Rahu Ketu Transit 2022 Dates

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets. They are energy centres formed due to the crossing of the Moon and Earth orbits. Due to their power and influence, they are placed among planet lords. It takes Rahu-Ketu 18 years to transit the Zodiac. It stays in a sign for 30 months. On April 12, 2022, Rahu-Ketu will change signs to Aries and Libra respectively (Rahu Ketu Transit) and remain there till October 30, 2023. Significant changes in life are expected to happen during this time.

Rahu Ketu Transit Overview and remedies

Rahu and Ketu are seen as the two portions of one body. Rahu is the head while Ketu is the torso. So, both remain 180 degrees or six houses apart in the Zodiac. Also, both move counterclockwise in the chart, unlike other planets which move in the clockwise direction. Rahu represents attachment or obsession while Ketu represents detachments. Being shadow planets, their effects tend to be more metaphysical. Rahu in Aries ruled by Mars broadly means obsession with aggression. The person may tend to be more aggressive and forthcoming than usual. Ketu in Libra ruled by Venus broadly means fire and passion for seclusion. The person may express impatience and intolerance only to keep people away. These are powerful influences and if the person is careless, the effects could be drastic. A good Rahu-Ketu transit prediction report can offer a lot of help to face these effects. Clickastro provides the best online report. It offers remedies to overcome or counterbalance the bad effects of Rahu-Ketu. The remedies suggested may vary from person to person. Some of the remedies include wearing Sarpayantra and offering turmeric to Naga deities. No remedies will be suggested if the person is seen to experience no trouble during the transit.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect on 12 Zodiacs

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Aries : Aggression and apathy may bring you some success. But it will be varying and deeply unsatisfactory. To get ahead you may ignore ethics and morality. You will act selfishly. This can cause a rift in love life. A lack of trust may develop between you and your spouse.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Taurus : The transit will have mixed effects. There may be some auspicious events at home. Moments of joy and affection will come aplenty. At the same time, enemies may gain power over you. Legal hassles may arise. Accidents and injuries are also likely.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Gemini : You will enjoy a strong career, but there may be problems in your personal life. Your popularity will increase. Promotions or a hike in salary is likely. However, the health of you or your family members may be affected. You may start to look for pleasure outside marriage.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Cancer : While you may gain power and influence in professional life, your family life may deteriorate due to apathy. You may win coveted positions by playing politics, especially those related to media and PR. This will detract you from giving proper focus to family matters.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Leo : Intense hard work is needed to overcome obstacles. There will be ups and downs in finances. Relationships will suffer, especially that with the father. Do not expect support or sympathy. If you work hard enough success can be achieved, though that is likely to attract more detractors.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Virgo : You will experience luck in finance matters. There may be a sudden inflow of wealth. This will attract envy and anger. It may affect personal life. You may not receive the expected support from your partner. You may even have to experience treachery and deceit. Enemies will get the upper hand.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Libra : There will be rewards in life for hard work done in the past. It may come in the form of popularity, money or influence. There may be some misunderstandings in personal life, but nothing serious. However, you need to stay away from the vices like smoking, drinking and adultery.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Scorpio : Victory over enemies and success in politics are seen. You may attain a high position in the government sector. Those staying in distant places may feel homesick. Your love life will thrive and your relationship with your spouse may become more intimate. You may turn spiritual.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Sagittarius : Life will be good. You will experience success in both your personal and professional life. There will be an inflow of wealth and fame. There will be many opportunities to improve your quality of life. However, sexual frustration is seen which can lead to adultery.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Capricorn : There will be an increase in income, but it will come at a price. A restrictive office atmosphere and heavy workload may depress you. At home too, things may not be good. There will be a lack of peace. Purchase of a vehicle or property is also seen.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Aquarius : You will experience a spiritual and creative high during this time. Your innovations and skill will bring success at the office and home. There may be occasions when money will come easy to you, but at all other times, hard work is necessary for gains.

Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for Pisces : The effects will be mixed. Both personal and professional life will experience ups and downs. There will be good times in the family. Health problems may arise. This can lead to mental tensions. Make sure to balance work with time. Travel to an exotic place if possible.

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Where is Ketu transiting now?

