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Pradosh Vrat 2020 Dates – Benefits & Rituals

Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat 2020 Dates – Dates, rituals, benefits

Pradosham 2020 also known as Pradosha is a highly auspicious and important day for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Generally, Pradosh Vrat is celebrated twice on Trayodashi tithi (or the 13th day) of the Lunar or the Hindu calendar.

The Pradosha Vrat is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is observed on Amavasya in the Krishna Paksha and Purnima in the Shukla Paksha. However, alongside Shiva and Parvati, certain parts of India also worship the Natraj avatar of Lord Shiva on this day.

The Pradosham meaning stands for the twilight or the fall of the early lunar time (evening time). So, you’ll find most devotees observing this Vrat in the twilight or the Sandhyakaal.  In this article, we tell you all about Pradosh vrat rituals, benefits, pradosham dates 2020, and more.

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Historical Significance of Pradosham Katha

The Hindu Puranas have a great history and a Katha behind why Pradosha Vrat gets celebrated in India. It signifies the association between the Vrat and the Samudra Manthan advised by Lord Vishnu. As per the Shani Pradosha Vrat Katha, the very famous Amrit (elixir of life) was taken out from the sea. Both the Devtas and the Asuras were involved in the churning process and along with the Amrit, came out a powerful poison that could destroy the entire universe.

Once all efforts went down-hill, Lord Shiva was requested to drink the poison. He did drink it and howled in pain in his throat. Goddess Parvati placed her hand on his throat and calmed him down by cooling down its effect. Both Devtas and Asuras thanked Lord Shiva which was subsequently followed by Lord Shiva dancing between the horns of Nandi – the Bull.  The time when Shiva was extremely happy was the Pradosham period or the twilight time. This is why performing pradosh vrat at this auspicious time of the thirteenth day in Hindu month is very beneficial for all.

Lord Shiva is extremely generous during the pradosh tithi and bestows his devotees with prosperity and abundant happiness, who perform the pradosh vrat. When the vrat is followed with devotion and dedication, all your desires and wishes are fulfilled by the deity. 

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Why should you observe Pradosh Vrat?

Pradosh vrat calms your mind, body, and your soul. Such devotional fasts help soothe your soul and enhance the connection to the divine, it also helps you achieve growth and happiness in your life, as Pradosham occurs at a very auspicious time. 

Pradosha vrat absolves you of your past sins, frees your mind, helps you in facing problems. Pradosh Vrat is especially beneficial while struggling through tough times if you are seeking peace of mind and mental clarity. Observing the vrat can give you courage, self-confidence, prosperity, and remove fears.

Types of Pradosh Vrat and its unique benefits

The Pradosh vrat should be observed in the evening on the trayodashi period of both fortnights, Shukla Paksha (waxing moon period) and Krishna Paksha (waning moon period). Trayodashi Tithi falls during Pradosh Kaal and begins after sunset. After the sunset when Trayodashi Tithi and Pradosh time overlaps, this period is considered highly auspicious for worshipping Lord Shiva.

Depending on the day of the week (the Vara), Pradosha Vrat is categorized into seven types namely:

  • Som Pradosha
  • Bhaum Pradosha
  • Saumya Vara Pradosha
  • Guruvara Pradosha
  • Bhrigu Vara Pradosha
  • Shani Pradosha
  • Bhanu Vara Pradosha

Som Pradosha:

As per Hindu Panchang, Pradosh Vrat that falls on Monday is called Som Pradosh or Pradosham. Another name of Lord Shiva is Soma (Saha uma – Goddess Parvathi). Som Pradosha is not only a very propitious day for Lord Shiva but also for Goddess Parvathi too. Devotees perform this pradosh vrat to change their mindset and become a positive thinker. Lord Shiva fulfils all the desires of their devotees if they do this Vrat effectively.

Bhaum Pradosha:

When the Pradosha Vrat falls on Tuesday, it is known as Bhaum Pradosham. The benefits of Bhaum Pradosha is that it gives relief from health problems.

Saumya Vaara Pradosha:

When the Pradosha Vrat falls on Wednesday, it is known as Saumya Vaara Pradosham. The benefits of Saumya Vaara Pradosha is that it enhances concentration, and helps enhance focus on life goals.

Guruvaara Pradosha:

When the Pradosha Vrat falls on a Thursday, it is known as Guruvaara Pradosha Vrat. The benefits of Guruvaara Pradosha is that it removes the negativity and lets you live a life stress-free. Many devotees who’re looking for a right partner often perform this Thursday Vrat for marriage and seek blessings of Lord Shiva.

