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Your Step by Step Guide to your future – Tamil Jathagam

Visiting astrologers is no longer necessary. Digital astrology is the new norm. With just a few quick steps, you get your Tamil Jathagam online and explore and understand yourself better. Clickastro Tamil Horoscope provides a simple and easy to understand perspective of your life and future and ensures to provide error-free and precise predictions on important aspects of your life.

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Get Free Horoscope in Tamil

What makes Clickastro’s Horoscope the most authentic
Vedic Horoscope on the Internet?

As the longest-serving online Vedic Horoscope provider, with a rich history of serving more than 110 million users and nearly 40 years of research and development, Clickastro is a trusted band across India and abroad.

To arrive at astrologically correct predictions, it demands very precise calculations, which we accomplish with the help of advanced and exclusive astrological knowledge that we have had since our inception in 1984.

Your Horoscope report in Tamil is based on decades of combined wisdom from more than 100 Vedic astrologers. For over 40 years, we have put in thousands of hours in research to help us summarise your life in 60 pages, explained in simple and easy words to understand.

Features of Free Tamil horoscope

Your Vedic Horoscope Summary

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You have ___ Yogas in your horoscope

Did you know that only 12% of people have Sasha Maha Yoga? Find out if you have it in your In-Depth Report


You have ____ Doshas in your horoscope

Find the list of Doshas and their remedies in the In-Depth Report


You have _____ favourable periods for your career

Your In-Depth horoscope describes the most favourable periods that boosts your career from the ages of 15-60 years


You have ____ auspicious periods for marriage

Learn the most favourable periods for your marriage from the ages of 18 to 50 years in your In-Depth Report


You have ____ favourable time periods for your Business

Your In-Depth Report details the most favourable periods for Business from the ages of 15 to 60 Years

Building House

There are ______ favourable periods for house construction in your horoscope

Know the most auspicious periods for house building in your In-Depth Horoscope from the age of 15 to 80 years.

Get Free Horoscope in Tamil

Features of Full & Detailed Tamil Horoscope

Includes Detailed Analysis & Predictions on:









Includes Favourable Time Period list for:








House Building

Includes Dosha Analysis & Remedies:


Your chart gets analysed for 3 most significant doshas.


You will get astrologically recommended remedy suggestions.

Includes Yoga Analysis:


Your natal chart will be analysed for 76 different yogas in your life

Includes Predictions for 40 years:


The Report contains predictions for the next 40 years or up to the age of 90 years, whichever comes first

Includes Easy & Simple Remedies:










Dress Colour



This well researched Vedic horoscope report is:


