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Horoscope Compatibility


Birth Star, Rashi, Guna Milan check

Check compatibility based on birthstar, rashi, guna milan etc.

South Indian / North Indian calculations

Generate charts & calculations based on South Indian, North Indian systems.

Veda dosha, Rajju dosha and other doshas

Know whether any Doshas are seen while checking the horoscopes for a match.

Manglik, Chevvai, Chovva, Mangal or Kuja dosha check

Check Kuja Dosha based on janma lagna (birth time), shukra (venus) and chandra (moon) analysis.

Papasamyam comparison

Provides Papa (Dosha) comparison between the boy & girl and indicates the compatibility.

Dasa-sandhi check

Provides Dasa sandhi analysis for the couple and indicates the compatibility.
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