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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

(21 Apr-21 May)
Sunday, 19 May 2019 to Saturday, 25 May 2019
More and more project ideas will come to you. Your ability to experiment will help you choose the best out of it. Siblings will tend to be more supportive for you this week. They will contribute their share to make your dreams come true. Whatever be your specific career choice or your interests, the combinations of your tenacity, drive and sheer endurance is a winning one that most people are too weak to compete against your energy and willingness. You will find more time to spend with your children, as you will realize the necessity of paternal care in their life. This week, as you will spend more time with your new found love, it will help you find out the virtues you possess as a male like being wonderful, witty and generous. You are a person who is attracted towards novelties. This will bring you attached to some new projects which are sure to gain you profit without much delay. Find something for rejuvenating your mind, as you can become a bit boring if you go on and on only with your career or work. This week a vacation will bring you much refreshment. You are healthy and robust. Go ahead with your plans and projects; you will attain success. Though you are acquainted with a lot of people, you must try to utilise your ability for reasoning and find out the real ones who are good for you to communicate and be friendly. Financial help from some unexpected source will enable you to speed up the project which you felt would come up to an end without proper support.
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