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User reviews
Average rating: 4.8 ★
2265 reviews
Tamil jathagam report was decent, but I expected a bit more depth in the analysis
Accurate Tamil jathagam predictions! I was amazed by the detailed information provided. Highly recommend!
Wonderful report. Had a nice time going through it. The jathagam is elaborate and somehow compact at the same time. Many of the predictions were true to the letter, while some were found to be more of the symbolic kind. I liked the staff for their approach. I was completely comfortable during the different stages of the purchase. Clickastro is the best!
Where is the fun in having a Jathakam if it doesn't speak to you? Clickastro horoscope reports speak to you in an intimate and comforting tone. The analysis and predictions in the Jathakam are deep and accurate. They offer top quality services and amazing combo offers as well. Clickastro is the best in online astrology.
I have a lot to say about Clickastro Tamil Jathakam. The report is of good design and good layout. The content in the report is straightforward and befitting the times we live in. There is no prejudice or bias shown anywhere. While elaborate, the language is simple and easily understandable even for the aam aadmi. The purchase of the report is very easy. The support team is excellent. A thoroughly professional approach. But I would like Clickastro to make the reports a bit more personalized. I found mine to be too generalized. Anyway, cheers!
The best Tamil Jathakam is here. I say this with no hype or praise. I am just stating a fact here. Clickastro delivers the best reports in any language. Their growing presence among Tamilians can be attributed to reports such as these. However, I do have a suggestion - make the predictions a bit more elaborate. Otherwise some may take offence at the price.
this jathagam is great for Tamil-speaking users. It provides detailed birth charts and predictions
Thanks for the tamil jathagam report
I was astounded by the precision of my Tamil Jathagam! The insights it unveiled were uncannily accurate and shed light on many facets of my life. A must-try for anyone intrigued by their Tamil horoscope.
I was amazed by the accuracy of my Tamil jathagam report. The insights provided were spot on, and it gave me a deeper understanding of my life's journey. Highly recommended
ClickAstro's Tamil Jathagam Report is an exceptional astrological service. The predictions were incredibly accurate, and the detailed analysis provided valuable insights into my life. The user-friendly interface made it easy to navigate, and I appreciate the personalized approach. Highly recommended for anyone seeking authentic Tamil astrology readings."
Good jathagam
Clickastro Tamil Jathagam is the best report I have seen. I see a lot of reports as part of my profesion. Clickastro has the best software among online astrology companies. It is reflected in reports. Not only they brilliantly detailed, the reports are also well compiled and simple enough for a normal person to understand. The report is also good for professionals like me as it makes our job that much less strenuous.
Getting the Tamil Jathagam from Clickastro was a rather memorable experience. The staff was very polite and made sure to hear all my requirements. They remained in constant touch till the report was delivered to me. I was also given a special offer price for the report. And the report itself was neat and well prepared. Overall a good experience. I give them five stars.
Getting a good Tamil Jathagam was a difficult task, until I found Clickastro. Let me express my special gratitude to their customer executive who helped me through every step of the way and gave me a special offer price for the report. I found the Jathakam to be descriptive and respectful. I could feel Clickastro trying to please me as a customer of value while going through the report. Only if there were more like Clickastro.
The Tamil Jathagam I got from Clickastro was really helpful. It was exactly what I was looking for. The report was easy to read and covered all essentials of astrology. After reading the report, I feel like a new person now. The report was made available to me at a special price for which I am very grateful. Clickastro is a great place to meet all your astrology needs. I give them five stars.
I purchased the Tamil Jathagam report for a fair price. It was my second purchase from Clickastro. I used the app to make the purchase. Everything was smooth. The staff was courteous and prompt in their service. I have no bad things to say. I give them five stars.
mahesh waran
Superb 👍👍👍
ravi chandran
மிகவும் நல்ல தகவல்கள்
sridhar murhy
Super report
Good report
Good report
ajay venki
Nice horoscope report
Good tamil jathagam report
Super report
Super Service
Good tamil jathagam report
Good report

What’s in the report?

Panchanga Predictions

The Panchanga Predictions in your Horoscope gives an insight into various aspects of the date on which you were born, including the Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana and Nityayogas and how these aspects impact your character, traits, etc. You get a detailed analysis of the weekday on which you were born, your birth star or Nakshatra and how they influence your character. The Tithi describes the Tithi on which you were born. For example, if you were born on the Ninth Lunar Day, you were born on Navami Tithi. The report also provides an analysis of the Karana at the time of your birth as well as the Nithya yoga that influences your life and personality.

Dasha Predictions

Your Tamil Jathakam contains the Dasha periods and their predictions. It highlights the most important dasha periods that are prevalent at the time of procuring your report for a maximum of 25 years as well as the predictions for each sub-period. It provides a detailed analysis of how your life will be impacted during these periods. It provides an understanding of the trend of fortunes and misfortunes during these dasha periods. The predictions are provided for a maximum period of 25 years from the present period. For example, if you receive your horoscope report in 2022 then the report identifies the prevailing Dasha period and all other Dasha and Apahara periods for the next 25 years i.e. until the year 2067.

Bhava Predictions

The Bhava Predictions in your Jathagam provides a detailed analysis and understanding of each house or Bhavas in your natal chart. It analyses the placement of planets in each bhava which in turn influence various significant aspects of your life including your physical appearance, character, personality traits, education, wealth, intelligence, family, progeny, health problems, obstacles, marriage, your partner, fortune, prosperity, longevity, profession, income, etc. Each house/Bhava represents different aspects of your life and the planetary positions in these houses can impact your life. For e.g. The 7th House signifies marriage and partnerships and the placement of the 7th Lord in the natal chart will influence your marital life.

