Unique characteristics of people born on Monday

Monday belongs to the Moon. The Moon rules emotions. A strong moon gives one a strong mind, one which can stay calm during challenges and behave rationally. A weak moon gives a weak mind. People born on Monday may be restless and emotionally disoriented. They tend to behave emotionally rather than rationally. Being born on Monday can bestow a person with certain attributes. This can have effects on the general qualities of a person like their personality, love life, and career

Monday Born Peoples Character

Monday-born people tend to be humble, trusting, and may possess a helping mentality. They are more likely to go with their gut feeling than resort to a systematic analysis of any situation. This may lead to mistakes, but learning from mistakes may make them wiser. Their practical knowledge may be more. They sympathise with the plight of others and are compassionate in nature. They can also be possessive and prone to jealousy, making them quite mean. They dress attractively and opt for looks over comfort when it comes to choosing a wardrobe. 

Personality Traits of Monday Born People

Monday-born individuals are intuitive by nature. Once they have made their mind, it is very hard to convince them otherwise. They attach utmost importance to their feelings. If they do not feel it, they won’t do it. Rational thinking and studying the evidence are not their way of deciding things. This makes the person more a follower than a leader. They may make for excellent followers, but as leaders, they do not show much success. They may be more influenced by feminine qualities than masculine. They place high value in family bonds and friendships. They are talkative and smile easily. The art of conversation comes naturally to them, so does their ability to listen. Their temper might get the best of them at times. 

People Born on Monday Career

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Monday-born people are often artistic by nature. Their mode of approach to work is through the application of the heart. They may be more concerned about the mental satisfaction gained from work than the monetary benefits it may bring. Having said that, they can also be good at business. Dedication, hard work and punctuality are innate in those born on Mondays. Creations of wealth—for themselves and those with them—is seen among people born on Monday.

With their ability to get along with their colleagues, they find it easy to handle office politics and even control it. Their attractive personalities make it easy for them to win over clients and find good business prospects. They are also good planners with the capability to innovate.

Monday Born Peoples Love life 

People born on Monday find it comfortable to express their emotions as they have a sensitive nature. They may be caring and like to share with others. As long as their feelings are respected, they will be faithful and willing to adjust. They can be revengeful if their feelings are hurt and are offended by lies and deceit. They may tend to read too much into superficial features and fail to judge a person’s character accurately. Prone to be biased and prejudiced; their liking or disliking of a person may depend on purely physical attributes like height and skin colour.

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Being more emotional than tactical, they may not always be able to do what is best for them. Instead, they may make sacrifices for the sake of others. This makes them vulnerable to being taken advantage of by those with vested interests. 

Family life of People Born on Monday

They may be religiously attached to their family and place immense value on family bonds. As husband or wife, they give priority to the interests of their partner. They will be caring and sensitive to their partners’ needs. They may remain sincere and loyal in a relationship. Their possessive nature may lead to childish demands and insistence, and they will become disturbed by seemingly trivial things. Their mood swings may be more pronounced.

They may argue and fight over little things. They can also be envious and obsessive. They may take offence when someone else enters the life of the people they consider their own. The important thing is to respect their feelings, no matter how absurd it may seem. It is relatively easy to provoke them. Within the family, they tend to speak in a high voice and are usually bossy. 

Monday Born People Miscellaneous Features

As a Monday-born person, you are susceptible to mood swings. It is advised to take up Yoga and other activities that may help you focus your mind and emotions. Physical discomforts like headaches, colds and dehydration will disturb them. Drinking plenty of water and maintaining stable and balanced body fluids is important. The colour white may bring you good fortune. Also, being the second day of the week, the number 2 may prove lucky for you.

Do not let your day be hectic. Make a timetable and stick to it. Offering milk to the idol of Lord Shiva and Ganapathi may bring good fortune. 

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