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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

(22 Dec-20 Jan)
Sunday, 15 September 2019 to Saturday, 21 September 2019
Feeling dull in mind will make you even averse towards anything which can shower you beauty and harmony. Your supersensitive feelings hamper your personal progress. You need to loosen up, taking things a little less seriously rather than reacting to it. Whatever be your specific career choice or your interests, the combinations of your tenacity, drive and sheer endurance is a winning one that most people are too weak to compete against your energy and willingness. You will find more time to spend with your children, as you will realize the necessity of paternal care in their life. Family problems and career related uncertainties would bring some dilemma in the life of women. Hope for the best, support from your dear ones will help you to swim out safe from this. This week, as you will spend more time with your new found love, it will help you find out the virtues you possess as a male like being wonderful, witty and generous. Others may find you to be a strong personality with your own bold decisions. This can even arise criticism from others as you are firm in spite of being a woman. A feeling of depression will crush the mother in you with the separation of your children for higher studies or job. Forthcoming days are expected to bring you back to mood. It will prove to be a better prospect for you as you will find out your co-workers are more than a helping hand to achieve your goal. Your physical health is in an excellent condition this week. Although you will go through some problems, you will come out of all that successfully.
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