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Get this report for detailed horoscope predictions on everything going to happen in your life. Also, find remedies for next 25 years of your life.
Factors affecting health
Impacts of planets
Health challenges and transformations
Possibility of diseases
Minimizing bad habits
Guidelines to health and wellbeing
Remedies to ill health
Yogas affecting health
Physical and mental nature
Human body in astrology terms
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Good report
sanjeev kumar
Satisfied with the report
Availing a Telugu Jathakam report has never been more easy. I applaud Clickastro for making astrology so accessible to an average person like me. Extra thanks for making accurate analysis free of human interaction. Now I can get any type of predictions I want from the comfort of my home. For this I am very grateful.
I'm impressed with the accuracy of clickastro's predictions. It's my first time using there service and I'm blown away by how accurate they are. This is a great service, and I will definitely be using it again in the future.
Nice report. Good service. I got a special combo offer while purchasing the Telugu Jathakam. Special thanks to the lady who helped me make the purchase. A good professional set up overall. I highly recommend Clickastro to all astrology enthusiasts.
ravi chandran p
Par excellence - Keep up going - All the best.
ravi chandran p
Excellent service
shashank dwivedi
It's very good
m nisha
Quick response Really good response and satisfied
Very happy with the astrology report of Guruji Arun R. Thank you for enlightening us with the concepts of Vedic astrology and its impact in our lives in an easy to understand manner. Your guidance is helping us explore new dimensions in life. May God bless you for bringing positive changes in our lives.
keerthi d
Received excellent advice from Astrologer Arun R. He is very proficient and experienced. Will seek his guidance again and would highly recommend to all. Thank you Clickastro and Arun Sir.
shivkumar s
Excellent Analysis of Horoscope with focus on doshas and remedies, provided by Astrologer Arun Sir. I am having lot of improvement in my situation after performing the remedies advised by Arun Sir. I highly recommend horoscope analysis by Arun Sir, as he gives good insight and a positive direction in life. Thanks Clickastro!
Correctly you have given my Jathagam thanks
aishwarya sahu
Thank u to the entire team for the amazing work each of u doing. I m quite satisfied with the predictions n the remedies r easy to follow. Highly recommend ur App to everyone who is interested to know more about them via astrology
Very nice super
I am a customer of ClickAstro for past 8years. They are very professional and great predictions. Recently I did full family detailed horoscope with Acharya Arun Ji and he is so accurate in his predictions and he has given remedies for situations and sufficient advice to follow and Mantras to recite in each situation. Acharya Arun Ji is very knowledged in Astrology domain and has a lot of depth of Knowledge. I highly Recommend him for any consultation. He goes through chart of each family member and the influence on others and remedies. He is highly professional.
seema patel
Good report
Getting quality Jathakam reports in Telugu is hard. A search on Google led me to Clickastro. I tried their free kundali report and was impressed. More impressive was their sales staff. They helped me get the report I wanted and ensured I got it on time. The report was well compiled and refreshingly progressive when compared to reports gained from more conventional outlets. Kerala claims to be no.1 in all fields and companies like Clickastro bring some validity to that claim.
Almost all online astrology websites offer Free Kundali. So I was not expecting much when I checked the Clickastro free kundali report. But I was taken aback by the accuracy of what little was revealed from the detailed report. Then I wanted to know more about myself. Eventually I ended up buying the detailed report. But far from feeling sorry for myself, I am happy that I did. Clickastro has that effect on you.
I provide limited astrology consultation working from home. As part of this I used to get detailed reports from another site. Then one time I received mail from Clickastro detailing their various offers and packages. Upon further contact, a staff from the company contacted me over the phone. As a pilot test, I ordered a Telugu Jathakam report on behalf of one of my clients. The report was surprisingly fresh and up to date. The price was reasonable too. The company's professionalism deserves special mention. Now I have moved my entire business to Clickastro.
Good horoscope prediction
It has given me a sense of direction
venkat p
Very good Mahadasha report by Guruji Arun. Thanks clickastro and Arun Sir for the accurate predictions and effective remedies. Will consult again in future. Very satisfied with the support
n mukhia
It was easy to read and the predictions are almost accurate.
Was good
santhosh kumar
Simple and easy to understand, have most of the details what we are looking for
sachin prabhudesai
Happy with service, In depth hora scope
t. rengaraj
Helping for further steps ahead as per thasa signs
ganesh kalmane
Good report
सदानंद शिवाजी मोरड
आपण दिलेली माहिती 90% बरोबर आहे.,🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Testimonials From Renowned Astrologers

Sri. Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad
Sri. Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad
Astro-Vision Futuretech is the number one company providing astrological reports, which are very accurate. They are doing a great job by serving the people.
Sri. M V Naranarayanan
Sri. M V Naranarayanan
I have been using Astro-Vision mobile application for the past two years. It is very simple, useful and accurate. So, except Astro-Vision software, I am not using any other applications.
Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam
Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam
In older days, without checking panchangam, people didn't even stepped out of their homes. But in today's world, Astro-Vision has come up with an application which gives you information about Rasi, Navamsham, Bhava etc. which is really appreciative.
Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev
Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev
The digital avatars of Jyotisha powered by Astro-Vision have spread awareness and are ideal to today's fast paced life.

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Get Health Horoscope online

Health is the greatest asset of an individual. A person has to take care of their health while living. Many factors can affect the health of the person, from accidents to bad food. Health Horoscope online reveals situations about the health of an individual in life or during specific periods of life. It sheds light on different planetary combinations and Yogas that will impact the health of the person. Benefits of health horoscope include highlighting the impact of planets on health and significant health changes and transformations in the future. Health Horoscope online hints on what one can expect health-wise in the coming weeks and months and what precautions need to be taken. Availing the horoscope helps the person diversify attention to other areas and plan their life better, which is the most important among the Benefits of a health horoscope. 

Benefits of Health Horoscope

Health astrology is a branch of Vedic astrology that predicts health issues and make the individual aware of possible diseases in future. Availing Health Horoscope online reveals health prospects depending on the position of planets and stars going by the birth chart. The Benefits of health horoscope include applying astrology knowledge to improve the health and wellbeing of the individual. It also helps minimize the effects of bad habits and lifestyle choices. A highlight feature of the Benefits of health horoscope is that most critical diseases can be predicted from the planetary position of the native's birth chart. In Health Horoscope online, the various parts of the body are associated with different astrological signs, planets and houses. The strength or weakness of each house is required to calculate the health prospects of the individual. Thus, it gives an overall view of the physical and mental composition of the individual and offers guidelines to lead a healthy and productive life.

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