Yogas are certain planetary conditions in the horoscope indicating the planet’s strength. This condition can be negative or positive, but they are relevant. Our sages have given different names to these conditions, known as yoga. There are numerous yogas in astrology, making a significant change to the horoscope. All these yogas work along with other planetary conditions in the horoscope. The strength of the yogas is based on the placement, aspect and conjunction of the planets. Therefore, none of the yogas has the power to give results unless the full horoscope is strong.

There are many well-known and common yogas like Gajakesari yoga, Raja yoga and Kemadhrum yoga. These can be observed in many horoscopes. There are also very rare horoscopes which are formed with unique planet combinations. Let us see some of them.

Dharma Karma Adhipati Yoga

Dharma Karma Adhipati Yoga is a lesser-known but very beautiful yoga. It is formed when the lord of the tenth house or ninth house makes a connection in Kendra or trikona house. You can see this yoga from Lagna or Moon Lagna. When a person has this yoga, he will become an authoritative figure, and no one will be able to question his authority.

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The 10th house is known as the house of Karma, and the ninth house is the house of Dharma. When the lords of Dharma and Karma are conjunct in the Kendra or Trikona, this will give birth to a very powerful combination in the horoscope, which will help the person achieve a lot in life. However, the planets should not be in a bad placement, aspect or conjunction.

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Nala Yoga

Nala yoga is a very rare yoga and hence, lesser-known. It is formed when all the planets are in dual signs. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the dual signs. This yoga will make the person very much learned. Mercury and Jupiter rule these signs. Both are the planets for wisdom and knowledge. When Mercury indicates smart street wisdom, Jupiter indicates higher knowledge. So, naturally, when all the planets are in these houses, the person will be very knowledgeable. His knowledge will be his strength, which will help him reach the heights in his life.

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Kahal Yoga

Kahal is a stunning yoga formed by the connection of the fourth and the ninth lord. If they both are Kendra to each other, then the native will have this yoga. This yoga will make the person a leader, and he will have a loyal fan following. This yoga also shows that the native will have enough power to get a place in politics and have a good relationship with government authorities. Therefore, he can be a government official. Kahala in Sanskrit means the sound of a drum or a big sound. So, when the native speaks, the sound will have such depth that everyone will listen to him.

However, this person can be very short-tempered. Still, people will like to follow him.

Shubha kartri and Paapa Kartri Yoga

Shubha kartari and Paap Kartari are yogas that give special strength to the horoscope. In Sanskrit, shubha means good, positive, and auspicious. Kartari means anything for cutting. Shubha kartari yoga arises in two conditions. When a planet is hemmed between two benefics and the 12th and 2nd house from the natal house has positive planets, it results in Shubha kartari yoga. Meanwhile, if a planet is hemmed between malefics, the native will get Paap Kartari yoga. If a house is hemmed between Malefics, that also will bring Paap Kartari yoga.

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A person with Shubh Kartari Yoga will become intelligent, wealthy and mighty. However, if in the horoscope auspicious planets are being aspected by inauspicious planets, the Shubh Kartari Yoga stands cancelled.

If you have Shubh Kartari Yoga, the results of that house will be very auspicious and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of them from the early part of life.

According to astrology, many types of doshas are detected when the horoscope is analysed. Papa kartari is such a yoga, and you have to make a lot of effort to overcome the effects of this yoga. Actually kartari means to cut or gnaw. In a horoscope, when malefic planets are placed in the 2nd and 12th house from it, Paap Kartari Yoga is formed.

If a benefic planet is sitting with a malefic planet in the next and previous house, this dosha is not found. If a planet is sitting in the house from which Papa Kartari Yoga is being formed, then Papa Kartari Yoga is effective. The results related to the factors and expressions of that planet are obtained through a lot of struggle. Even if the malefic planets are yoga karakas in the horoscope, they do not leave their natural nature.

Adhi Yoga

Adhi Yoga is formed if any three of the benefic planets are in the houses 6, 7 and 8 from Lagna. This is not an easy combination, so this yoga is very rare. Adhi means subordinates, and a person with this yoga will have a lot of servants and subordinates to take his order. He will be equivalent to a king, and lifelong progress will be. This person will surely have their own house and lifelong wealth. It is a Rajayoga that can help him enjoy his whole life. Every Rajayoga shows the amount of power to survive the calamities of life.

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The yogas have a very big role in framing a person’s life. Some yogas can bring struggles in the first half of life, but they will start making progress during the second half if they take the right steps in life.

Every yoga’s strength is seen according to the strength of the yoga forming planets. In Brihat Parasara Hora sastra, Sage Parasara has said this while describing Gaja Kesari Yoga. He has said that, in this yoga, the Moon and Jupiter should not be in bad placement. The Moon should not be combust or debilitated; Jupiter should not be both and retrograde.

In most horoscopes, we see a lot of yogas, but people always wonder why they are not producing the results. They will surely have challenges if they are in the Rahu Ketu axis, debilitation, retrogression or combustion. Indeed, all the planets will not be in good condition, and some planets will surely have a weakness in all the horoscopes. Still, if the yoga forming planets are in good condition, the charm of the horoscope will surely increase, and that also will bring a lot of prosperity to the native.

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