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Leo Man Leo Woman
(23 Jul - 23 Aug)
(23 Jul - 23 Aug)
Quality Fixed, Masculine, Positive Fixed, Masculine, Positive
Element Fire Fire
Ruler Sun Sun
Symbol Lion Lion
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Lions and Lionesses are intelligent, handsome or beautiful, kind, generous, wise, protective, courageous, noble, loyal and lovable. They are positive people and love to be the center of attraction. Being full of charm, personality and their ability to entertain is wonderful. Fun-loving Leos can play jokes, are creative and think of their home as their castle, for them a place to entertain friends royally.

The Leo-Leo combination brings together two very strong personalities. Both are concerned with creative self-expression and independence, and will have much in common. Sometimes it will be difficult for one Leo to make room for another ego as large as its own, but they will have to when to Lions are together. Each not only wants to sit on the throne, but wants to be the power behind it as well.

Leo, a Fixed sign, is strong and courageous, but they are also sometimes arrogant and possess false pride. When two Leos are together they will provide each other with respect, but if a third person is with them they will fight for the dominion and attention to be focused on them. However if both are committed for a stout relationship they'll love showing each other off by spotlighting each other's talents and radiating confidence, warmth and optimism.

When a Lion and Lioness are together they share an active, dynamic, mobile and assertive lifestyle. Each of them is special and like to lead a charmed life. Both of them will be usually competitive, flamboyant, positive and life affirming. As the cats tend to have a noble and loyal nature and will respect their mates, both will be often seen lying together curled up in the sun lazily purring with serenity.

Each of them should respect and appreciate the other's independence and individuality. Valuing the creative efforts of the other, as creativity is all-important to a Leo, and can count on the other to stand by for support.

As both are strong-willed and stubborn they will find it hard to resolve any disagreements. If a sacrifice is needed for the sake of their relationship it is tend to be from the part of Leo woman. She will have a power to control all the other Sun Sign men, but when she is with a Lion the atmosphere changes. Both will have the ability to control their emotions up to a point, but each can express furious wrath once they are provoked too far.

When Cats are together there will be a lot of high positive energy and they can achieve much staying together. Each will enjoy the other's creative flair, and they can spark each other's creativity. If both are ready to give each other sincere admiration and applause they will have a better chance of getting each other's love and affection.

When these two warm, loving and loyal people from the cat family get together a splendid relationship will be the result. Something magnificent can happen because this species stands up for its own kind and they are by nature very brave and very strong. These two will most certainly protect each other.

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