Bhrigu Vaara Pradosha:

When the Pradosha Vrat falls on Friday, it is known as Bhrigu Vaara Pradosha Vrat. This Vrat eliminates fear and other mental afflictions.

Shani Pradosha:

Of all the Pradosh Vrat, Soma Pradosh and Shani Pradosh are considered to be highly auspicious. When the Pradosha Vrat falls on Saturday, it is known as Shani Pradosha Vrat, it brings about wealth and prosperity. Saturday pradosham on trayodashi tithi is also called Deepa pradosham or Maha Pradosham. During this day, a common ritual is to light a number of lamps as your age as an offering to the gods. 

Bhaanu Vaara Pradosha:

When the Pradosha Vrat falls on Sunday, it is known as Bhaanu Vaara Pradosha Vrat. Devotees perform this Vrat with the dedication to receive longevity and peace in life.

Some other types of Pradosh vrat depending on the timing of the puja performed are – 

Nithya Pradosham which is observed 90 minutes of sunset. Worshipping Lord Shiva at this time is believed to bring prosperity in life. When pradosham dates come with thuvathasi and trayodashi tithi, it is called as Divya pradosham. Worshipping Shiva Ling at this time removes all bad karma from your previous birth. This pradosham is also said to bring benefit in legal matters, improves the bonding between couples, and family. Panchaloha lingam can also be used for this worship.

After pradosha pooja, the devotees face the east side and look up at the sky to pay tribute and worship the great sages. This is called Saptharishi Pradosham. Maha pradosham that comes only once a year is called Aegatchara Pradosham. During this day, chanting ‘OM’ in Shiva temples removes over crore doshas. 

Saturday pradosham on trayodashi tithi is also called Maha Pradosham. Maha pradosham that comes twice a year, is called Arthanari Pradosham. These pradosh vrat dates are said to be beneficial for separated couples, when they perform the vidhi with dedication. Maha pradosham that comes thrice a year is called Thirikarana. People who worship these days will get blessings from Ashta Lakshmi.

Pradosh Vrat 2020 Dates and Pradosha Puja Timings

If you’re searching for pradosh vrat dates 2020, the following table highlighting the entire calendar year with the Pradosh vrat timings can be helpful. Use the pradosh vrat 2020 list to find out the Pradosham time for today, perform the pooja, and seek blessings of the deity.

