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What you get from ClickAstro Free Online Horoscope?

Panchanga predictions

This free horoscope offers panchanga predictions based on the week day, birth star, Thidhi, Karanam and Nithya Yoga. It helps you understand your temperament, traits and features.

Bhava predictions

Horoscope predictions are based on the influence of planets in your life. Bhava predictions provides insights on your personality, wealth, career, education, marriage and relationships.

Favourable periods and effect of dasa/apahara

Starting any venture at the right time is important for success. This free vedic astrological horoscope will analyse and then generate favourable time periods for your marriage, career, business and house construction. It also shows the effect of dasa/apahara.

Remedies and recommendations

Knowing and then overcoming challenges are important. This online horoscope will recommend remedies needed to overcome these challenges and obstacles in your life.

What our customers say about us

The most detailed report I have bought so far. It is very helpful for me. Very Satisfied with the service.

Nagesh Kumar

Its very descriptive and helps a lot. In fact predictions match with reality. Thanks ClickAstro.

Ananya Misra

Feel the horoscope gives quite a good picture of state of things but instead of rituals would like to do the chanting of mantras myself.