Yoga Analysis

Your Tamil Jathagam Kattam deeply analyses for the special combination of planets called yogas including Raja Yogas, and other Yogas that could create a great impact in your life. For example, if an in-depth analysis of your Tamil Jathagam shows Raja Yoga, then you will enjoy prosperity, power and authority. The Jathagam also identifies and outlines the other pertinent Yogas present in your life that influence your personality traits, fortune and character. For e.g. a Sada Sanchara Yoga in your Jathagam implies that travelling may be an important aspect of your life.

Favourable Periods

Your online Tamil Jathagam also presents an in-depth report on the favourable and excellent periods in your life. These include favourable periods for important aspects of your life such as career, marriage, business, and house construction. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the favourable and excellent periods in a table format with the respective commencement and ending dates. The favourable and excellent periods for career are analysed from your age 15 to age 60, marriage from age 18 to age 50, business from age 15 to age 60 and construction of house from age 15 to age 80.

Graha Dosha and Remedies

Your Tamil Jathagam checks for the various Graha Doshas including Kuja Dosha, Rahu Dosha and Ketu Dosha. It also suggests various astrological remedies that can be done to mitigate the negative effects of these Doshas. For example, if Kuja/Mars is placed in the Seventh House of Marriage, then it may indicate Kuja Dosha in your Jathagam. Your Jathagam will provide a detailed explanation of the Dosham and the remedial measures to alleviate the negative effects of Kuja dosha. A similar analysis is also performed for Rahu and Ketu Dosham and remedial measures as applicable are indicated. The remedies include mantras, yantras, dress colour, fasting, daanam, Pooja, etc.


Your online Tamil jathagam also checks for Moudhyam or the combustion of planets. Combustion of planets occurs when they are near to the Sun and these can cast adverse effects on your life. So, if suppose the Moon is within 12 degrees of the Sun it is considered to be combust or in Moudhyam. Similarly, your horoscope also conducts a detailed analysis of each of the planets and its position to the Sun and determines the Moudhyam. It also analyses planetary positions which may cause a conflict among the planets causing Graha Yuddha. A summary is also provided of your Grahavastha i.e. the position of planets in every Avastha(stage) of your life.

Ashtakavarga Predictions

The Ashtakavarga Predictions in your Tamil Jathagam is a point-based system based upon the position of the planets in your horoscope. Ashtakavarga implies eight-fold classification of the strength of the planets. Each planet’s strength and intensity depend on the location of other planets and ascendant in relation to it. Each planet is assigned points varying from zero to 8 which determines their strength. The positioning of specific points determines the events and their periods in your life. Depending on the positive or negative impact, remedial measures are suggested.

Transit Forecast

Your Tamil Jathagam provides a transit forecast which is calculated by comparing the current position of the planets to those in your natal chart. The transits of the Jupiter, Sun and Saturn can greatly influence our life which may include conflicting, reversing or strengthening effects. The Sun takes about a month to transit from one sign to another and during this period it may impact your life in various ways. Jupiter on the other hand takes a year to transit from one sign to another, while Saturn takes about two and a half years to move from one sign to another. Your Tamil Jathagam helps you to gain an understanding of the dynamics and the effects of each transit distinctly and how they impact your immediate future.

Your Tamil jathagam: An Overview

Astrologers rely on birth charts and horoscopes to study and analyse your personality, this process helps them predict your future. When it comes to predicting horoscope in Tamil, the various positions of celestial bodies have an impact on your future and affect various parts of your life. Your horoscope will provide you with an insight into the impact.

Each horoscope will follow the celestial elements given below:


There are 12 houses in each Tamil jathagam, and each house is 30 degrees. Each house represents a particular zodiac symbol and it defines a particular aspect of your life like love, career, family, personality, and so on.

As per Tamil horoscope, the cosmos surrounds the individual on all sides. In the chart, the individual is placed in the middle, and revolving around him are the heavenly bodies casting their own unique influence on him/her. This 360-degree chart is divided into twelve parts of 30 degrees each. These are the twelve houses in Jathagam Kattam. Each House carries its own unique features that may impact the life of the individual in a certain way.

