When will I get married? Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage? These are the common questions in every youngster’s mind. Love marriage in India is still not that greatly accepted, but there are places where arranged marriages are seen as an outdated concept. At the same time, your astrology chart can throw light on the possibility of love or arranged marriage despite the nationality. For those who don’t belong to arranged marriage kind of atmosphere should not be judgmental as Vedic astrology is written per ancient Indian standards. Here we explain the role of planets in love marriage/arranged marriage.

Your astrology chart has 12 divisions and the divisions for love and marriage are primarily two. They are 5th and 7th. If the planet which rules the 7th division is in the 5th house or vice versa, then it is an indication for love marriage. This is a general law in astrology, but there are cases which this law has failed. The 7th division is marriage and the 5th house indicates romance. So when the planets which rule both the divisions get a connection directly or indirectly, then there will be many chances for love marriage.horoscope compatibility

If Venus is placed in 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th house, there are chances to have a love marriage. Venus is the indicator of love affairs. The planet for the 7th division being placed in the 9th house is also a possibility for love marriage. This is a combination for a person from a different race or religion as your spouse. This can also happen when your Venus is in the 12th house. The 12th house indicates far places.

If the 7th lord has an association with the 11th house then, that also shows a chance for love marriage. The placement of 5th lord in 9th and vice versa also indicates a love marriage. When Venus is conjunct or aspected by Rahu, then it shows the chances of being in more than one love affair. If your 7th lord has an association with the Lagna/ascendant, then it also indicates a chance to marry someone you know. That may not always be a love marriage.

When Venus is conjunct with Mars or aspected by Mars, then that also shows a chance to have an interest in love matters, but this conjunction doesn’t always support love marriage. Venus conjunct with Moon also indicates a good amount of chances to be in a love marriage There is a specific combination for love marriage but how much ever combination is there, the happiness in marriage cannot be fully be predicted by anyone.

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The timing of marriage can be seen in the dasa period of the planet rules your 7th house. There are other ways to find the timing of marriage as well. There are several placements for love marriage, but it is not a sure thing that, these will always work. Every marriage has hurdles to overcome. These hurdles will be prominent for those whose Venus is not a great dignity. That doesn’t always mean a divorce or a disrupted married life. At the same time, it is the sure indication that you have to overcome a lot of challenges to have a good marriage.