For centuries now, Vastu shastra has been a vital aspect of regulating the way homes should be built. The literal translation of the term is the ‘science of architecture’ and abiding by Vastu rules or renovating by the same has been proven to bring about satisfying results for the home and the householders. It is no mystery that energies in the universe define who we are and, to a large extent, dictate the patterns of our lives. Vastu channelizes these energies within a home bringing about the right influence among all family members. 

Vastu doesn’t have a peripheral overall view on the architecture of a home, but it delves into a deeper style guide of the structure, which includes everything from the entrance to the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and more. Here we will take a look at the specific aspects of the home that Vastu shastra details in its guidelines. We will also look at how the implementation of Vastu in your new home can bring about good fortune

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Vastu Tips for Home Entrance: 

This is viewed as, not only an entrance to the home but also an entry point for the various energies. With this in mind, Vastu dictates that the door be placed in a north, east, or north-east direction. This is done to ensure that individuals face in the same direction while leaving home. Other rules for the main door include; not painting it black, making sure it opens in a clockwise manner, refraining from having a dustbin or shoe rack outside the door, making sure it is well-lit, and also having it made from a superior quality of wood – ensuring it is the aesthetically most pleasing door in the house.

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Vastu Tips for the Living room: 

The living room signifies a space where all social activities in the home occur. It is also a space that is used to entertain guests, giving them a first insight or impression of the home itself. It is suggested that the living room be built in an east, north, or north-east facing direction, with a north-west direction also being acceptable. Further, the furniture should be in the west or south-west part of the living room, while electronic gadgets are preferably installed in the south-east section.

Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet:

According to Vastu science, the bathroom can be on the east side of the house and the north side. The bathrooms should ideally be painted in shades of brown or beige or similar earthy colors. Adequate ventilation should be installed in the Northeast direction to let the air and sunlight in. This is essential as it eliminates bacteria in the room. 

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Vastu Tips for Bedroom

This is another vital part of the home especially since it could play a major role in characterizing the relationship between a couple. Apart from that, the bedroom is a place that helps individuals rejuvenate and revitalize themselves through a proper and thorough period of resting (sleep). The main bedroom must be situated in the south-west part of the home. The head of individuals lying down in the bedroom must face the south and not in a northerly direction. Vastu also suggests that couples refrain from sleeping in the south-east part of the home.

Vastu Tips for Children’s Study Room

Placing this room in the West, East, or North will bring about a lot of positive energies for the individuals using it, especially children. A greenish tinge to the room is also said to improve the intellect of children.Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

It is ideal that the kitchen is located in the south, south-east, or north-west part of the home. For a more detailed analysis of the kitchen, refer to our blog on Vastu tips for the kitchen.

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Vastu Tips for Poojamuri/Pooja room

A lot of positive energies emanate from the pooja room so its positioning is of great importance. The Brahma position or the north-east part of the house is an ideal space for the pooja room, which could shower the householders with riches and peace of mind. Vastu also advises that there be no photographs of deceased relatives in this space. 

In short, if you follow all these tips laid out by Vastu shastra the flow of energy inside the home will be positive. Ensure that when you are purchasing a new home or are renovating one, you keep these tips in mind. It also helps to start construction of the home during an auspicious time or muhurtham and schedule the move in accordingly. Ensuring you follow the wisdom laid out in Vastu will ensure a blissful stay for you and your family and make your home an abode of peace.


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