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Types of Yogas in Kundli and their significance

In the Hindu philosophy, a person’s horoscope or Kundli is decided by a learned astrologer or Yogi by considering variables like Time of birth, Place of birth, Planetary alignment of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. By accessing this information, the Kundali of a person is derived and a Kundali is used to predict the person’s personality, ability to achieve success, and predict his/her marital life.

In ancient scriptures of Hinduism, horoscopes are also referred to as Janam Patri and Janam Kundali.

The planetary alignment of planets plays a significant role in Kundali. There are few alignments that are considered auspicious as they hold the potential to influence a lot of positive energy in a person’s life. They are called Yogas.

And, there are a few inauspicious planetary alignments that are considered inauspicious due to their ability to derail a person from his/her path to success, happiness, and good health. These alignments are called Doshas.

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The most prominent Yogas that influence a Kundali positively are:

Panchpurush yoga

According to astrologer and Yogis, the planetary alignments of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are considered very auspicious and the traits that a person processes from these celestial beings lead them to the path of greatness, success, wealth, marital well-being, and health.

The yogas that constitute to PanchaMahapursh (Pancha = 5; Mahapurush = Great men)Yoga are:

*Malavya Yoga
*Sasa Yoga
*Ruchaka Yoga
*Bhadra Yoga and
*Hamsa Yoga

GajaKesari Yoga:

GajaKesari Yoga occurs when Jupiter sits in the 1st, 4th, 10th house from the moon. This is considered auspicious as this Yoga trickles positive energy from Gaja (Elephant) and Kesari (Lion) to the native. A person with this Kundali will be very intelligent and will know how and when to use their prowess. Even after being intelligent, a native with this Yoga will be down to earth and humble.

Neech Bhang Raj Yoga:

Neech Bhang Raj Yoga is a very rare Kundali and not many people are born with this horoscope. A person with this Kundali will have tasted success, wealth, intellect, and will be virtuous. Any negative effects of planetary alignments (Neech Bhanga) will be automatically cancelled and he will have the virtues of a true leader or a king (Raj).

A person with this Kundali will rise up and shine despite the physical and financial conditions he is born in. He/she will rise through the troubles that life throws at him and will emerge triumphant.

Vipreet Raj Yoga

Vipreet Raj Yoga is one of the most revered Yoga in the Hindu philosophy. A person with this Kundali will be blessed with Health, Wealth, will be intelligent and smart, will have no enemies that could pose a threat in any forms, will be able to maintain relations in the family, with friends, and at work with ease, and will possess a striking character.

This happens when the lord of the 6th house or the 8th house or the 12th house is placed in either of the houses in a person’s horoscope. Virpreet Raj Yoga is further classified as:

*Harsha Yoga
*Sarala Yoga
*Vimala Yoga

Laxmi Yoga:

Laxmi Yoga is present in a native’s horoscope when Venus and Jupiter share a good relationship with the moon in their horoscope. A person with Laxmi Yoga in their horoscope with be learned and scholarly. They will possess all the qualities of a good leader and will be attractive by the virtue of smartness and intellect.They will also have access to a vast pool of wealth and will never be in financial distress for long durations.

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Maha Bhagya Yoga:

The literal translation of the Maha Bhagya Yoga is that the person born with this horoscope will have lots of good fortune. This is a very rare and auspicious horoscope. When the Sun, Moon, and an assigned Lagna are in a person’s planetary alignment either in Odd or Even signs. A person born with this will have an extremely happy life. He/she will be wealthy, intelligent, street smart, and have a happy married life. For men born with this horoscope will have an extremely beautiful and loving wife while women born with this horoscope will enjoy the happiness and good fortune from their spouse in the form of a happy married life, wealth, and healthy newborns.

Shubhkartari Yoga:

Shubh Kartari Yoga is considered auspicious and is one of the few Yogas that have the word Shubh (auspicious) in it. A person is born with this horoscope when their house is surrounded by the presence of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon. When the Moon is in the 4th house and Jupiter is in the 6th house and the native’s alignment sits in between them, the native is bestowed with goodwill and happiness from both the houses.

A person with this horoscope will be spiritual, lucky, will have access to wealth and great learning, they have a long road ahead of them which constantly showers them with happiness, they will be creative, intelligent and good at sports. They will have a good relationship with their children and parents. They will have heightened energy levels and will be relatively happier.

Akhanda Samraja Yoga:

Akhanda Samraja Yoga is one of the most powerful horoscopes in the list of Yogas. This horoscope is formed when the planet Jupiter is positioned in the 5th or 11th house and the lords of the houses 2, 9, and 11 are in the moon’s quadrant. The fifth house is responsible for education, offsprings, and the ability to speculate, while the 11th house influences success. A person born with this horoscope will be lucky, wealthy, and intelligent. He/she will be a gifted leader and will be in a position to influence large multitudes. People with this horoscope are destined to travel to distant lands and meet different cultures and people.

Apart from these prominent ones, there are many other Kundali a person can be born with. Whether your Kundali has a Yoga or a Dosha, you should consult a learned astrologer to discuss the horoscope and know the scope of good and evil and the measures that need to be taken to nullify the latter.

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