Free Love compatibility between Cancer Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer Man Cancer Woman
(22 Jun - 22 Jul)
(22 Jun - 22 Jul)
Quality Cardinal, Feminine, Negative Cardinal, Feminine, Negative
Element Water Water
Ruler Moon Moon
Symbol Crab Crab
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Cancerians are very sensitive in nature that they need to be handled with tender loving and absolute care. Even though they are very romantic, never expect them to come forward to express their love for the first time. For them betray and insincerity is devastating, and it will take a long time to forget and forgive.

By providing an enormous amount of attentions and constant reassurance of the love and care will make them a perfect companion. Cancerian hates rejection and is extremely cautious about making any commitment. They always hold a great attachment to their family, especially to their mother and offspring's, and will be happy to sacrifice anything and everything for their caring and upbringing.

Cancerians, very homey people, are tender, loving and kind, they also have immense sympathy for that less fortunate than they do. Most of the Crabs feel financial and emotional insecurities, which make them moody and irritable, and they tend to withdraw to their shells frequently.

A Cancer woman and a Cancer man will always prefer for a relationship which has all the support and blessings of the society. The Moon rules Cancer, a feminine sign. It will turn out to be difficult for others to understand and appreciate the moodiness of your nature, which occur according to the fluctuation of the Moon. But the Cancer wife or husband will be able to conform with their Cancer partners mood, as both will go through this stage frequently.

Cancer couples are romantic and emotional, but also practical in matters to do with the home and raising a family. A Crab when with another Water Sign will thrive on the sensitivity, caring and intimacy dimension, but an excess of emotions from both parts may sometimes undermine the clarity and structure of the relationship.

Both will have the tendency to escape into reproachful silence, when they're hurt, seeking peace and solitude. It will depend on the love and care the Cancer couples possess for each other to come in terms with this temperament of their partner. If they both are tend to be more open and direct while dealing with each other in their relation, much of the misunderstandings and hurt can be avoided.

Cancers are essentially warm and loving, needing close intimacy, deep caring, sensitive exchanges of feeling, emotional security roots and lots of nurturing behavior going both ways. When they are together, they can discover lots of things to do together, as they have a lot of interests in common.

Cancerian couples always seeks to build strong walls around their home and loved ones, and they both have priorities in their life for money, good food and in raising a family.

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