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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

(24 Oct-22 Nov)
Sunday, 15 September 2019 to Saturday, 21 September 2019
Although you tend to be a perfectionist, unnecessary delays from your part will bring unnecessary delay in attaining the benefit. Self-improvement will be your self-imposed motto in the coming days. Friends and relatives will be there for you with a helping hand. A sense of pessimism and negative aspect will prevent you from experiencing a more joyous existence. Moneymaking will be your main focus for the time being and this will forbid you from using your creative and imaginative talents efficiently. Confidence and mental preparation to achieve the best will boost up your energy. Your inner self will always act as a good guide for you. You are so cautious, secretive and generally suspicious more than any woman used to be. So you tend to be more watchful and scrutinised before getting committed to anyone or anything. Spending some time to analyse your present physical condition will only make you more energetic and pleasant. In a way, this will enable you to seek out a solution for your present dullness, which is making you both irritating and gloomy. Your deeply philosophical nature have always been a proper guide for you. But nowadays, you will find yourself getting away from people related to you due to your over analytical nature. You are healthy and robust. Go ahead with your plans and projects; you will attain success. Success will come on your way for the work you have done for the society. Your hard work and devotion will attain wide recognition and applause. This will make you more encouraged to continue with your projects.
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