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Leo Weekly Horoscope

(23 July-23 Aug)
Sunday, 21 July 2019 to Saturday, 27 July 2019
The inner need for you to experiment with all aspects related to your life, be it personal or professional, could take you to hostile waters. Take each new step with care and you won't be feeling sorry. Some of your peculiarities will make you stay away from important meetings, which if attended would have been a great help to boost up your career along with your confidence. You may reach new understandings of how you work. But you will be talking about health - all kinds - and becoming far more organized in your working or health methodologies. You may get some money bonanzas. Your bountiful energy is responsible. Your organised life may face a jolt from the blue. It may strike you that everything around has changed and that you were not prepared for it. A little innovation on your behalf may prove to be good. You may just love the people you work with. As a matter of fact, working well with someone and sharing visions with him or her, may just turn you on. You're hot to trot - beware of a tendency to be rash. You will be geared up to take any sort of work as your mental and physical stamina is at its peak. Try to invest your vigour in something good and purposeful. You will feel depressed by the unexpected changes brought into your life by someone dear to you. Don't lose you confidence and try to fight back and get your stand firm.
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