Rahu-Ketu transit predictions: Rahu-Ketu in Pisces-Virgo

Rahu-Ketu completes one orbit of the Zodiac every 18 years. Rahu-Ketu moves to Pisces-Virgo, on October 30, 2023. This period will see significant changes in everyone's life. The impact of Rahu-Ketu transit is more subtle than that of other planets because of its shadowy nature. Rahu-Ketu symbolises spirituality and inner conflicts. Physical actions will be affected as a result of the spiritual aspect of this transit. You ought to be in control of your thoughts and perceive the hidden meanings of worldly happenings. Read to find out more about Rahu-Ketu Gochar on your Rashi.


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Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Aries

When Rahu transits your 12th house, Ketu will be in the sixth house. Both houses indicate difficulties, so you have to be careful. You should be introspective, and you'll be compelled to seek solitude and introspection. It will be good if you control your social media activities. Social interactions may drain you, and you'll prefer solitude and working behind the scenes, where you can go unnoticed. You'll be most productive when working alone and may avoid the spotlight. This period will bring your dreams to the forefront, leading to vivid and imaginative dreams, daydreaming, or difficulty sleeping. Your imagination will flourish, offering creative opportunities. Additionally, your intuition will be heightened, even if you're not consciously aware of it. To maintain balance, ensure you allocate ample time for rest and recuperation, preparing for the next phase when Rahu enters your first house and life becomes more hectic.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Taurus

When Rahu transits your 11th house, Ketu will be in the fifth house. Both houses deal with your creative projects and profits. This transit will make you very futuristic, and you have to follow those plans. You'll be driven to innovate, dream, and aspire to greater heights. This is the right time to have a unique approach to situations and exhibit enthusiasm for unconventional and futuristic ideas. This is an ideal time to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share your beliefs and work towards a common goal. Group efforts may be the key to accomplishing your objectives during this transit. Engaging in humanitarian work will be fulfilling, and your social calendar will be busy. You'll find yourself dreaming more about your future and working energetically to achieve your aspirations. There will be team ventures, and you will make new friends.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Gemini

When Rahu transits your 10th house, Ketu will be in your fourth house. This will make you take on additional responsibilities and even work from home as well. You’ll be driven to achieve success. Regardless of your current level of success, you'll feel an insatiable ambition to accomplish more. This period will see a surge in your drive to pursue long-term goals. You'll be hardworking and capable of formulating realistic plans to attain your objectives. Your focus may predominantly centre on your career, potentially neglecting other aspects of your life. This is a favourable time for making advancements in your career, launching a new business, or exploring a different career path. There will be some events, like a get-together for real estate deals at home. You have to spend more time with your family members.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Cancer

When Rahu transits your 9th house, Ketu will be moving through the third house. Both houses indicate communication and related activities. Throughout this transit, you will be trying to write, learn, and research. This transit will also impact your siblings, and they will have some events in your life. You'll have a strong urge to explore the world, learn new things, and experience fresh adventures. While some may have the opportunity to travel to distant lands, others will explore through reading, trying new cuisines, watching foreign films, or interacting with people from different cultures. This is an excellent time to begin learning something new, whether it's taking a class or returning to school. Sticking to traditional routines may leave you feeling restless. Embrace spontaneity and be open to unexpected experiences during this transit to inject excitement into your life.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Leo

When Rahu transits your 8th house, Ketu will be moving through the second house. Both houses indicate financial matters, so throughout this transit, your financial matters will be prominent. The eighth house indicates transformations, so your life will be taking a different stride during this time. You'll find yourself dissatisfied with certain aspects of your life and will actively seek change. This period allows you to rejuvenate old matters and approach them with renewed intensity. You'll become more perceptive, picking up on subtleties in people's actions and words. This heightened awareness will enable you to make quicker judgments, which may be necessary as you collaborate with others to accomplish tasks. Expect potential disputes with business partners or over joint finances. While you may desire control over the situation, remember that complete dominance is not always the best approach. Your diet and lifestyle will also be important.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Virgo

When Rahu transits your 7th house, Ketu will be transiting through the first house. This is a very important time for your personal life as well as your relationships. This transit will force you to take crucial decisions in your relationships. You'll seek greater commitment in your personal and professional relationships. The attempt to get a new role at work will materialise. The idea of commitment won't be as daunting as usual. While you may encounter conflicts with loved ones during this period, you'll strive to reach compromises quickly to avoid prolonged disputes. If you're single, this can be a time when you decide to make a relationship more serious. You'll also aim to introduce more balance and harmony into your life, recognizing their importance in maintaining your energy levels.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Libra

