In Vedic astrology, planets are considered gods. They are the guiding forces in one’s life. Each day of the week is ruled by a certain planet. Thursday is owned by Jupiter. The biggest planet in the solar system is also the most benevolent. Jupiter is called Guru. The aspects of life that Jupiter represents include growth, prosperity, optimism, expansion, happiness, and humour. A strong Jupiter blesses the individual with intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, spirituality and authority. A weak Jupiter can mess up the education of the individual, and it may cause problems in relationships with fathers and teachers. It may bring disrespect to the individual and cause family disputes. Others may try to dominate the individual. The following are the characteristics of people born on Thursday.

Unique Characteristics of Thursday Born People

People born on Thursday are born to dream and aspire. They are ambitious and can be pretty daring. They are not afraid to venture out of their comfort zone every once in a while. They are optimistic and have a positive approach to life. To them, ups and downs are part of life. They face adversities with courage and overcome them. They can be spiritual with their own mode of worship. They have a generous and jovial disposition towards life and people. They can be emotional also. They may cry in the open. At the same time, they can be incredibly tenacious and overcome insurmountable odds. They are noble-minded. They do not think badly of anyone, nor are they interested in unhealthy gossip.

However, they are vulnerable to self-deceit. People born on Thursday can become so disconnected from the world that they may not see the change in facts. They tend to be egoistic. While they can be immaculately polite, they can also be frustratingly ungrateful. Their communication skills may be impaired.

Personality Traits About People Born On Thursday

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People born on Thursday prefer everything to be big and flashy. To them, bigger is better. Being more intelligent, they may be able to perceive a situation better than others. They are quick learners. They are wise with a good memory. They do not lie or cheat and hide behind pretenses. They are willing to coexist, but they will not compromise. They are free spirits. They may gain a cult following. It is rare to see them perplexed or agitated. They are principled and take themselves seriously. However, they do not necessarily flaunt their superiority. They may not desire a mass following. They prefer to be free of expectations. Thursday-born people rarely extend a hand of friendship even though much time has been spent together.

Also, they may want everyone to acknowledge them as people of profound intellect. They rarely express gratitude. Their poor communication skills may expose them to disrepute through enemies. They can also be greedy.

Thursday Born People Career Facts

Thursday-born individuals are natural leaders who are born to rule. They will respect their colleagues and appreciate their value to the team. They will be respected and appreciated by others in return. As entertainers, they have their fingers on the pulse of society. They can be good hosts and get along well with others. They can balance their personal and professional lives well. However, mundane paperwork and checking files may quickly bore them. They are lousy as desk people. They live for variety and change. As drivers, they can be efficient and punctual. As entrepreneurs, they are ambitious and tenacious.

Thursday born people do not give up till they have met their objective. They may not be able to tackle office politics. Enemies may pull them down by getting into the ear of bosses. But their difficulty to acknowledge the help given may leave them without supporters to tackle enemy attacks.

The love life of People Born on Thursday

People born on Thursday are usually honest and pure of heart. They are easy to love. They love to travel and have an adventurous nature in them. They may not hold hard feelings. They are not vengeful. They love to laugh and have a good time. However, not every relationship will be a success. Their tendency, to be frank, may render much of their affairs to be short-lived. They being superior in intelligence and wisdom may make the partner get an inferiority complex. This may quickly kill any budding romance. Also, their relationships have to overcome their egoistic nature of wanting the other to follow their path and not vice versa. People who have a spirit of adventure, willing to play supporting roles and who can see through an apparent cold demeanour may make good lovers for them.

Married life of People Born on Thursday

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Thursday-born individuals have good control of anger. So their marriage relationships are bound to remain healthy even with differences and conflicts if they are careful not to make their partner jealous. Their financial planning will be good. A good sense of humour will help them overcome their lack of communication skills. They can capture the heart of their partner with surprise gifts and expressions of love. They make good parents. They may be generous and loving. They always give their best effort to ensure the smooth running of the family. They may also enjoy occasional travels, which will further strengthen the family bonds.

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However, people born on Thursday may get bored and frustrated with repetitive daily routines. Their craving for adventure may make them overlook the need to remain attached to the family. They may willingly take up transfers and jobs which require lots of travelling.

The Health of People Born on Thursday

Thursday born people usually will be blessed with good wealth, but they should be wary of gaining weight. Disorders to the digestive system may also happen if Jupiter is well-placed in the horoscope. Therefore it is necessary for Thursday-born people to keep a check on their eating and drinking habits. Otherwise, health problems including obesity, acidity and stomach-related issues may happen.

The Wealth of People Born on Thursday

Since Jupiter is the ruler, Thursday-born people are bound to see an expansion of wealth in their life. Jupiter plays a big role in ensuring wealth and prosperity in the life of a person. Thursday-born people bring out the best in them when employed in the finance sector. If they are involved in business, the best option for them is to get engaged in a field which sees huge cash turnover like the retail sector. Thursday-borns have a positive attitude and are lucky when it comes to money. However, they can be quite self-centred and can be unjustly critical, which may cause problems in wealth creation.

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Miscellaneous features about People Born on Thursday

The lucky number of Thursday-borns is 3. They may have the perfect height, and clear skin and may even be attractive. Yellow and saffron are auspicious colours for them. They tend to be religious. Their lucky stone is yellow sapphire. Thursday-borns can get cocky at times and tend to hide their true feelings and emotions. They prefer to work alone, as it is better since their outspoken nature can offend those with them. Thursday-borns are not great team players and rarely express gratitude for the help rendered.

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