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Libra Weekly Horoscope

(23 Sept-23 Oct)
Sunday, 24 March 2019 to Saturday, 30 March 2019
More and more project ideas will come to you. Your ability to experiment will help you choose the best out of it. Try to think before offering left-handed compliments to others as you will show an unnecessary indulge to advise when not wanted. You are pressed to retrace back in the workplace or with your partner. A critical situation is developing around you and though it gets on your nerves, you may be the only one who can appear to remain calm and unbiased. Whatever be your specific career choice or your interests, the combinations of your tenacity, drive and sheer endurance is a winning one that most people are too weak to compete against your energy and willingness. You are a person who is attracted towards novelties. This will bring you attached to some new projects which are sure to gain you profit without much delay. You need to do some meditations to calm your feverish activities and brains, or in other words, to silence the mind. Your stubborn nature will make others feel that you are someone extraordinary and are lacking the womanly nature of being sentimental and touchy. You will feel that all your physical strength has got drained out due to the mental and physical stress you experience this week both at work and home. Find some time for exhilaration for body and mind which you really need for the time being. You have your own philosophical thinking that guides you while taking personal decisions. This week you will find it more useful and will feel relieved that you rely upon it. As a person of high esteem, you will go through a state where everyone expects from you something relevant. Now you can feel proud yourself that you reached the stage where you have successfully fulfilled what others expected from you.
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