When Rahu transits your 6th house, Ketu will be moving through the twelfth house. Both houses are known as negative houses in astrology, so you have to be careful with your health, career, and finances. Rahu will help you defeat all the enemies and bad impacts. You'll focus on completing tasks and responsibilities efficiently, prioritising essential duties and obligations. You might take on additional projects and responsibilities, making you appear scattered but driven to stay busy. Idle energy can lead to restlessness, so it's important to keep yourself engaged. During this time, conflicts with coworkers or workplace injuries may arise, prompting you to consider searching for a new job. Please avoid any topics related to office politics. You’ll also have more energy to address health-related issues and will be motivated to improve your overall lifestyle. It's advisable to ensure you're signed up for a free monthly worksheet to help you track Rahu's movements and better manage his influence.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Scorpio

When Rahu transits your 5th house, Ketu will be moving through your 11th house. Both houses are active, so you will be active with team settings and creative projects. This is the right time to express yourself creatively. Your creativity will surge, and you'll approach matters and projects with a creative flair. This is an ideal time to pursue creative endeavours, as you'll have more energy for enjoyment than work, which may lead to difficulties in focusing on your responsibilities. It's advisable to take time off or allocate plenty of spare time to engage in activities that bring you joy. Your inner child may resurface, and you might discover a new hobby. This transit is also conducive to love and romance, making you more flirtatious. If you're single, you may have the opportunity to date multiple people or meet new potential partners. If you're in a relationship, this period can reignite the passion in your partnership.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Sagittarius

When Rahu transits your 4th house, Ketu will be moving through the tenth house. Both the houses are Kendra houses. This transition will drive you to seek comfort and familiarity. You'll have little interest in trying new things and will prefer to stick with what you know and have experienced before. Your social interactions may decrease as you spend more time at home or with your family. While you'll defend your family, you may also find yourself arguing with them more frequently. Your family might require additional attention during this period. This transit may motivate you to work on your home, consider buying or selling property, or even contemplate moving. There will be some events and functions at home. It could be marriage or other family functions like reunions. You may become more subjective, making it challenging to see things from perspectives other than your own, and you may be less open to the ideas and opinions of others.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Capricorn

When Rahu transits your 3rd house, Ketu will be moving through the 9th house. Both the houses indicate travelling and studies. Your mind will become more active, which can be advantageous for mental projects and intellectual pursuits. To prevent restlessness, keep yourself busy and occupied with various activities. You might find yourself travelling short distances more frequently, using cars, buses, or trains. Your schedule will be packed, and you'll become more sociable and interact more with others. Expect a tendency to take on multiple projects, which may become challenging to manage. During this time, you could become involved in community activities, work with young people, or embark on a new learning journey. If you're prone to headaches or migraines, they may occur more frequently.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Aquarius

When Rahu transits your second house, Ketu will be in the eighth house. Both houses indicate finances, so there will be a lot of focus on money matters. Firstly, you need to cut your expenses; otherwise, there will be financial issues. You'll have a strong desire to improve your financial situation and may work diligently to increase your income. During this time, you might take on a second job, start a side business, or explore various money-making opportunities. While accumulating wealth can provide you with a sense of security, be cautious not to overspend or be reckless with your finances during this time. Your convictions and values may become more pronounced, prompting you to reevaluate whether they align with your current life. You'll seek stability and be less inclined to take significant risks, instead focusing on existing projects and responsibilities. Long trips can also come up.

Rahu Ketu Transit: Impact on Pisces

When Rahu transits your first house, Ketu will be moving through your seventh house. This will impact your personal life and relationships. You’ll experience a significant boost in energy, making it one of the most energetic periods you've had in approximately eighteen months. You'll feel a strong drive to initiate new projects and embrace fresh beginnings. This is an opportune time to embark on new ventures, although you might have a tendency to start something and then quickly move on to the next. It's important to find physical outlets for your surplus energy to avoid restlessness and agitation. During this transit, you may become more impulsive, argumentative, and competitive. Additionally, be cautious, as you may be more accident-prone during this period, leading to minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, or breaks. If you're prone to headaches, they might occur more frequently during this time.

