar. This ill-famed planet, however, is also known to bestow people with the greatest wealth and fortune. It gives prosperity, along with humility and responsibility.

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Astrological Importance of Saturn

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The sixth planet from the Sun, Saturn needs the longest time to complete one cycle of the Sun – 30 years. It stays in one Rashi or House for a transit period of two and half years. Saturn is the ruler of the 10th House of career and profession and is thus the Karm Karaka. It is also the ruler of the 11th House of results and consequence. The planet rules over the two signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. The Mool Trikon of Saturn is in Aquarius and is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Saturn gains directional strength in the 7th house. The Mahadasha of Saturn is for 19 years. The friendly planets of Saturn are Mercury, Venus, and Rahu, while Jupiter is the neutral planet for Saturn. Sun, Moon, and Mars share enmity with Saturn.

The day for worshiping Saturn or Shani is Saturday. The direction of Saturn is west. The color associated with Saturn in astrology is black and blue, in deeper shades. The metal for Saturn or Shani is lead. Saturn is the greatest of all malefic planets, as it is insensitive to people’s emotions. Away from the warmth of the Sun, it remains cold and aloof. It gives people the result of their karma, without thinking about their happiness, and often leads to a fall in social position, wealth, and happiness. It also creates obstructions in one’s path. Saturn is neither male nor female. It is associated with the eunuch. It is said to have tamsikguna. Among the elements, Saturn represents air.

A significant planet for all

As an important planet in Vedic Astrology, Saturn represents older people, servants, and subordinates. It is the servant in the celestial cabinet. In professions, Saturn rules the service industry. It can range from the services of a maid to the high-end service professionals of the IT industry. It includes the services of all the people we need in our daily lives. Saturn in astrology signifies justice. It gives rewards according to the deeds of a person. A person with good karma is rewarded with good results, while a person with bad karma faces the wrath of Saturn. They get obstructed in many endeavors of their life, and cannot get any task done easily. There might be a long delay in meeting out justice, but it is never denied. As such, Saturn in astrology is representative of the judicial system. The slow pace of justice mimics the slow movement of Saturn in the solar system. Under Saturn’s influence, people are often brought to justice even after a delay of 30 years. Saturn justly rewards a good deed and amply punishes a bad deed.

Saturn, always tied in by its rings, represents boundaries and limitations. When one tries to transgress his boundary, he is faced with obstructions and defeat. Saturn ensures that one must do something that he is best suited for. Saturn is the planet of extremely hard work. Since it creates obstructions, there are delays in every task that people attempt. They are faced with a lot of failures before the goal is accomplished. Therefore, Saturn makes one work very hard for the fulfillment of their desires. It is the Karm Karaka, as it makes us work towards achieving something, and under Saturn’s influence, nothing comes about without working hard for it. Those people who fail to toil hard when placed under Saturn’s influence, have to face the negative consequences of the inaction.

Saturn Transit

Saturn also has a lot of virtues, and humility is chief among them. It wipes out ego and makes people humble, by bringing about the downfall of people with ego or excessive pride. They are faced with difficult situations and obstructions in their path, when they are under Saturn’s aspect. Since Saturn has a very slow pace, it is also representative of the habits that people acquire over the years. Saturn in astrology also represents the knowledge gained through experience. It is not the inherent knowledge within us, rather, people learn only when they make mistakes under Saturn’s aspect. Those who have a strong Saturn are not outright smart by birth, but gradually acquire it by experience. In medical astrology, Saturn governs everything that is slow in our body, and as such, it is representative of bones, teeth, nervous system, legs, among others.

It is seen that people who have an adverse Saturn people develop several diseases of the bones, including arthritis and osteoporosis. They also have problems with their teeth and develop toothaches early on. They may even have a fracture under Saturn’s Dasha, or have rheumatism. Leg injury that might result in difficulty in walking and even limping is also common under Saturn’s influence. This planet also causes age-related ailments or something that poses difficulties in walking or moving around.

Mental attributes of Saturn

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Saturn has, throughout the period of Vedic astrology, taught people the attributes of patience, perseverance, and hard work. Here are the things you can expect, when the planet is placed positively –

  • A well-placed Saturn in astrology makes a person extremely humble. Such people are not known to be guided by false pride or anger and despite their achievements; they are very down to earth.
  • Positive Saturn makes a person wise and mature. Despite making mistakes, they display extreme maturity and learn lessons from the problems and ultimately emerge as wise men.
  • People with a good Saturn are very patient. Just the way Saturn works, the tasks under Saturn’s influence also happen slowly. Resultantly, there are often delays with many things, but these people do not give up easily and remain persistent in their approach.
  • A good Saturn gives people a sheer sense of responsibility. They are aware of the challenges and know what is expected of them. They do not do anything that will cause trouble to others. When given some task or placed in higher positions, they carry out their task responsibly.
  • A well-placed Saturn in astrology makes people highly dedicated to everything that they do. Even when the situation gets tough, they do not give up and complete everything that they undertake.
  • People with a well-placed Saturn are very focused and hardworking. Despite the odds, they do not lose sight of what they want and work harder when they are needed to ensure that no task is left incomplete.
Alternatively, if the planet is placed in an adverse position, these things may be seen –

  • An ill-placed Saturn causes one to be arrogant. Such people look down upon others and are very ruthless in their approach. They believe that they are the best, while no one else can match up to their level of achievements and greatness.
  • They have to go through a lot of problems and are very sorrowful about it. They face many hurdles and their task is rarely complete. They have to go through many delays and difficulties in everything that they wish to pursue, but instead of taking matters into their own hands, they whine over their losses.
  • Having faced a lot of failures, they get easily disheartened and are prone to depression. They prefer to cry over their problems and difficulties, rather than doing something to make improvements. They are perennially disappointed with life and how things work out.
  • Possessiveness is a key feature of people with a negative Saturn. They are obsessed with what they own and extend their right and authority over everything and everyone around them. They do not easily let go of their power and prestige, even when they should rightfully step down.
  • An adversely placed Saturn makes people excessively materialistic. They are always in the pursuit of gaining wealth and fortune. They think only of the things that they need to own, often at the cost of the people around them. They do not shy away from sacrificing people and relationships for any material wealth that they might gain and do everything in their capacity to gain the same.

Saturn’s story in astrology

The planet Saturn has one of the most interesting stories in astrology. Saturn or Shani is the son of Surya and his shadow wife Chaya. He is the one with the slowest pace as he was struck on the leg by the children of Surya’s first wife. In other takes, it is also believed that once, in a fit of anger, he kicked his mother as she would not give him food before her ritual was complete. He is also the brother of Yama and is believed to be the most just among the navagrahas. Shani received this blessing as he was an ardent devotee of Shiva, and had been wrong many times over.

As the son of Chaya, and as someone always in shadows, Shani is the dark one, and he has been black since his birth. It is believed that his mother Chaya was so devoted to her husband Surya that, when Shani was in her womb, he got highly tanned and burnt owing to his father’s heat. This made him dark since birth and he was shunned by the Sun God who doubted that Shani, being so dark, could not be his son. Shani was also considered inferior by other Gods, who looked down upon him because he did not look handsome. It is also believed that when Shani arrives, the other Gods of wealth, prosperity, happiness, depart. Only truth remains till the end, and as a result, every other God and good virtues return. However, all of this happens only when the person has suffered sufficiently.

Now that you understand the attributes of planet Saturn in Vedic astrology, you can understand the reason why it is considered such an important entity.

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