The architectural masterpiece is an important part of the architecture. The laws of the temple are designed to understand how different waves of the universe can influence those in the house. All rooms should be built according to the aesthetic shadows’ law of architecture. The only thing that can not be in modern science but also in architecture is the Aadhaad class. Do not come to the front of the main door or tree or pillar. That will come as soon as possible. Especially do not dough. Death, childhood destruction, and bondage. Here we are sharing some Vastu tips for building a perfect home.

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Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet

According to science, the bathroom can be on the east side of the house and the north side.vastu tips

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Actually, we take about a third of our lives to sleep. Therefore, there is no dispute about the sculpture of the bedroom which affects us. The main bedroom should be in the south-west of the house. Do not lie down north of the head. The head should lie down in the south. Nor should the couples stay in the south-east of their home. In the bedroom room, the valuables should be placed on the south-west side of the shelves where the valuables are placed.

Vastu Tips for Children’s Study Room

The study hall for children can be in the West, East, or North. Avoid pruning of cones. If there is light green light in the room, it will increase the child’s intellect. Praying of Saraswati Devi and Krishna Bhagwan is good for studying.

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Vastu Tips for Kitchen

The south and south side of the house is ideal for the kitchen. There may be only one Yoni or Gajani Yonni. On the east side should be the window. Do not come across door walls. The refrigerator should not be in the North East and Southwest. Cooking should be looked after in the east. Kitchens can be built for a lot of space. In doing so, the distance between home and kitchen should be less than the distance between the surrounding and the kitchen.

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Vastu Tips for Poojamuri/Pooja roomVastu Tips

Poojamuri may be in the North East, on the east, at Brahma position, or on the east of the northeast. So you get riches and peace of mind. Devun has to look west. We need to look east, and we will do it. The puja room in other places will give us some disturbance. Do not place the dead people’s photographs in the pooja room. Do not leave anything but puja goods. Do not put your images to themselves. Do not worship idols in the pooja room. Do not worship two Shiva Lingams, Three Ganesha, Two Shankars, Three Devi statues and two Salagrama at home.

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In short, if you want to build a home that has a good home, We can get a house according to architecture. So pray to Ishwar. Before the construction of the house, one should check the horoscope. If the favourable time is, let’s start building the house. It should be done only in good moments. For years we’ve seen homes that are not overwhelming.

It is good for everything to pray for Dharma Devi. May the blessings be blessed to have a good house.