​ Jupiter Transit to Aries 2023 (Lagna predictions)

The biggest benefic Jupiter will be changing its sign in April 2023, which is going to be a very big event in astrology. In the Vedas, Jupiter is known as the teacher of the Deva clan so it is a very privileged planet. There is one more specialty of the Jupiter transit which is going to take place in 2023 April, Jupiter will be moving to the first sign of the natural zodiac or Kalapurusha chakra after completing its twelve-year cycle through all the other signs. So, this transit will bring all the memories of 2011 when Jupiter was transiting in Aries.

So, you should remember what happened in 2011 and those things may come back to your life. This transit has another big specialty as Saturn will have a two-year-long aspect in Aries and Rahu also will be in Aries until 2023 October. So, this is a very strong transit with a long-lasting impact. Sage Parasara has given strict rules to check transits. According to him, we need to check the transit from the Moon. However, these days astrology is getting updated, so we can also check it through Lagna.

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This transit is going to impact your personal life, physical health, and attitude. Your health will be a very important theme as Jupiter will be in the first house. Until Jupiter moves to the second house, you will feel very optimistic. This transit will push you to follow a strict health program and your health will improve. At the end of the transit, you will see that you have a better body and health. At the same time, you will get tempted to be unhealthy, but you need to avoid those unnecessary feelings.

The first house indicates new things, so you will have new beginnings. Jupiter will be aspecting the seventh house, so many singles will start a new relationship or marriage. Since Jupiter aspects, the 7th house of “Pada Prapti” many unemployed Aries will get new job opportunities too. Jupiter can make you feel overly optimistic and you should avoid that.


The transit of Jupiter will impact your twelfth house of emotional issues and isolation. This transit will be showing you the need to heal your emotional wounds. The twelfth house indicates those unresolved issues and you should let them heal. The twelfth house indicates isolation and detachment, so you will feel like spending time alone, which is not a bad thing. However, you can use that time for prayer and meditation.

This is the time to go for some therapy so that you can refresh your mind. Spirituality and metaphysical studies also will be part of the transit of Jupiter through Aries. The twelfth house indicates background work like counseling and designing. If you work in such domains, then you will have new opportunities. Long trips and interaction with foreigners will be the main theme of this transit. Those who were looking for foreign settlements will get updated news about that.


Jupiter will be moving to the eleventh house of friends and networking. Jupiter is the karaka of the eleventh house, which means you will be witnessing big changes in your friends and network settings. New friends and teammates will be coming in. However, you should not be in a haste to accept them into your life. Please take enough time to learn who they are and what their real intention is.

Jupiter can make you highly optimistic and unrealistic which can bring confusion. People will come to you with long-term projects, but please cross-check whether they are genuine or not. The eleventh house indicates your long-term plans, hopes, and wishes. This is a great time to set some long-term plans for your personal life and career. You will be able to join new official groups too. You will be fully focused on getting more profits.


For the next year, Cancerians will be looking for better career opportunities. Jupiter will be in the tenth house of career and it will aspect the fourth house of home. You must keep a balance between work and home. The tenth house is not an ideal place for Jupiter, so there can be some challenges, but as the transit advances, you will be feeling better. For the past so many days, you were struggling at work.

Now it’s time to make a good plan for your career. Jupiter also indicates teachers, so, you need to obey your managers and please do not take their advice in a silly manner. They will have some plans and they may not always tell you. Unemployed Cancer natives will kick-start their careers too. At home, there will be expansion like renovation and construction.

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The transit of Jupiter will be moving through your ninth house of spirituality and foreign collaborations. In the natural zodiac or kalapurusha chakra, the ninth house is ruled by Jupiter, so Jupiter is very comfortable in the ninth house. So, you will be looking for more spiritual knowledge. The ninth house indicates up skilling in various forms. Higher studies will be another feature of this ninth house, so it is possible.

If you were trying to go abroad for studies or a career, then it is possible. However, you should have a promise in the horoscope. You will be interested in spiritual programs like meditation, prayer, and charity. You should do that as that will surely impact your peace and happiness. Spirituality will be influencing you and the more you engage in spiritual activities, then you will be wiser and happier. Your father and mentors will also be influencing you.


