Horoscope of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp was born on Sunday, 9th June 1963, in Owensboro, Kentucky, United States.

Depp’s birth Star is Purvashada 1st Pada and birth Rashi is Dhanu with Guru or Jupiter as Lord.

The Lagna is Makara with Sani or Saturn as Lord.

The Thidhi is Krishnapaksha Dwitheeya.

Johnny Depp’s Gana is Manusya, Yoni is Male and Animal is Monkey.

Johnny Depp’s birth came during the Uttarayana period, with Jupiter in Meena Rasi and Saturn in Makara Rasi. His astrological day of birth is Saturday. Johnny Depp’s Karana is Gara and his Nithya Yoga is Subra.

Saturday: Birth on Saturday means Johnny Depp may prefer to stay inactive till circumstances force Johnny Depp to step forward.

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Purvashada as birth star means Johnny Depp is quick-witted and imaginative. Depp advises and criticizes others, but won’t necessarily receive them well. Depp has to be propelled into action rather than act on his own accord. Johnny may experience divorce, disappointment, or significant delay before he is happily married. Depp’s marriage may be the result of an unusual situation. However, Johnny will be happy in his life partnership and will find relief and comfort in the loving care of his wife.


Johnny Depp’s birth in Dwitheeya Thidhi means Depp is quite wealthy with a very strong sense of self-worth. Johnny enjoys such things as kites, roller-coasters, fast cars, birds and animals.

Gara Karana:

Gara Karana gives Depp a taste for good food that gives one health and strength. Depp discusses his problems with friends and Johnny’s strategies often work out to his advantage.

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Subhra Nithya Yoga:

This means Johnny Depp is intelligent, rich, and self-assured. Friends respect and look forward to the company of Johnny. This gives Depp added confidence. Some people may envy Depp.

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Based on the position of Lagna the following characteristics may be present in Johnny Depp’s personality – Johnny is strong-willed, determined, flamboyant, a perfectionist and hardworking. Johnny will have problems in marriage because of his perfectionism. Johnny may also tend to speak without thinking of the consequences. Undesirable friends will tend to make Depp spend his money unwisely. Johnny possesses an independent spirit and is alert both mentally and physically.

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Enemies, obstacles:

Johnny’s emotional relationships may be unsteady. The problem with Depp’s approach is that he wants to have it all. It may take several upsetting situations or noisy emotional scenes before Johnny accepts that he cannot have everything he desires when he desires it. While entertaining and humorous, Depp tends to slip into a depression that is completely aberrant from his normal behaviour.


Johnny Depp tends to believe and respect women more than men. As a husband, Depp will try to hold together his family together. Their happiness is important to Depp. Johnny may earn a reputation for being tardy which may create problems at home. Depp will be a satisfied husband and a proud father but occasional disturbances in family life should be expected. Good effects given by other planetary combinations or positions will not be fully experienced.

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Horoscope of Amber Heard

Amber Heard was born on Tuesday, 12th April 1986.

She was born in Austin, Texas.

Amber Heard’s birth star is Uttara Phalguni 4th Pada.

Birth Rasi is Kanni with Budha or Mercury as Rasi Lord.

Lagna is Dhanu with Guru or Jupiter as the Lord.

The Thidhi is Thrayodasi Shuklapaksha.

Amber Heard’s Ganam is Manushya, Yoni is Male and Animal is Camel.

Karanam is Kaulava and Nithya Yoga is Vyaghata.

Amber Heard was born during the Uttarayana period, with Jupiter in Kumba rasi and Saturn in Vrischika Rasi. The astrological day of birth is Monday.

Monday: Birth on a Monday makes Amber Heard soft-spoken and pleasing. Amber tends to remain calm in some situations where most others may react violently. She has clean intentions at heart.

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Uttara Phalguni:

With Uttara Phalguni as the birth star, Amber Heard will have wealth, happiness and popularity, yet she will not be flamboyant or egotistical. Amber Heard does have a quick temper and may lose control when irritated. Though Amber Heard has a simplicity and purity about her, Amber should work at conveying the genuineness of feelings to others.


Amber Heard, born in Thrayodasi Thidhi, means honest and worthy of trust. Amber is a loyal friend to those in need.
Kaulava Karana: Birth in Koulava Karana indicates that Amber’s life will sail through periods of agony and ecstasy. Heard is compassionate towards animals.

