Jupiter Transit Through Lagna

Lagna is the sign rising in the east at the time of birth. There are twelve signs, and every day, these signs become the Lagna of someone. For example, the Moon goes through one nakshatra every day, and on certain days, Moon travels through two nakshatras. According to sage Parasara, we need to check the transits through the Moon sign, but these days, many are checking the impact of transit through the Lagna. The impact of Lagna will change from horoscope to horoscope because the placement, aspect and conjunction of every horoscope are different, and the totality of the horoscope (Jathagam in Tamil) is the main parameter.


During this jupiter transit, Jupiter will be moving through the last house, and that is the house of Jupiter in the natural zodiac wheel. This transit will make you a bit lazy, and there will be a lot of concerns regarding your personal and professional life. The twelfth house of horoscope indicates detachment and isolation, so you will feel like being alone, and this transit can also make you a bit negative. This is a good time for spiritual trips and meditation programs. This is a very good time to get spiritual consulting, which will empower you. With the transit of Jupiter through Aries, you will have a lot of expenses, so you have to be very careful with your money. Mental and physical health also be very important. This is also a time to spend more time at home as you will have some projects like selling and buying a home or a property. You have to be very careful with your finances as you can get some loans.

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This is a spectacular year for Taurus as they will get more opportunities to improve their career. Freshers will join new teams, and they will find a suitable placement. This is a time to set some plans for the career, and they will get good guidance also. On a personal level, the Taurus Lagna will be getting new friends, but they should not share all their secrets with others. Taurus lagna also be getting projects from foreign lands. This transit also shows some changes in the team and transfer. Business owners will find new opportunities to invest in new projects, and there will be gains. This is also a good transit for share traders. This transit will give new avenues to make money, and you will take up part-time jobs. Your love life also will be very significant. This transit also shows the chances for childbirth, and the childless couple will be going for medication.

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This transit will bring many changes at work for a Gemini Lagna. Being a Gemini, you are very jovial and talkative. You like being independent and don’t like any kind of attachment and being an air sign; you are brilliant too. This transit will do your search for a new job, but Jupiter doesn’t like to be in the tenth house, so you should not take any risk at your work. You should behave properly with your managers as there are chances for appraisals too. If you have a secure job, you should not take any risks. You will be thinking about buying and selling some property or constructing a house. Family matters also will be important during this transit, and you will be taking up more responsibilities at home. If you work hard, you will get name and fame during this transit, but you have to be very righteous and dutiful. You will have a lot of professional contacts, and you have to keep a good rapport with them. Also, if you are one of those planning to start something new, this period is highly favourable for you.

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The transit of Jupiter for Cancer Lagna will be impacting the ninth house of foreign travels and spiritual thinking. This transit will impact the students and teachers in a mighty way. Jupiter is moving through its sign, so this will be a powerful transit.

The spiritual life will bring you a lot of relief and healing in your life. This is a very good time for people looking for foreign travel and residency. You will be getting occasional gains. You will spend that on your family. Travelling will be the main theme during this Jupiter transit (Guru Peyarchi). You have to take of the elderly male figures and father figures. From April 2022 onwards, your spiritual thinking will increase, which will help you be happy. You may also buy electronic devices or travel devices during this transit. This transit will be projected from international organisations as well. Your knowledge and behaviour will get a lot of appreciation.

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Being a Leo, you are a very active native as Leo is a fire sign, so you will always be active. The Guru Gochar or transit of Jupiter through the sign of Pisces will bring some challenges related to health and wealth. Physical and mental health will face some challenges, and you should stay away from the scandals. This transit occurs in the eighth house of darkness and mysteries, so you should be very careful. Unexpected expenses will be the main part of this transit, and you should always have some savings. This transit will bring some freelance projects, and you will get it. This transit will trigger the opportunities to take and give loans. This is not a great transit to start a new partnership project. However, you will still think about taking up new long term projects. Please try to settle the issues with your in-laws and partner. Let it be a business partner or life partner; you have to listen to them.

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The Jupiter transit in Pisces 2022 for the Virgo sign will drag your focus into the relationships. The planet Jupiter will be impacting the 7th house in the Virgo sign. This will bring marriage and a new business partnership if the mahadasha and antardasa support it. This transit will boost professional growth as the seventh house indicates professional progress. This is also time to meet someone in terms of your personal life also. The transit of Jupiter through the sign of Pisces does not indicate a sweet relationship as Jupiter is not the planet for romance. If you are already going through some issues in marriage, then you should solve them carefully.

