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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

(22 Dec-20 Jan)
Sunday, 17 November 2019 to Saturday, 23 November 2019
You will be witty, generous, endearing and charming making you a never boring, always active and intensely alive personality for others to deal with. Being feeling insecure, you really need the help of someone to boost your energy and enthusiasm. For you, your home is basically a launching pad from where you take off for your other activities. As you rely much on your family for emotional support, you will also never set back to fulfil the needs of your family. You will show the nature of being unimaginative, biased and always worrying. You will get weaker than you used to be before, that you will feel yourself incapable of taking any decision like a man. An energy to live and achieve everything best will help you to overcome the inner distresses you were going through for a long while. Others may find you to be a strong personality with your own bold decisions. This can even arise criticism from others as you are firm in spite of being a woman. Your ego and pride can become shackles that hamper your progress in life. It will only be wise to mingle more with those you deal with and accept their advice to reach your motive. Spending some time to analyse your present physical condition will only make you more energetic and pleasant. In a way, this will enable you to seek out a solution for your present dullness, which is making you both irritating and gloomy. You need plenty of changes and challenges these days to boost up your physical stamina. Monotony and persistent lack of stimulation need to be guarded against. You will sign in a new contract, which will provide you with a career that is both stable and secure.
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