Free Love compatibility between Leo Woman and Cancer Man

Leo Woman Cancer Man
(23 Jul - 23 Aug)
(22 Jun - 22 Jul)
Quality Fixed, Masculine, Positive Cardinal, Feminine, Negative
Element Fire Water
Ruler Sun Moon
Symbol Lion Crab
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An alliance between a Cancer and a Leo, who possess many similarities, will be committed to a lasting and fulfilling relation. They will be loyal and also possessive for each other. Leo, Cardinal sign are usually so strong and energetic that they like to take charge in a relationship. Cancer a fixed sign will always be happy to let the Leo lead.

Cancer can be more persistent when initiating a plan of action, while Leo will see it through to completion. They will have a mutual commitment for a sincere relationship. Together this duo can support each other in a positive and healthy manner. As both are determined and want to be secure, when they work as a team they will prove to be great, and a loving relationship makes them strive for harmony.

Not a bad match but has high hopes for becoming a lasting union. When a Cancer man and Leo woman come together, they are often able to recognize and satisfy the basic emotional needs of each other.

The Leo woman will always have a tendency to dominate and control situations. But her Cancer partner with his gentle and sensitive nature will be able to organize and lead the matters without hurting her feelings. Cancer man is home loving where as Leo is a party person. But still their mixed signals makes the relationship successful and romantic. Both will get carried away by each other and appreciates the positive qualities of their partner.

The Lioness needs to be the center of attention; therefore the Crab man will often feel quite neglected in this relationship. The tendency of him to nag will drive a Leo mate on to greener pastures. But while considering all their virtue and vices, these two persons should be able to work out all their problems without much heart breaking because their emotional bond will be so strong.

Frightening to the sensitive Cancer man, the Leo woman also likes to dominate and control situations. Her Cancer partner is gentle and sensitive, but she is very prickly about her individual rights and will rebel against being bossed around. Cancer is moody and Leo is perfectly able to adjust with him. Cancer needs relationship to be successful and intense but Leo needs excitement and fun in the relationship. The Lion needs to be the center of attention; therefore you will often feel quite neglected in this relationship. You have a tendency to nag and that will drive a Leo mate on to greener pastures.

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