Free Love compatibility between Pisces Woman and Aries Man

Pisces Woman Aries Man
(19 Feb - 20 Mar)
(21 Mar - 20 Apr)
Quality Mutable, Feminine, Negative Cardinal, Masculine, Positive
Element Water Fire
Ruler Neptune Mars
Symbol Fish Ram
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A Piscean will dislike the attention focused on them and they will try their best to avoid the embarrassment of outright confrontation. They will never want to hurt a person or his feelings purposely. An Aries person will try to push around a Piscean as far as they please.

Usually the intimacy of the Fish makes a cooling effect on the flaming frustrations of fiery Aries. Some way or the other money will be a frequent discussion between an Aries and a Pisces. In one way or another, positively or negatively, Aries symbolizes money to Pisces. Distinct abilities and interests help Aries and Pisces work on the same project and achieve a positive end.

Aries is a Cardinal Sign and Pisces is a Mutable Sign. To be in a leading role or to become the boss, as an Aries likes to be, will never be a matter in the agenda of a Piscean. They always want to lend a hand to help others, while an Aries will come up with the ideas and will implement it by selecting the helping hands as they wish.

'When an Aries man and a Pisces woman fall in love, Mother Nature smiles approvingly' (Linda Goodman).

If a Ram and Fish were to meet, it would be like the joining of a restless warrior with the elusive Pisces. If the right balance of water and fire is given there is the real steam these two signs can create. The Fish and the Ram are surprisingly well suited. If the kind hearted, weak Pisces does not take full charge of the Ram around the bend, it just might work. One big order of tolerance and understanding should see them through.

Pisces can get stuck seeing the pain in the world and often sink into the vat of hopelessness by those around them. Aries will make her remind that the world's pain is not in her own shoulders and there is nothing new in it for her to feel sad about that. If this relation really works, Aries can find heart and Pisces can find courage!

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