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Sagittarius Horoscope Yesterday

People who have the Sagittarians zodiac are known to be adventurous, optimistic and spontaneous in their undertakings. They do not like feeling stuck and want to experience everything possible in life. They exhibit characters such as curiosity, energy and philosophical attitude, in addition to a love for travel and a great sense of humour. Sagittarius enjoy spending time with nature and are keen on trying new things. They enjoy solitude and dislike being tied to a place, as this makes them feel restless. They have an impulsive nature and like multi-tasking. Sagittarius likes living a free and natural life.

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Yesterday Sagittarius Horoscope

(Yesterday - November 29, 2022)
Your habit of boasting and making tall claims will get you into trouble today. People dealing with you might also hold it as a grudge against you.You have the ability to win the co-operation and trust of others. This will help you in implementing your long-drawn ideas as you will get all the help and resources you require.Some women may act stubborn today which is usually not their trait. This will also create misunderstandings with people close to them.Today you will make considerable progress in your financial as well as career status. A promotion or a better paying job might be in the offing.You will soon find yourself in a new surrounding. It might be a transfer or a shift to a new place. But this move will definitely bring about a positive change in your nature.
Sagittarius Compatibility
Sagittarius Highly Compatible Zodiac
 ||  Aquarius
 ||  Leo
Sagittarius Strength
Spontaneity, open-mindedness, adventurous, optimistic, intellectual, energetic, and generous
Sagittarius Weakness
Excessively outspoken, undiplomatic, careless, overconfident, inconsistent, easily bored, and tactless
Sagittarius Favourable Colors
Light Blue, White, Cream and Orange
Sagittarius Favourable Numbers
6, 5, 3 and 8
Sagittarius Love Compatibility
Sagittarians are known for being extremely passionate in everything they take up and this is visible in their relationships also. They will always be excellent and electrifying partners in their relationships. As people who love independence and freedom, they do not like being stuck in relationships which are restricting or smothering. They also hate relationships which are dull and will do everything possible to have a fulfilling and romantic love life.
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More Horoscopes for Sagittarius
Sagittarius Love Horoscope
In 2022, Sagittarius will have a very eventful love and marriage life, with Rahu and Ketu on the axis of Aries and Libra. These are the two signs which rule the romance and marriage aspects for Sagittarius. However, the events will not take place in the initial months of the year. In fact, this will happen only after Rahu and Ketu change the signs. Sagittarius will meet and interact with similar and compatible individuals in the second part of 2022 and this will be a good time to build relationships. However, they should not get into the first possible relationship as this could cause trouble.
Sagittarius Career Horoscope
Sagittarians are very focused on their career and business, and this is especially important as Saturn governs over the second house, which indicates career, meaning that Sagittarians may face some challenges at work. These challenges can be resolved through hard work and effort, as long as they remain committed to the same. Sagittarians may face turbulence in the form of complex projects and tough deadlines and they may even get impatient. Everything depends on weathering the storm and staying as positive as possible.
Sagittarius Wealth Horoscope
Sagittarians are extremely capable and intellectual, and this trait is very visible in their financial and wealth-related matters. However, when Saturn rules over their house, they may face financial troubles which should be dealt with in a sensible and smart manner. They should attempt to save and pad up their wealth as they may face troubles due to the placement of Saturn in their charts. Sagittarians can also enjoy a solid financial position if they plan and make good investments.
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