From ancient times, the Hindu community has been a firm believer in the concept of Vastu Shastra (or simply Vastu) aka the traditional science of architecture. They have always believed in the power of cosmic energies & how it influences different aspects of our life. Even Vastu Shastra’s basic premise is to integrate your house architecture according to the five elements – Water, Fire, Sky, Air, and Earth. However, the modernization & culture of living in societies (rather than having independent houses) makes it hard to consider all aspects of direction.

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The right implementation of Vastu shastra in the home/house not only brings you a good fortune but also attracts abundant positive energy in your living space.

Based on whether you have a South/West/North/East facing house as per Vastu, you can get a holistic overview of how your home structure should be designed. The below-listed Vastu tips for home/house help you dive deeper into the style guide that includes but isn’t limited to your bedroom, kitchen, entrance, and other parts of your house.

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Vastu Shastra Tips for Home Entrance

Your main door/house entrance as per Vastu should ideally be placed in a North, East, or North-East direction while you should avoid purchasing a South/West facing house especially when you’re out buying a new home for yourself.

Also, ensure that your main entrance is always well-lit, the door is constructed out of durable wood, opens in a clockwise direction, and its length is greater than the other doors in the house. Placing a Ganesha idol outside your entrance or on an empty wall ward off evil spirits & brings prosperity to the house.

Avoid placing a shoe rack at the entrance and painting the door in black color.

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Vastu Tips for the Living room

The living room signifies a space where all social activities in the home occur. It is also a space that is used to entertain guests, giving them a first insight or impression of the home itself. It is suggested that the living room be built in an east, north, or north-east facing direction, with a north-west direction also being acceptable. Further, the furniture should be in the west or south-west part of the living room, while electronic gadgets are preferably installed in the south-east section.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

According to your Vastu home plan, place your kitchen in the South, South-East, or North-West part of the house. For a more detailed analysis of the kitchen, refer to our blog on Vastu tips for the kitchen.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Your bedroom is your ultimate resting place after having a tiring day at work. It’s the place where you can have an honest conversation with your partner and build up a strong connection with him/her. As per experts who deal with Vastu for house planning, your bedroom should be placed in the South-West part of the house as it brings good health & well-being.

It’s important that your bedroom exhibits peaceful vibes and helps you rejuvenate. You must prefer bright colors or earthy shades on the wall to shower positivity on your mind & body. Also, ensure that your head points towards West direction while the mirror is placed in a way that it never reflects the bed.

Vastu Tips for Poojamuri/Pooja Room

Our ancestors have always emphasized the importance of having a pooja room and its placement in the house. Meditating daily helps you connect with your inner self and the almighty. As per the basic Vastu for home, you must design your temple/pooja room in the North-East corner of your house such that you face the East direction while praying. Lightning candles/diyas daily removes the negative vibes from the house while colors like white, yellow or beige give a pleasant ambiance to your temple. Vastu also advises that there be no photographs of deceased relatives in this space. 

Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet

According to Vastu science, the bathroom can either be on the East or the North-side of the house. The bathrooms should ideally be painted in shades of brown or beige or similar earthy colors. Adequate ventilation should be installed in the Northeast direction to let the air and sunlight in and kill the bacteria in the room.

Vastu Tips for Children’s Study Room

Placing kids’ rooms in the West, East, or North will bring about a lot of positive energies for the individuals using it, especially children. A greenish tinge to the room is also said to improve the intellect of children.

Vastu Direction for Home – Basic Dos and Don’ts

Avoid buying a South facing house plan as per Vastu as they’re considered inauspicious. However, if you have no other alternative, see your house slopes down towards the North or East.

If you have a North-West facing house, design a lower boundary at the Northeast zone to attract a positive flow of cosmic rays, wealth, and prosperity for everyone.


If you follow all these tips laid out by Vastu Shastra, the flow of energy inside the home will be positive. Ensure that when you are purchasing a new home or are renovating one, you keep these tips in mind. It also helps to start construction of the home during an auspicious time or muhurtham and schedule the move in accordingly. Ensuring you follow the wisdom laid out in Vastu will ensure a blissful stay for you and your family and make your home an abode of peace.

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