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Where is Ketu transiting now?

At the start of the year 2022, Ketu had been transiting the Zodiac sign Scorpio. On April 12, 2022, Ketu will change signs and move to Libra, while Rahu will move from Taurus to Aries. Compared to other planet lords, Rahu and Ketu move in the counterclockwise direction around the chart. Hence when it changes signs, Rahu and Ketu move to the signs that come before their present sign instead of the sign which comes after them, as other planets do.

How long is Rahu Ketu?

Rahu Ketu's transit period is 18 years. Rahu and Ketu are lunar nodes. They are energy centres formed by crossing if Moon's orbit with that of Earth's. Due to their tremendous influence on life on Earth, both are given the status of planets. They are placed 180 degrees apart in the chart and go around all the 12 signs in the chart once every 18 years.

Where is Ketu right now?

Ketu is positioned in Scorpio as of the beginning of the year 2022. On April 12, 2022, it will change signs and get positioned at Libra, where it will remain till October 30, 2023.

How long does Rahu transit a house?

It takes Rahu 18 months to transit a zodiac sign of 30 degrees. In all, it takes Rahu 18 years to cover all 12 signs of the zodiac once.

How long does Ketu transit a house?

Like Rahu, Ketu also takes 18 months to cover a Zodiac sign spanning 30 degrees in the chart. Rahu and Ketu are positioned in diametrically opposite signs in the chart. Both move in the anti-clockwise direction across the chart.

How can I please Rahu and Ketu?

Due to their shadowy nature, Rahu and Ketu's influences are felt on a spiritual level rather than the physical level. Rahu causes a person to become obsessed with something, while Ketu inspires the feeling of detachment. To please Rahu, one should chant the bheej mantra Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah 18,000 times. Fasting on Saturdays and donating food to the poor will help. Keeping fennel seeds beside your pillow is another way. To please Ketu, chant Ketu bheej mantra Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Ketave Namah 17,000 times. Observe fasts on Tuesday and Saturday. Donate blankets and help the old and needy.

Is Rahu and Ketu the same?

Rahu and Ketu are lunar nodes formed by the intersection of the Moon's orbit with that of Earth's. Rahu is the ascendant node, while Ketu is the descendent node. As per ancient history, Rahu and Ketu represent the head and body respectively of the celestial snake who secretly drank the divine nectar Amrit and who was in turn beheaded by Lord Vishnu using his Vishnu Chakra. Since the demon had already drunk the Amrit, he did not die; instead, he lived on with a separate head and body called Rahu and Ketu, respectively. In the chart, both are placed 180 degrees apart from each other and act in unison upon a person. Since they are shadow planets, their effects are more spiritual than physical. Both represent karmic deeds and are points that connect this life with past lives. Though both are considered equal, Rahu has more prominence in Vedic literature than Ketu

What are the ill effects of Ketu?

Though the influence of Ketu is more spiritual than physical, ill effects of Ketu can be felt physically also. Skin disease, joint pain, hearing loss, problems with the spine etc., are some of the physical ill-effects associated with Ketu. Psychological problems associated with the ill effects of Ketu include addiction to intoxicants, feeling of insecurity and lack of motivation. Some people also fall prey to superstitious beliefs under the ill effects of Ketu

What happens if Ketu is in the 12th house?

Ketu in the 12th house is considered important. It turns on the spiritual calling of the person. The 12th house is the house of karma, so, with Ketu in the 12 house, the person will have to work hard and overcome many obstacles. But the hard work will be rewarded, and the person will be able to lead a meritorious life. There may be some illnesses in the eye and abdomen region. The person may experience love failures and feel detachment from worldly life. 12th house is also the house of moksha. The presence of Ketu in this house will inspire the person to work towards achieving peace and enlightenment in life.

Which stone is for Ketu?

Cat's eye chrysoberyl is the gemstone of the planet Ketu. Wearing this stone will help the person receive the positive powers of Ketu while reflecting away the negative energies. It is also known as Baal Surya, Vidur and Vedaryu. This stone is to be worn if Ketu is located in inauspicious signs or if Ketu is placed in any house with Venus, Mars and Jupiter. The stone helps cure diabetes, eye diseases and diarrhoea.
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