Vyaghata Nithya Yoga:

A quick temper is one of the negative effects of Vyaghata Nithya Yoga. Amber may seem intimidating and people are wary of her changing moods. Heard changes plan whimsically. Still, Amber is generally well-liked.

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Based on the position of Lagna the following character traits may be present in Amber Heard’s personality – active, enterprising, wealthy, affectionate, anxious; honest and self-disciplined. Amber is quite conservative and tends to worry unnecessarily. Amber may be misunderstood by others. Heard is capable of maintaining parallel relationships with different people, which is fine in casual friendships but dangerous when it comes to romance. Some of Amber’s ways may appear unorthodox or unnatural to others. Amber is capable of tact, but Heard can be easily provoked to anger.

Enemies, obstacles:

It is difficult for Heard to be consistent under changing situations. This may create problems with the opposite sex and may also incur enmity. There is a good possibility that wherever Amber works there will be two distinct groups of people, one in favour and the other against. Amber’s inner motives and outer actions tend to wander in divergent directions. This will affect Heard’s relationships with others.


Those who know Amber consider Heard to be lucky and fortunate. Amber Heard cares for her husband and the well-being of her family. Heard is sensitive, and tends to withdraw at any perceived slight or offence. Amber has a jealous nature that could negatively influence relationships and married life.

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Couple’s horoscope analysis of Johnny Depp – Amber Heard

Star analysis

Amber Heard is very much realistic and doesn’t harbour superficial thoughts. Johnny Depp will recognize Heard’s emotional issues and will be able to support her. There will be spiritual bonding. Both Depp and Heard will have enough understanding, and that makes the marriage very strong. However, Heard would like to be dependent, and Depp can have some challenges in getting closer to her.

Compatibility analysis


Both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are very different from each other which will cause challenges. Both Depp and Heard seem to be having mismatched needs about so many things. If one wants to spend time at home to relax, the other would like to be outdoors. Managing tough situations in life would become an ordeal in such conditions. An open ground for communicating and listening would generally be missing.

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The probability of a long-term marriage is high. It will be a happy and long-lasting one. There will be no hindrance to the continuity of your lineage. Problems do arise in a relationship. There may be ups and downs financially. Moral support is necessary to help ease stress. Life together will be very gratifying as both Depp and Heard uphold ethics and values with the highest regard. Ego takes a lesser stand in the lives of Johnny and Amber. Post marriage life will be fascinating.

Health and Happiness:

Both Depp and Heard will have lives free from poverty, sickness, and diseases. Mental compatibility is excellent. Thought frequencies match each other. Both Johnny and Amber can understand and accept each other’s life philosophy and goals. They enjoy being around each other and will agree on core factors that dictate how lives are built. Depp and Heard can be very different personality-wise. Disagreements could come up. Attention needs to be paid not to blow small strifes out of proportion.

Special Yogas

Johnny Depp has 3 special yogas that influence married life

Gajakesari Yoga:

Gajakesari Yoga makes Depp especially lucky. Wealth, prosperity and success are natural to Johnny. Depp is strong-willed and even inflexible at times. His wife and assistants will have a hard time changing Depp’s mind once it is made up.

Putra Sukha Yoga:

This yoga indicates the happiness from children. Johnny will be seen by others as a blessed father. (Johnny Depp has no child with Amber Heard. However, he has children from other relationships.)

Satkalatra Yoga:

This yoga shows that Johnny will be a happy man and will get a good spouse who will be righteous and pious and add value to Depp’s life.

Amber Heard’s horoscope reveals no special yogas that influence married life.

Life analysis

Troubles and conflicts are part of marriage. There might be too much of it in the marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The partner might not be broad-minded or have a fierce temper. Jealousy, anxiety, and possessiveness might creep into the relationship and cause frequent conflicts. Leaving a partner behind while the other makes their dreams come true is selfish.

There might be times one wants to be alone; in fact, Depp or Heard may prefer solitude to the companionship of spouse. There will be disagreements with each other and, sometimes, close relatives. Marriage does not curb freedom. New experiences will help get rid of boredom. There might be periods where Johnny and Amber are distant from each other, either emotionally or physically.

Romance and passion contribute to a long married life. Even during periods of instability, there will be romance and intimacy. Losses are part of life. What is important is to avoid situations that cause loss. Talk to an expert. Improve your knowledge. One should never stop thinking of the future.

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