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Singles will be mostly thinking about their career success. Business relationships will grow as Jupiter indicates magnification and expansion during this transit; you will be meeting new people with some business ideas. You will be very critical of people who come to meet you, and there is nothing wrong with that.


The transit of Jupiter through the watery sign of Pisces will trigger the sixth house for Libra Lagna. The sixth house is considered a complex house, so you must be very careful with your life. Your primary focus will be on your debts, diseases and enemies. This is a good transit for freshers as they will find a good opportunity. Professionals will try to get new assignments. The transit of Jupiter will bring issues with colleagues, so you should try to keep a healthy distance from coworkers so that they cannot create any trouble at your work. Since Jupiter is the planet for magnification, you may move into a big office or get big devices. The transit of Jupiter through the sixth house also will impact your health, and you have to take care of your medication. Your life will become very systematic, and most of the days, you will be doing the same thing.


Being a water sign, you are an emotional person, and the transit of Jupiter is also through another water sign Pisces. So, this transit will make you a bit emotional. Jupiter is moving through the fifth house of children and creative energies; you will be focusing more on these two. You will enjoy spending time on creative projects. You will try to make some money during this transit through your hobbies. However, be careful with the risk involved in creative projects. Kindly avoid gambling and spending on those things which you don’t want. This is a great time to go socialising, and you will be meeting new people. The fifth house also shows romantic life, and single Scorpios will try to meet like-minded people. Therefore, single Scorpios should use this time carefully. You will also get to join a new team through social contacts. Some foreign collaboration will also be possible during this transit, which will be another significant event during this transit.

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Being a Sagittarius Lagna, you are a very fiery person, and this transit will take place in the water sign. This transit will bring peace and solace to your life as Jupiter moves through the moksha house. Jupiter is the planet for magnification and expansion, so this transit will impact your home, and you will try to make a big house. Whatever things you buy during this transit will be very big. This transit also supports purchasing a property or selling it. Family members and additions in the home through marriage or childbirth is seen. You can also expect some spiritual meetings at home. Jupiter will be impacting your career, and this is not a very great impact, so you will have to be very careful. Please try to adjust with your managers as they can be very bossy. However, job seekers will have new jobs, and professionals will try to get another role. You can expect some projects from the far places.


Being an earth sign, you are stable and a little slow at times and the transit will be impacting your ventures and siblings. Being a Capricorn Lagna, you will be looking for a challenging career, but this is not the time to take up any challenges. The transit of Jupiter through this house can increase your expenses, so you should not take any risk with your money. Jupiter is the planet for magnification, so the challenges will be manifold if you take the risk. This is a very good transit for knowledge sharing and learning new skills. You will be meeting people from small communities, which will make you busy as you will have small projects. This is a great transit to write and publish your articles. You will be using a lot of technology, and you will even buy such devices with advanced technology. The interaction with siblings and neighbours will be more than usual. Take care of your health as the neck to shoulder area will be a little sensitive.

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Being an Aquarius Lagna, you are very knowledgeable and social. The upcoming transit of Jupiter through the sign of Pisces will impact your finances, and this cannot be seen as a good influence. You will have concerns regarding your image and reputation. Please don’t do anything which can harm your image. This transit will push you to rethink your values and principles too. You will surely think about different loans, and you have to make wise decisions with money. Try to save money as you may face some expenses, and that will come up now and then. Freelancing projects can come up, and they will provide you with some money, and it will be a relief. Speculative ventures will be another major theme during this transit. Since the finances are very sensitive, you should not take any risk with your ventures. There is a threat of losses at any time. The childless couple will have many opportunities to go for treatment.


This transit is very important for Pisces Lagna as Jupiter moves through your sign. Jupiter is a natural benefic, and it will make you very optimistic. However, it will make you a bit unrealistic, which will be a challenge. You have to cross-check all your plans; otherwise, you may face losses. You want to improve your life, and you will also be making long-term plans. You want only good things from your life during this time, but you should not expect too much. Long trips and some projects from the foreign lands also a come up. People will admire you for the knowledge and divinity in your Please take care of your food and diet as Jupiter can make you a chubby person. It is also the planet for lifestyle diseases, so you must be careful with your diet.

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