In broad terms, the Houses decide -

1) The specific traits that make up the personality of an individual including his/her ambitions and principles.

2) The manifestation of his/her existence in the physical world in the form of wealth, acquaintances, ownership, and creations.

3) The reaction of the cosmos manifesting in worldly sentiments like rivalries, romances, and misfortunes to the actions of the individual.

4) The shedding of one's ego, finding life's purpose, and registering of material and emotional growth as a human being.

5) And finally, the Houses also have an impact on your spirituality, how the worldly pleasures and pains affect you and guide you in your quest towards the bigger truth.

In online Jathagam, the impact of a House will be felt alongside that of the Planets and Nakshatras which are positioned at that specific House. Clickastro Tamil future predictions based on the date of birth and time will help one know the impact Houses will have on life and help him/her find the tone most comfortable to live through it.

Zodiac signs: Your horoscope in Tamil states that there are 12 zodiac signs they start from Aries and end at Pisces. Each zodiac sign is categorized by a specific personality trait and it can be observed in a person. Along with the zodiac sign, which is considered as a sun sign, even the rising and moon signs have an influence on a person’s personality

Planets: When you look at astrology in Tamil by date of birth, it will tell you about the nine planets including the sun and moon, and explain their significance as per the astrology books.

Tamil Jathagam: How can it help?

Tamil astrology is one of the most ancient forms of astrology. The predictions that are made by following jathagam kattam from date of birth in Tamil and its concepts can reveal a lot about a person’s life. Accurate astrology in Tamil by date of birth can provide you with specific details about various parts of your life like career, general well-being, health, financial status, relationships, marriage, and so on. The horoscope predictions will provide you with a blueprint of your life and it will help the astrologers understand your qualities, behaviour, and dominant personality traits.

The house and zodiac signs shown in your horoscopes play an important role in determining the positive and negative experiences in your life. Once you receive insight from your free horoscope in Tamil, into the future based on the planet’s influences, it can help you avoid disaster and overcome any obstacles as well.

Benefits of Tamil jathagam analysis:

When you go for a prediction of your horoscope in Tamil, it will accurately highlight your likes/dislikes, along with your personal traits.

● Astrologers can predict the highs and lows of a person based on their date of birth

● An accurate horoscope chart will help you pick the right path that you can follow to achieve your dreams.

● It will help you with sound decision making, whether it’s your career, personal, or professional growth

You can check out your Tamil jathagam online free by using Clickastro’s free online report feature. It will help you analyse your Tamil jathagam and provide you with detailed insights about your life. Clickastro’s free Tamil horoscope report will provide information on your career, financial status, property, and other physical assets while analysing your Tamil jathagam. The report will check for negative influences and suggest remedies that are practical and will help you overcome any obstacles as well. It observes the planetary transits (regarding their positions) and provides you with reports on how they will influence your future.

Online Tamil Jathagam: Is it accurate?

In Tamil astrology, Jathagam refers to Kundli or birth chart which is prepared by calculating the position of the navagrahas or nine planets during the time of one’s birth. The Jathagam is also known as Janam Patrika and contains all the astrological information about the native and his life by date of birth and time. It helps to find out how the Lagna or ascendant, Rasi or zodiac, and the movement of the planets in the horoscope affect an individual.

Clickastro offers Jathagam Kattam from date of birth in Tamil after analysing all the planets, their position in different houses, mutual aspects and conjunctions. All the calculations are performed on our astrological software that has been vetted by a panel of experienced astrologers. Hence the predictions and remedies suggested are accurate. You get your free Tamil Jathagam along with the Rasi chart, Navamsa chart, and Jathagam Palangal in our horoscope report.

Tamil Jathagam: Why should you download this report?

Your Jathagam is calculated according to your exact date, time and place of birth, and is, therefore, personal and unique to you. It can help you to foresee upcoming events in your life so that you can be prepared to face them. If your birth chart has certain Doshas in it, Clickastro can suggest measures, pujas, and mantras to remedy them.

