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Types of Kundli: Their significance in astrology

The Kundli or birth chart forms a cornerstone of Vedic Astrology. It is a chart that is prepared using the date and time of the birth of an individual, and accurately shows the position of various planets and celestial bodies at the given time. The Kundli shows the degrees of various planets from a chosen location due to which, apart from date and time, location or place of birth is another essential aspect that needs to be considered while preparing the chart.

Once the Kundli is prepared, there are a few focal points that will be considered by an astrologer while deciphering what is in the chart. Degree of the rising sign, degree of planets, the nature of the planets, which specific houses are occupied by which planets, zodiac signs - own signs and occupied by planets et cetera, are some of the facets which are looked into carefully. Based on the birth charts, the astrologer can make certain predictions about the individual and what life has in store for him or her. These predictions could vary from astrologer to astrologer based on their individual viewing of the Kundli.

Once the Ascendant or rising sign of the individual is calculated, the Kundli is divided into 12 houses. The first house starts with the Ascendant, after which all other houses are numbered in an anti-clockwise direction. While the position of the houses remains constant, signs and planets move through all 12 houses depending on a specific period. Each house in the Kundli represents various features of life and can indicate different possibilities.

Kundlis are also called Janam Kundli, Janampatri, Natal Chart, or Birth Horoscope. In India, the Kundli plays a major role while arranging the marriage of two individuals. The Kundli of both partners is matched and compatibility is checked by verifying the 36 gunas.

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Here we will look at the different types of Kundli that exist.

Lagna Chart: The Lagna Chart basically signifies the position of various celestial bodies at the time of the birth of an individual. The sign that was rising in the East at the birth time, is the sign that will be in the first house. Every sign is assigned a two-hour time slot during which it will rise in the East. Therefore, the Lagna Chart depicts the various signs in the different houses at the time the individual enters this world.

Chandra Kundli: As the name suggests, the Chandra (moon) Kundli is a chart prepared based on the position of the Moon in one of the 12 houses. The Chandra Kundli is the first chart taken into consideration to accurately decipher the strength of the house and planet. Prediction of achievements of individuals, mapping an individual's character traits, and even being able to guess day to day activities are all done by looking at the Chandra Kundli. Weekly and daily predictions are done through the Chandra Kundli, which is compared with the Ascendant Kundli and Sun Kundli. For individuals born after sunset, this Kundli is considered to be stronger than the ascendant chart. On average, the moon changes its sign every two-and-a-half days and any horoscope analysis will be incomplete without consideration of the Moon chart.

Navamsa: The Navamsa is a divisional chart that bears great importance in Vedic Astrology. Also known as the D9 chart (every sign is divided into nine parts), Navamsa is an independent divisional chart. Nava means nine and Amsa is division, hence the literal translation of Navamsa is the ninth division of a sign. Positions of the planets are viewed by way of the Lagna Chart and then their strength is ascertained by looking at their strength in Navamsa. If a planet is exalted in the Rasi Chart and debilitated in Navamsa then it loses much of its strength. The same can work vice versa as well. Navamsa is primarily used in matters pertaining to marriage, destiny, and finding minute details of an individual's life.

Chalit Chart: The Chalit Chart is a complex chart that shows the house positions of various planets. In Vedic Astrology, houses (Grahas/Sthans) present in the horoscope begin 15 degrees before the Ascendant and end 15 degrees after it. This is how it works with the remaining 11 houses too. Owing to this, a situation may arise when a part of a sign falls in one house and another part of it in a different house. In simple terms, the house is defined as the arc surrounding the Ascendant. An example will help people understand the system better; if the Ascendant is 22 degrees Aries, then the first house starts from seven degrees Aries and extends till seven degrees of Taurus. Further, if Ketu is in five degrees Taurus, in the Rasi Chart it will fall in the second house since that is what Taurus occupies. But things are different with the Chalit Chart, wherein, it will occupy the first house considering space extends till seven degrees of Taurus. The complexity of the Chalit Chart is evident going by the aforementioned example and reading of this chart requires a certain amount of expertise and experience.

ClickAstro has a section where interested individuals can get a free Kundli report at absolutely no cost. The website includes Rasi, Navamsa, and Bhava charts and tables. The detailed report offers predictions and remedies for 25 years of a person's life. In terms of marriage matchmaking, it is a comprehensive method that even takes into account the North Indian and South Indian ways of matching before any output is produced.

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