According to Indian Vedic astrology, the zodiac was divided into 27 equal parts. Each part was allocated to a star or lunar constellation. Each birth star is based on the longitude of the Moon at the time of birth and carries distinct qualities and characteristics. Therefore, a person born under a specific star or Nakshatra is endowed with the same qualities and characteristics as the Nakshatra. However, male and female natives born in the same birth star or Nakshatra may have different characteristics.

The Nakshatra is believed to influence our personality traits and thus carries a significant role in our horoscope. Our birth star horoscope outlines our unique personality traits. Also, it helps us to understand the potential obstacles and the ways to overcome such obstacles. Clickastro’s Free Star Horoscope provides a brief overview of your personality, tastes, likes, dislikes, physical and mental characteristics, etc., based on your birth star. Enter your birth star and get to know your free star horoscope now.

What are Nakshatras in Astrology?

The term Nakshatra is derived from the two terms 'Naksha,' which means 'map' and ‘tara’, meaning star and so translates to 'Star Map.' The ancient Indian seers considered the 27 constellations or Nakshatra rather than the 12 zodiac star signs that mapped the sky. Vedic astrology, therefore, thinks of the 27 constellations as the fundamental element in understanding the celestial influences of the planets. The 27 Nakshatras are 300 to 400 light-years away from the earth. Each Moon Nakshatra at the time of birth, also known as Janma Nakshatra, provides powerful prediction techniques compared to other forms of astrology.

The ancient sages divided the zodiac into 12 main Rashi, which helped to study the effect of the planets. It was then further divided into a sub-divisional system of breaking down each zodiac into 27-star constellations. Each Nakshatra consists of a span of 13 degrees and 20 minutes. It is further subdivided into 4 Padas or quarters of 3 degrees and 20 minutes each. Thus the first zodiac sign, Aries, which has 30 degrees, contains the entire four padas (13 degrees and 20 minutes) of the first-star constellation Ashwini, the entire four padas (13:20’) of the second-star constellation Bharani and the 1st pad (3:20’) of the third-star constellation Krittika making it a total of 9 padas for each Rashi. The Nakshatras were classified into three main groups – Deva or divine, Manusha or human and Rakshasa or Demonic. Each group has different ruling deities, are owned by different planets and have divergent qualities. In Indian astrology or Vedic astrology, while studying the effects of a planet placed in Aries, it also studies the Nakshatra in which it is placed and pada of that Nakshatra it is placed.

Find your Nakshatras as per Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic astrology, personality traits can better be analysed through the birth star (moon Nakshatra) rather than by the Sun sign. Therefore, the birth chart also includes an analysis of the Nakshatra positions of the planets. According to the ancient Indian sages, the Nakshatras represent the houses that determine our Karma Phala (fruits of our labour) is stored. The Nakshatras bestow the fruits of Karma, the highest of which is the fruit of our worship, meditation and our spiritual labour.

Vedic astrology uses the Dasha periods of various planets based on the Moon nakshatra at the time of one’s birth, the most pertinent dasha being the Vimshottari Dasha, a 120-year long cycle of planetary positions based upon the Janma Nakshatra. Vedic astrology provides a comprehensive and 55easy system of assessing the planetary effects on our lives. Vedic astrologers can skilfully and precisely predict future events with the help of this Dasha. This unique system is, however, not present in Western and other astrological systems. Clickastro’s Free Star horoscope is based on Vedic astrology and therefore offers precise and optimistic predictions that help you plan a better future.

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