With the help of Jathagam, you can find solutions to all your issues in the following aspects of your life

● Job opportunities

● Family life

● Marriage

● Life partner

● Health

● Business success

● Doshas, and many more

In addition, you can also find out about your monthly and 2022 yearly horoscope in Tamil, get a complete analysis of important life events, dasa bhukthi periods, and astrology notes that are based on Thirukanitha panchangam and Lahiriayanamsam calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tamil Jathagam

How can I get my free Tamil Jathagam report?

We require your accurate birth time, place of birth and date to help us create a personal horoscope that will act as a mirror reflection of the real you. Our error-free calculations will produce a comprehensive report in no time.

What is included in this free horoscope report?

As a part of your free horoscope in Tamil, we provide you with a detailed analysis of the next 25 years of life. You get to know about all aspects of your life like your career, education, wealth status, your personality, etc. In this report, you get a complete list of Dasha-Apahara periods of your life, the favourable periods in your life for enhancing your career and business goals, auspicious periods for marriage and house construction, and Dosha checks for Kuja Dosha, Rahu and Ketu dosha in your jothidam.

Why should I opt for Tamil horoscope online rather than traditional astrology?

At Clickastro, you get a detailed insight on various aspects of your life like information about your Dasa- Apahara periods, your favourable periods for marriage, career, family, character & personality, status, etc. To date, we have served more than 110 million customers worldwide in over 170 countries and nearly 1000+ astrologers validate us, making us the most preferred online astrology platform for free horoscopes and insights. As astrology involves complex calculations, it’s always possible for humans to make mistakes. Our software has been honed over time in consultation with top astrology experts, making it more reliable and error-free.

What’s the importance of jathagam?

A horoscope is usually prepared by capturing the planetary positions unique to the specific time, date and place of your birth. By analysing your Tamil jathagam, you can easily understand a lot about your personality, character traits, and the general course of life. By carefully analysing your astrology chart in Tamil by date of birth, you can learn your strengths, your weak points, foresee your future and plan it the right way.

Can my jathagam predict everything about my future & resolve my life issues?

Yes, your jathagam holds the key to every aspect of your life and can help you plan your future in a better way. Using Clickastro’s free report, you can get insights on your favourable and unfavourable periods of life allowing you to make the best periods count. The problems you encounter in your life mostly arise due to the presence of malefic planets in your jathagam. The presence of these inauspicious planets (Mars, Saturn) gives rise to doshas like “Rahu-Ketu” or “Mangal/Kuja dosha” wherein each dosha has its significance and impacts your life differently. By analysing your birth chart in Tamil, we at Clickastro can help you identify these doshas and suggest remedial solutions to lessen their impact.

How to get jathagam kattam in Tamil?

The basic part of a horoscope is the birth chart or jathagam kattam which holds the basic astrological data of your life. You can get your accurate birth chart made from the Clickastro jothidam report. Our jathagam software analyses the astrological data contained in your birth chart and gives you a detailed insight into your life. If you do possess knowledge about Rashis, Grahas, planetary positions, etc. then you can easily interpret your jathagam kattam. However, if not, then Clickastro can help you here and offer you the insights in your mother tongue “Tamil”.

Why is jathagam prediction important?

Jathagam is the study of the influence of the Navagrahas or the nine planets on every human’s life. By analysing your jathagam online, you can create your accurate birth chart (natal chart) and use it to further identify and resolve your Lagna problems for marriage and other kundali problems.

What are the different types of doshas and how do they impact my life?

In Vedic astrology, the term “doshas” is used to indicate the unfavourable and bad conditions in your birth chart. The term has different meanings across astrology, but as per the Vedic concept, it occurs when the planetary bodies aren’t aligned properly and aren't in favourable conditions as per the birth chart.

There are different types of doshas present in the Vedic astrology, i.e., Mangal/Kuja Dosha, Rahu-Ketu Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Sarpa Dosha, Pitra dosha, etc. and each has its significance. The presence of malefic planets (Mars, Saturn, Sun, etc.) can create different doshas in your life depending on their position in your birth chart and can affect different facets of your life.

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