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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

(21 Apr-21 May)
Sunday, 17 November 2019 to Saturday, 23 November 2019
Try to keep aside your proud, impatient and bombastic nature while dealing with your siblings as chances are there for minor clashes with your brothers or sisters. Your ability to face matters confidently will make you able to deal with some harsh situations coolly. Try to keep a tight grip on your emotions towards others. For you, your home is basically a launching pad from where you take off for your other activities. As you rely much on your family for emotional support, you will also never set back to fulfil the needs of your family. Women will have a favourable week, both at workplace and home. You will find yourself more appreciated and cared by others. It will be better for you to make some delay in beginning the new projects. As a man tend to have success in all you dealt with, this new one is not supposed to bring you the benefits you expect. The main menace to your health is your emotions, which, in the form of repressed anger, grudges and painful remembrances can even lead to a mental syndrome. Children will depend more on you for their problems. As a mother, you will be able to help them out of it with your practical and intelligent mind. Your ability to remain silent, humble and flexible when it is not necessary to air your views will bring more recognition for you among others. You can very well present your philosophical insights when it is in need. If you get reluctant in using your analysing power more effectively you will fall into a state of rut, leaving you with unfinished projects. Find some ways to communicate with others more reasonably and understandably. Since you are a person who seeks stability in your deeds, you will find it easier to reach the success in the current project you are dealing with.
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