Saturn Transit for Vrischika

Keep your family close during this transit. A lot of developments can be expected in family matters. You are supposed to be involved and play a pivotal role in all such matters. Do not let your professional life undermine your family life. There may be pressure from the office to carry out various tasks, but under no condition should it come at the expense of time to be spent at home. You need to perfect the art of balancing work and family during this transit. Family matters take precedence because one or several significant changes may be taking place during this time. There may be a partitioning of the property. There may be a sale or purchase of a property. There may even be a major renovation of either your present home or your ancestral home. All of this will require your intimate involvement. It will be up to you to see that the interests of yourself and your family members are protected. Had you been wanting to shift to a new place, this is the time to initiate that change. This is also a good time to carry out real estate deals. Likewise, any matters involving land or finance kept pending due to various reasons, can be carried out at this time. Family ties will be renewed during this time. Relatives may visit you at home, or you may get to visit them at their place. But, make sure you do not overeat during such joyous occasions since the probability of physical issues like indigestion or acidity happening is very high. You have to maintain discipline in your diet and lifestyle. Since much of the success during this transit depends on your standing with your relations, make sure to be at your formal best during this time.
Malefic effects of Saturn during this transit include mental turmoil and bad health for the mother. You may go through a confidence crisis. Tendency to indulge in intoxicants and convincing yourself to go against your conscience are other probable bad effects of this transit. Developing unhealthy food habits is another problem. As a remedy, offering milk to a snake and offering milk and rice to a crow or buffalo will bring positive results. This will help you to maintain discipline and make the best out of a given situation. Other suggested measures include pouring milk into the well and pouring rum into running water. Doing so will help you focus and stay away from bad choices while improving your self-confidence.

Puja for Vrischika Rashi

Shani Mantra 92000 jap

Shani Mantra 92000 jap

Shani Mantra helps win the blessings of Shani Dev. It bestows wisdom, patience and justice in life. It helps dissolve problems related to wealth and health. Unfavourable effects of Saturn in the horoscope can be eliminated through Shani Jaap, especially those under the Kandaka Shani period.

Note: The following pujas are suggested as additional remedies. For those with Shani doshas, the pujas mentioned above give better results.

Navagraha Santhi Puja

Navagraha Santhi Puja

The Navagraha Santhi puja pacifies malefic planets and strengthens benevolent planets. It removes obstacles and blesses good health, prosperity, harmony and success in all spheres of life. The puja also rectifies Vastu Doshas thus preventing thefts, accidents and sudden death. It also grants the blessing of virtuous children.

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