Pradosh Vrat Dates 2020 and Pradosha Puja Timings

January 8th
Sunrise: Jan 08, 7:13 AM
Sunset : Jan 08, 5:52 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start: Jan 08, 4:14 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End: Jan 09, 3:44 AM
Pradosha Puja Time: Jan 08, 5:52 PM – Jan 08, 8:33 PM
January 22nd
Sunrise: Jan 22, 7:13 AM
Sunset : Jan 22, 6:02 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Jan 22, 1:45 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Jan 23, 1:49 AM
Pradosha Puja Time: Jan 22, 6:02 PM – Jan 22, 8:41 PM
February 7th
Sunrise : Feb 07, 7:08 AM
Sunset : Feb 07, 6:13 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Feb 06, 8:23 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Feb 07, 6:31 PM
Pradosha Puja Time : Feb 07, 6:13 PM – Feb 07, 8:48 PM
February 20th
Sunrise : Feb 20, 7:00 AM
Sunset : Feb 20, 6:21 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Feb 20, 4:00 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Feb 21, 5:21 PM
Pradosha Puja Time : Feb 20, 6:21 PM – Feb 20, 8:53 PM
March 7th
Sunrise : Mar 07, 6:46 AM
Sunset : Mar 07, 6:29 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Mar 07, 9:29 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End: Mar 08, 6:31 AM
Pradosha Puja Time: Mar 07, 6:29 PM – Mar 07, 8:56 PM
March 21st
Sunrise: Mar 21, 6:33 AM
Sunset : Mar 21, 6:34 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Mar 21, 7:56 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Mar 22, 10:08 AM
Pradosha Puja Time: Mar 21, 6:34 PM – Mar 21, 8:58 PM
April 5th
Sunrise: Apr 05, 6:18 AM
Sunset : Apr 05, 6:40 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start: Apr 05, 7:25 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Apr 06, 3:52 PM
Pradosha Puja Time: Apr 05, 6:40 PM – Apr 05, 8:59 PM
April 20th
Sunrise : Apr 20, 6:05 AM
Sunset : Apr 20, 6:46 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Apr 20, 12:43 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End: Apr 21, 3:12 AM
Pradosha Puja Time: Apr 20, 6:46 PM – Apr 20, 9:01 PM
May 5th
Sunrise: May 05, 5:54 AM
Sunset : May 05, 6:52 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start: May 05, 2:54 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End : May 05, 11:21 PM
Pradosha Puja Time : May 05, 6:52 PM – May 05, 9:04 PM
May 19th
Sunrise: May 19, 5:47 AM
Sunset : May 19, 6:59 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start: May 19, 5:31 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : May 20, 7:42 PM
Pradosha Puja Time: May 19, 6:59 PM – May 19, 9:08 PM
June 3rd
Sunrise : Jun 03, 5:44 AM
Sunset : Jun 03, 7:05 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Jun 03, 9:05 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Jun 04, 6:06 AM
Pradosha Puja Time : Jun 03, 7:05 PM – Jun 03, 9:13 PM
June 18th
Sunrise : Jun 18, 5:45 AM
Sunset : Jun 18, 7:10 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Jun 18, 9:39 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Jun 19, 11:01 AM
Pradosha Puja Time : Jun 18, 7:10 PM – Jun 18, 9:17 PM
July 2nd
Sunrise : Jul 02, 5:49 AM
Sunset : Jul 02, 7:12 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Jul 02, 3:17 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Jul 03, 1:16 PM
Pradosha Puja Time : Jul 02, 7:12 PM – Jul 02, 9:20 PM
July 18th
Sunrise : Jul 18, 5:55 AM
Sunset : Jul 18, 7:10 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Jul 18, 12:33 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Jul 19, 12:41 AM
Pradosha Puja Time : Jul 18, 7:10 PM – Jul 18, 9:19 PM
August 1st
Sunrise : Aug 01, 6:01 AM
Sunset : Aug 01, 7:04 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Jul 31, 10:42 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Aug 01, 9:54 PM
Pradosha Puja Time : Aug 01, 7:04 PM – Aug 01, 9:16 PM
August 16th
Sunrise : Aug 16, 6:07 AM
Sunset : Aug 16, 6:54 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Aug 16, 1:50 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Aug 17, 12:35 PM
Pradosha Puja Time : Aug 16, 6:54 PM – Aug 16, 9:09 PM
August 30th
Sunrise : Aug 30, 6:12 AM
Sunset : Aug 30, 6:42 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Aug 30, 8:21 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Aug 31, 8:49 AM
Pradosha Puja Time : Aug 30, 6:42 PM – Aug 30, 9:00 PM
September 15th
Sunrise : Sep 15, 6:17 AM
Sunset : Sep 15, 6:26 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Sep 15, 1:29 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Sep 15, 11:00 PM
Pradosha Puja Time : Sep 15, 6:26 PM – Sep 15, 8:48 PM
September 29th
Sunrise : Sep 29, 6:21 AM
Sunset : Sep 29, 6:12 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Sep 28, 8:59 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Sep 29, 10:33 PM
Pradosha Puja Time : Sep 29, 6:12 PM – Sep 29, 8:38 PM
October 14th
Sunrise: Oct 14, 6:27 AM
Sunset : Oct 14, 5:58 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Oct 14, 11:51 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End: Oct 15, 8:33 AM
Pradosha Puja Time: Oct 14, 5:58 PM – Oct 14, 8:28 PM
October 28th
Sunrise: Oct 28, 6:33 AM
Sunset : Oct 28, 5:47 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Oct 28, 12:54 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Oct 29, 3:16 PM
Pradosha Puja Time: Oct 28, 5:47 PM – Oct 28, 8:20 PM
November 13th
Sunrise : Nov 13, 6:43 AM
Sunset : Nov 13, 5:38 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Nov 12, 9:30 PM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Nov 13, 5:59 PM
Pradosha Puja Time : Nov 13, 5:38 PM – Nov 13, 8:15 PM
November 27th
Sunrise : Nov 27, 6:52 AM
Sunset : Nov 27, 5:36 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start : Nov 27, 7:46 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End : Nov 28, 10:21 AM
Pradosha Puja Time : Nov 27, 5:36 PM – Nov 27, 8:15 PM
December 12th
Sunrise: Dec 12, 7:02 AM
Sunset : Dec 12, 5:38 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start: Dec 12, 7:02 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End: Dec 13, 3:53 AM
Pradosha Puja Time: Dec 12, 5:38 PM – Dec 12, 8:19 PM
December 27th
Sunrise: Dec 27, 7:10 AM
Sunset : Dec 27, 5:45 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Start: Dec 27, 4:18 AM
Trayodashi Tithi End: Dec 28, 6:20 AM
Pradosha Puja Time : Dec 27, 5:45 PM – Dec 27, 8:26 PM

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Pradosh Vrat 2020 Dates – Benefits & Rituals

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