Jupiter Transit and its Importance

Have you ever heard of the term gentle giant? We use it to refer to mighty beings who are sensitive and sympathetic towards the plight of lesser beings. Jupiter is the gentle giant among planets in Vedic astrology. It is the largest planet, so large that you can fill over 1300 Earth in it. Still, Jupiter is the merciful overlord who protects the Earth from meteors and other space objects by sucking them in using its powerful gravity. Jupiter is like that elderly brother in the family who cares for us and protects us from the evils of the outside world. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is referred to as the Guru, the one who educates. It is also known as the planet of luck and money.

What are the effects of Jupiter transit?

The period of transit is when Jupiter transits from one sign to another. The transit period of Jupiter across the horoscope takes 12 years, which means it stays in a sign for one year or so. In 2022, Jupiter, the planet for wealth and prosperity, will transit from Aquarius to its own sign, Pisces, on April 13. It will become retrograde on July 29 and will again become progressive on November 24. Its impact on human lives is more than that of other planets like Mercury or Venus. Whichever house Jupiter is transiting in, it will impart positive vibrations with features particular to that planet on the person. At the same time, it can also make him a bit unrealistic.

Jupiter rules watery Pisces and fiery Sagittarius. It is the most important planet for creating auspicious events in life. It also defines the respect and reputation that the individual will gain from others in society. When Jupiter become retrograde, it marks a period of inner growth. Changes will be made to existing beliefs, and one may see things in a new light. 

Meet Lakhan. He is a good kid – a good son, a good friend, and a good human being who wants to influence the world around him in a positive way. Lakhan has just finished college and is now on the lookout for his dream job. The transit of Jupiter through his chart at this time will have huge implications on the life of Lakhan. The effect of Jupiter’s transit will have him view every day as a new beginning filled with new opportunities. He will face obstacles in good spirit and see every setback as a chance to learn new things. However, the influence of Jupiter can also make him quite unrealistic and foolhardy. He may overlook how cruel and malevolent society can get, especially towards the colourful aspirations held by young men and women. This can push Lakhan into the hands of fraudsters who will take pleasure in using him and then discard him. Still, despite the unrealism, Jupiter indicates spiritual blessings, and its transit is seen as an important transit in astrology. It will ensure Lakhan enjoys life now more than at any other time.

As Jupiter becomes retrograde, he will have second thoughts on many of the beliefs he had been holding up as sacred in life. The harsh realities of life may make Lakhan adopt a more open and inclusive approach towards life. He will mature as an adult and start becoming responsible for his actions.

What is so special about Jupiter transit this year?

On April 13, Jupiter will transit from Aquarius to Pisces. Pisces is the own sign of Jupiter. So its placement in the sign is sure to bring positive influence to the world. Pisces is associated with the twelfth house could mean a general spiritual awakening among people. Many long term issues may get solved during this time. There will be a general increase in quality of life during this time. Expect to see more abundance, creativity, and unity in the world. Humanity will learn to co-exist and treat each other with respect and compassion. The desire for love will be strong, and there will be a deeper sense of spirituality.

For Aries borns, Jupiter transit in Pisces will mitigate worries and improve health. There may be a slight increase in expenses while peace and harmony will reign in the household.

For Taurus people, the transit will fetch you respect. Finances will improve, and there will be success in love life. Students may apply for a new course.

Gemini people will experience improvement in health and gain in finances. New things will happen in life, while married life will be smooth and peaceful.

Jupiter’s transit in Pisces will make Cancerians exalted and religious. You will make long-term commitments and gain new opportunities in life.

For Leo, the transit may see trouble in health and an increase in expenses. You are prone to anger. Pending works will get completed, and lingering problems within the family will come to an end.

Virgo people may experience weight gain. You will have to be careful with your finances and keep away from making commitments.

This transit will be tough for Libra people. There will be health problems and arguments with close ones. However, work-life will experience benefits.

Scorpio people will experience gain in finance and overall betterment in health. Students may join new courses and enjoy good times.

For Sagittarius, there will be an expansion in work life. New opportunities will arise. New purchases will be made. There may be health problems for the mother.

Capricorn people will experience average results. There will be some hardships in work life. Relationships with siblings may improve.

Aquarius people are advised to look after their health. There may be quarrels over the shared property. Work-life and married life will both see improvement.

For Pisces people, you will be in sync with what is happening around you. Work-life will improve. Personal relationships will become stronger and deeper. Those around you will praise your intelligence and efficiency.

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Which are the houses to watch out for during Jupiter’s transit?

The seventh house is the house of relationships, both personal and professional. When Jupiter moves through the seventh house, it is a good time to improve your relationship with others. This is the time to build your reputation and establish yourself as a valuable player. The native will be honoured for his services. Marital relationships will improve during this phase. This is a good time to initiate healthy changes in life like exercise and dieting. For Lakhan, who is set to face the world with all the zest and fervour of a 21st-century millennial, this is a very important time. He will meet new people with whom he may strike a long-lasting bond. This phase could present him with the best opportunity to make a strong start to his career. He may also find that special person during this time and get to relish the sweet nectar of true love. If you are Lakhan, make sure you enjoy every moment of this particularly blissful time of your life.

When Jupiter moves through the tenth house, the focus will be on a career as well as home. If Jupiter is favourably placed, the native will experience good things in his career. Jupiter, being the Guru, will make the native become more efficient at the office and may help him get a promotion. At home, the native will indulge in repair or renovation works to improve safety and comfort. For Lakhan, this period presents the best time to land his dream job. He will establish a good rapport with his superiors and impress them with his discipline and cleverness.  Also make an extra effort to make his parents happy. He will help out at home and may even purchase home essentials using his salary. This will make his parents swell with pride thinking about the son they have raised. Lakhan, at this time, will be high on life and can achieve whatever he sets his eyes upon. The only thing is to not get carried away by becoming too optimistic.

Why is it important to get a Jupiter transit report?

Jupiter transit is considered most important in Vedic astrology along with Saturn transit. Jupiter signifies the virtue of Dharma. No beneficial event can take place without the blessing of Jupiter. Being a benefic planet will mitigate the bad effects of a house. It also expands the features of any particular house. It boosts confidence levels, gives hope and builds enthusiasm. This will enable the native to learn and grow. Even when it is a functional malefic or debilitated, it is still able to bring some positive results. A well-placed Jupiter is auspicious for the whole chart. Jupiter going through a house or other planet means that good things related to that house or planet are on their way to influencing you. The joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn transit is a key factor in profound predictions. Their joint impact on a house or planet means things related to that planet or house will most likely occur. Also, with Jupiter being the giver of knowledge and wisdom, in whichever house it transits or over whichever planet it transits, it bestows on the person with knowledge and wisdom related to qualities represented by that house or planet.

If you are like Lakhan, then getting a detailed Jupiter transit report is the best move you can make to make the most of life. Not only will it help you to channel your inner spirit towards success in your personal and professional life, getting the report will help you unlock the spiritual being within you, making you a better person overall. For getting the best report, choose Clickastro, the pioneer in the field of online astrology.

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