At the start of the year 2022, Ketu had been transiting the Zodiac sign Scorpio. On April 12, 2022, Ketu will change signs and move to Libra, while Rahu will move from Taurus to Aries. Compared to other planet lords, Rahu and Ketu move in the counterclockwise direction around the chart. Hence when it changes signs, Rahu and Ketu move to the signs that come before their present sign instead of the sign which comes after them, as other planets do.

How long is Rahu Ketu?

Rahu Ketu's transit period is 18 years. Rahu and Ketu are lunar nodes. They are energy centres formed by crossing if Moon's orbit with that of Earth's. Due to their tremendous influence on life on Earth, both are given the status of planets. They are placed 180 degrees apart in the chart and go around all the 12 signs in the chart once every 18 years.

Where is Ketu right now?

Ketu is positioned in Scorpio as of the beginning of the year 2022. On April 12, 2022, it will change signs and get positioned at Libra, where it will remain till October 30, 2023.

How long does Rahu transit a house?

It takes Rahu 18 months to transit a zodiac sign of 30 degrees. In all, it takes Rahu 18 years to cover all 12 signs of the zodiac once.

How long does Ketu transit a house?

Like Rahu, Ketu also takes 18 months to cover a Zodiac sign spanning 30 degrees in the chart. Rahu and Ketu are positioned in diametrically opposite signs in the chart. Both move in the anti-clockwise direction across the chart.

How can I please Rahu and Ketu?

Due to their shadowy nature, Rahu and Ketu's influences are felt on a spiritual level rather than the physical level. Rahu causes a person to become obsessed with something, while Ketu inspires the feeling of detachment. To please Rahu, one should chant the bheej mantra Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah 18,000 times. Fasting on Saturdays and donating food to the poor will help. Keeping fennel seeds beside your pillow is another way. To please Ketu, chant Ketu bheej mantra Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Ketave Namah 17,000 times. Observe fasts on Tuesday and Saturday. Donate blankets and help the old and needy.

Is Rahu and Ketu the same?

Rahu and Ketu are lunar nodes formed by the intersection of the Moon's orbit with that of Earth's. Rahu is the ascendant node, while Ketu is the descendent node. As per ancient history, Rahu and Ketu represent the head and body respectively of the celestial snake who secretly drank the divine nectar Amrit and who was in turn beheaded by Lord Vishnu using his Vishnu Chakra. Since the demon had already drunk the Amrit, he did not die; instead, he lived on with a separate head and body called Rahu and Ketu, respectively. In the chart, both are placed 180 degrees apart from each other and act in unison upon a person. Since they are shadow planets, their effects are more spiritual than physical. Both represent karmic deeds and are points that connect this life with past lives. Though both are considered equal, Rahu has more prominence in Vedic literature than Ketu

What are the ill effects of Ketu?

Though the influence of Ketu is more spiritual than physical, ill effects of Ketu can be felt physically also. Skin disease, joint pain, hearing loss, problems with the spine etc., are some of the physical ill-effects associated with Ketu. Psychological problems associated with the ill effects of Ketu include addiction to intoxicants, feeling of insecurity and lack of motivation. Some people also fall prey to superstitious beliefs under the ill effects of Ketu

What happens if Ketu is in the 12th house?

Ketu in the 12th house is considered important. It turns on the spiritual calling of the person. The 12th house is the house of karma, so, with Ketu in the 12 house, the person will have to work hard and overcome many obstacles. But the hard work will be rewarded, and the person will be able to lead a meritorious life. There may be some illnesses in the eye and abdomen region. The person may experience love failures and feel detachment from worldly life. 12th house is also the house of moksha. The presence of Ketu in this house will inspire the person to work towards achieving peace and enlightenment in life.

Which stone is for Ketu?

Cat's eye chrysoberyl is the gemstone of the planet Ketu. Wearing this stone will help the person receive the positive powers of Ketu while reflecting away the negative energies. It is also known as Baal Surya, Vidur and Vedaryu. This stone is to be worn if Ketu is located in inauspicious signs or if Ketu is placed in any house with Venus, Mars and Jupiter. The stone helps cure diabetes, eye diseases and diarrhoea.

Rahu-Ketu Transit Predictions

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The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu will change signs on April 12, 2022. Rahu enters Aries, while Ketu enters Libra. Each Rahu Ketu transit lasts 18 months and has a significant impact on the horoscope of the person. This Rahu Ketu transit period will last till October 30, 2023. As per ancient history, Rahu and Ketu represent the severed head Read more...
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