Hindus from all around the world have sought the wisdom of a horoscope match while considering a possible marital alliance between a boy and a girl. In traditional arranged marriages a Kundli match would rely on birth charts and planetary alignments to predict the future of the bride and the groom and gain insights on probabilities for divorce, conception related information, and chances of becoming a widow or a widower.

However, India along with the world has advanced to a stage where communication has become more open and the boy and the girl are choosing to spend the rest of their lives with someone they like and are compatible with instead of relying on astrologers to get them the perfect fit.

That said, both love marriages and arranged marriages that were based on a Kundli match have seen prosperous marriages and failures. So, the prime question that is on the minds of the people is ‘is Kundli matching important for marriage’? And ‘is horoscope matching necessary for love marriage’?

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Is kundali matching important?

In a kundali match, the astrologer analyses the star charts of the future bride and the groom and analyses certain components and puts them together to review their collective analyses. This Ashta Koota match is scored against 36 points and if the couple is collectively able to score more than 18 points, it is considered to be a good match.

However, the traditional kundali matching procedure does not account for success, life span, commitment, adultery, and other individualistic elements that are often known to people who are already in love or have spent a significant amount of time with each other.

Sometimes, even though a couple is not able to attain a convincing/ideal kundali match. The astrologer suggests or recommends activities as solutions if kundali is not matching to make it better. They include:

Working on the Yuni Dosha:

Chanting prayers that will appeal to the goddess of fertility and discussing with your partner about your sexual likes and dislikes and collectively approaching the problem as a team.

Working on Gana Dosha:
Gana dosha is the main contributor to tense scenarios that arise due to temperamental issues in the guy/the girl/ or both. When both of you are strong-minded and do not back down when there is a fight, this occurs. A good way to solve this would think of the scenario and put yourself in your partner’s shoes and analyze the situation from another angle. This will help you act more rationally instead of responding to your temper and ego.

Likewise, a love marriage Yog in Kundali is important. Because it will enable the guy and the girl to gain insights into those parts of the future they aren’t aware of. That includes adultery, the concept of conception, life span, etc.

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The four houses, the 5th house, 7th house, 8th house, and 11th house are analyzed to prognosticate about the love marriage yog in a person’s life. The signs Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces, and the planets Mars, Venus, Rahu, Moon, and Mercury contribute significantly to calculate love marriage prediction. 

In a love marriage, the partners are already aware of factors like ambition, love, rage, temper, friendship, and other intangible parameters. However, a few topics like these are something they should consider counsel for.

That said, there is no force that is more powerful than love that is true to its core. Before getting bogged down by questions that are not in the power of the couple, they should truly take a moment to answer themselves, if this is who they really want? Is this the person they wish to face all the successes and failures with? Is this the person who makes their heart warm with their presence and is this the person who you yearn to be with when they are not around?

Whether a kundali is not matching in a love marriage or even if a kundali is matching in an arranged marriage, these are the questions that the bride and the groom have to answer to themselves and to each other. For, the journey to come will be long and filled with its fair share of happiness, and sorrow and being with a wrong companion in a journey like this can be gruesome. 

If you are sure that you are in love with the right partner, then go ahead and marry each other. Afterall Kundali mismatch should not hold you back. If the bride and groom’s vibes match, if you are cent percent committed to each other, and ready to face all kinds of ups and downs of life, then Kundali mismatch shouldn’t stop you. Kundali matching is a traditional method to predict married life but in case there’s a mismatch there are a lot of solutions you can try. 

Bhakoot / Nadi dosha

Bhakoot gun holds 7 points and Nadi carries 8 points in kundali matching. If any of these two shows 0 points in a matchmaking kundali chart, then it is said to be a defect. The Horoscope of every person shows his Nadi depending upon the placement of the Moon in different Constellations or Nakshatras at the time of his birth. If both Bride and the Groom have the same Nadis, a score of 0 is added and Nadi Dosh is said to be formed and if they have Nadis which are different from each other, a score of 8 is added to the point chart. So basically the position of the Moon at the time of birth might not match with each other. But there are a lot of pujas and mantras are there to chant and reduce the effects of there doshas- 

  • Chanting of Maha Mrityunjay Jaap
  • Donate clothes, cow, and grains to the needy and poor people
  • There are different yantras and gemstones which reduces the malefic effect of Nadi Dosh.

To remedy the cases where there is a mismatch of kundalis, talk to an Astrologer at ClickAstro for solutions appropriate according to your birth chart. 

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