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2023 Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpios are hard to dupe as they are extremely clever and cunning. They have an innate ability to enthral others with their sheer magnetism, intelligence and power. They can dominate the space they are in and the people they are with. They are natural born leaders as they can assert their powers and ideas on others. They are persistent, fierce and passionate. They would stop at nothing until they have achieved what they have set out to do. They can be extremely emotional and can languish over in the extremity of their feelings. They can be sceptical about everything. They can be jealous and stubborn. It is impossible to resist a Scorpio once they turn on their charm.
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Scorpio 2023 Horoscope

Denoted by the water element, which is fluid and filled with life, Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. In the new year, you can look forward to a slightly mixed bag of results, especially when it comes to aspects such as your finances, health and interpersonal relationships. No year is ever fully positive, and it is up to you to make the best of the opportunities provided to you, and 2023 is no different. If you take efforts to have a good year, then 2023 can be a great time for you, as you will receive good opportunities to advance in your life and career.

You can look forward to a great beginning of the year because, till April 2023, you will be enjoying the auspicious grace of planet Jupiter in your moon sign. This beneficial placement will ensure that you do not find yourself in any kind of financial difficulties. You will have a comfortable period and be happy with the money you are earning. Since this is a positive and auspicious period, it is advisable that you utilize this time to cement your finances and create a nest egg for the rest of the year. Use this positive period to try and earn more money as the planets are in your favour.

In terms of your health, you can look forward to a largely positive period this year, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and work hard to keep yourself fit and healthy. While the stars are aligned in your favour, it is important that you also put in the efforts necessary to maintain good health throughout the year and beyond. A good and balanced diet, as well as regular exercise, will ensure that your body and mind remains absolutely fit in all circumstances, helping you overcome all other problems you may end up facing.You should be a little cautious in the latter part of the year as Jupiter may transit after April 2023, causing some issues for you. However, overall, you can expect a positive year due to the aspect of the planet. Later in the year, the planet Saturn will move to the fourth house and allow you to make some healthy investments and property purchases so use this period wisely to create a healthy portfolio. You may also find yourself attracted to spiritual causes in the last quarter of the year.
Scorpio 2023 Love and Marriage
Since 2023 is a good year for you, especially in the first quarter, it is advisable that you take steps to solidify your relationships in the period up to April 2023. In fact, if you have been looking for an auspicious time to take your relationship to the next level, the first quarter of 2023 could be a great period for you to start the next leg of your romantic journey. Marriages and relationships started in this period will have strong chances of fructifying, as long as you take the efforts necessary to maintain a strong and positive relationship. The positive attributes are brought in by the placement of planet Jupiter in the fifth house with respect to your moon sign. If you are looking for an arranged marriage, you can look forward to good proposals during this period. Avoid marriage decisions during July 23, 2023 to September 4, 2023 as planet Venus will be in a retrograde movement, making the period inauspicious.


Scorpio 2023 Career and Business
The first quarter of 2023 is an especially auspicious time for you, so make sure that you use this period to do well in all facets of your life, including your career and business. Especially, the first fortnight of the month, till January 17, 2023, is exceptionally auspicious for your career growth as planet Saturn will be in a good position. This placement will help you achieve great success so if you have been waiting for a new job or promotion, then this is the time to try for it and enjoy the benefits of the auspicious period. Even the rest of the period till April 2023 is strongly positive as planet Jupiter occupies the fifth house as the second and fifth house lord and aspects your moon sign, making you highly lucky for a strong career. Take all major career decisions before April 22, 2023, for the best results.


Scorpio 2023 Wealth and Finances
Remember that the first quarter of 2023, till April, is an extremely auspicious period for you, and this holds true even in terms of your wealth and finance. Be sure to utilize this period to fully enjoy the benefits of earning wealth for your future. In your endeavours, you will be supported by the beneficial placement of planet Jupiter. Given the auspiciousness of this period, you should make all decisions regarding investments and finances, in the first quarter or before April 22, 2023. It is advisable that you avoid financial decisions and major actions between July 23, 2023 to September 4, 2023, as Venus retrograde could be somewhat harmful when it comes to monetary decisions. Be cautious during this period and keep a hold on your expenses. Use 2023 to solidify your wealth for the future through astute investments.


Scorpio Compatibility
Scorpio Highly Compatible Zodiac
 ||  Capricorn
 ||  Pisces
Scorpio Strength
Mysterious, rational, intelligent, independent, intuitive, devoted, insightful, sensible
Scorpio Weakness
Distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent, suspicious, obsessive, complicated, possessive, arrogant, stubborn
Scorpio Favourable Colors
Red and violet
Scorpio Favourable Numbers
Scorpio Love Compatibility
Scorpios are very choosy on whom they let into their lives. It is important to earn their trust before you can befriend them and earning their trust is quite a huge task. They are immensely protective of themselves. However, once you have gained their trust, you get an honest, dedicated and loyal friend or partner. Just as gaining their trust, it is equally important to not break their trust. Scorpios demand unwavering loyalty from their partners. Breaking their trust will lead to irreparable damage. Scorpios go to extremes to protect themselves if they feel threatened in a relationship. They can be secretive and subtle and can hold grudges or seek revenge. When they fall in love, they fall head over heels in love. They are passionate lovers and crave intimacy in a relationship. With a Scorpio love you can be assured of passion and intimacy in the relationship.
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