Vastu Shastra for buildings: Beams, columns, and layouts

Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture that has been practiced in India since the Vedic periods. The study of architecture has not only helped our architects build marvels, but also find intelligent ways to retain certain natural elements that boost the progression of natural energy within the structures. Vaastu Shastra talks about the directions at which a structure can harness the most positive and negative energies and how absolute positioning of essentials like kitchen and washrooms can affect our daily life.

In Indian architecture, every beam-column Vaastu is taken into consideration when designing an office or residential space. From the layout to the number of columns in the building to the ventilation design, everything is dictated by Vastu. Here are a few considerations that Vastu asks us to keep in mind when designing beams and columns for spaces.    

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Vastu Shastra considerations for Beams and Columns. 

* Ensure that your house does not have protruding edges, this disrupts the flow of energy and causes significant hindrances in the path for positive energy to get into the house.

* Bhramhastra, the centre of the house is considered as the epicentre where positive energies converge. The Bramhastra is believed to be connected with the cosmos of the world and draws its energy from it. This is considered the most serene place in the house. To ensure that there is an uninterrupted energy transfer with the cosmos, there shouldn’t be any beams or pillars obstructing the flow of energy. The presence of such structures is considered as Vaastu dosha and in unavoidable scenarios where such structures are essential to maintain the structural integrity of the house, consider installing elements that could counter the effects of the Vaastu dosha and create a neutral scenario.

*There should not be any pillars or beams near the entrance of the house. The presence of a pillar or beam can cause Vastu dosha and disrupt the flow of wealth and energy. If you already have a pillar near the entrance, then, try changing your entrance to a more cordial location or cover the wall facing the entrance with portraits of fields to create an illusion of open space.

*Refrain from having an odd number of pillars in the house. If there are odd-numbered pillars in your home, consult Vastu shastra-based architects to consider your options.

* Ensure that there are no overhead pillars where you sleep, the presence of one could disrupt your sleep patterns and cause amnesia. Even sitting under an exposed beam is considered Vastu dosha. It believed that these structures have the potential to suck out any positive energy out of the room and hold and maximise the effect of negative energy. A good solution that is practised around the world is concealing the overhead beam with a false ceiling. If getting a false ceiling is not an option, keep the beam clean and decorated. Using a combination of two flutes on the beam can induce a flow of positive energy. Using a Vastu pyramid to balance the flow of energy in the room is also a good option.

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