This transit is going to show you how important your money is. The transit of Jupiter will impact the eighth house of finances and shared resources. This transit cannot be that great, but it will help you to understand how important it is to learn money management skills. Being a Virgo, you are not a spendthrift, but this transit will bring financial needs. Getting and giving out loans will be another theme of this transit.

You will discuss the possibilities of various loans like housing loans, home loans, and personal loans. Since Jupiter is the planet for expansion, you should not be careless with the loans. Please do not put yourself under long-term financial burdens. Your relationship with your partner will go through a transformation. The eighth house indicates transformation, so you will be going through such a phase, and it may not be sweet, but the results will be good in the future.

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Librans will be focusing on the one-to-one relationship during this transit. Being a Libran, you are naturally diplomatic, and you should continue being that during this Jupiter transit also. If you are a single Libran, you will get a chance to get married. However, you should have a strong promise for marriage in your horoscope. You will also be careful with your personal life as Jupiter will be aspecting it.

New people will come into your life. This is the time to attend social gatherings and you will make new contacts. You should save them as they will be useful for you in the coming days. There will be a lot of work and you will be very busy throughout this transit. Your work pattern may give you minor health issues which will be majorly in the neck and shoulder area. If you were already having issues like vertigo, you need to take precautions.

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The transit of Jupiter will impact your sixth house of work, and challenges. The sixth house is known as a negative house, so this transit can be challenging. You should be very careful with your job. Unemployed Scorpios will be able to find a job. The relationship with colleagues will be complex, so do not entertain any negative energy at work. The sixth house indicates daily activities; you will have to keep your good behavior at work daily, which will be difficult during this transit.

Please keep yourself away from all the negative energies at work. Your physical health will also be important and you ​must have a good diet. Whenever Jupiter transits through the sixth house, it can trigger lifestyle diseases. Financial liabilities can also be an issue, please have a good plan; otherwise, your financial liabilities can be a long-term issue. However, this is a good time to attend competitive events.


This transit will impact the fifth house of creative energies and you will get many platforms to display your creative ideas. The fifth house indicates children, creative energies, and like minded people. This is a house of fun and romance. For the next year, you will be spending more time with young people. If you are a parent, you will witness many changes in your child’s life.

Grown-up children will get married. Some children will start their careers. The fifth house also indicates competitive events, so you or your children will be attending such events. If you are prepared you will score good marks. For the next year, you will be attending more social gatherings. You will meet like-minded people and they will share new ideas. Please do not take anyone lightly, as every idea will give you new projects.


The transit of Jupiter through Aries will impact your personal life, home, and family. This Jupiter will aspect your career also, which will be a very big event. Two Kendra houses will get activated. So, you can expect life-changing events and you will be able to witness them. Jupiter likes to be in the fourth house as it is the exaltation house in the natural zodiac wheel.

Since Jupiter indicates expansion and magnification you will be happy at home. There will be some real estate deals like construction and renovation. Jupiter is also a planet for foreign travel, so you may get such opportunities. Addition to the family can come through marriage or childbirth also. Your mother will be spending more time with you. The aspect of Jupiter on the tenth house will be great as there will be new job opportunities.


The transit of Jupiter through the third house will make you a bit scattered. The third house indicates courage, siblings, and studies, so you will be spending time on these things. There will be a lot of work and you will be multitasking throughout this Jupiter transit. Until October, Saturn and Rahu will be impacting the third house, so there will be a lot of workloads.

This transit will be good for writers, teachers, preachers, and counselors. If you are working in media related domain, it will bring new opportunities. Traveling will also be a big part of this transit. Most of these trips will be for career purposes. You will learn new subjects and share your knowledge. The third house indicates neighbors, siblings, and relatives will be playing a big role in your life. You will try to improve your business ventures, but expenses will also be high.


The transit of Jupiter through Aries will impact your financial matters. Jupiter will bring expenses when it is moving through the second house. This transit is also empowered by Saturn and Rahu. Rahu will leave the second house in October. Until then, there will be financial issues, so you need to take care of that. Your career also will gain more focus.

Unemployed Pisces will get opportunities to join a new job. The second house indicates your food intake, so your diet will be very important. If you are sensitive to any kind of delicacy, you have to take care of that. Please have freshly cooked food; otherwise, it will cause allergies. Please avoid additional financial liabilities. You must focus on settling your debts than piling up financial burdens. Jupiter will aspect the ninth house of higher studies and spiritual matters, also, so you will be spending time for both.

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