Dr.Hymavathi Bhattar


Meena 2 Naadi Astrologer (Nakshatra Sidhanta)/Astrology Consultant/Prasna Sastra Expert


Dr. Hymavathi Bhattar is a Nakshatra Sidhanta and also Prasna Sastra expert. She is from eminent astrologer’s family. Her father late. Sri. D. Gopala Krishna Sastry was also an eminent astrologer from A.P. She is a staunch devotee of Sri Satya Sai Baba and Guruji Sri.N V Raghava Chary(Meena2) and graduated from well-disciplined Sri Satya Sai University, Anantapur.

She has done many research activities in astrology and in particular Nakshatra Sidhanta. She did her Masters in Astrology from Osmania University and also from Yoga Samskrutham University. She has done research work in “Reflection Theory” in astrology and awarded Ph.D. (Vedanga Jyothisha) from Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida, USA in the year 2017. She has published many research articles and given stunning predictions in Prasna Sastra. Since 2015 onwards she is teaching Nakshatra Sidhantam (Stellar Astrology based on Naadi Principles)at JKR Astro Research Foundation, Secunderabad. Recently held convocation at Bangalore, she was appointed as research guide by Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida, USA. At present she is guiding more than 5 scholars in Vedic and Nakshatra Sidhanta.

She has participated in many seminars and debates in Astrology. She is a active participant in all astrological activities. She has received many honorary titles like “Daivagna Ratna”, “Jyotisha Choodamani”, “Jyotisha Acharya” , Jyothisa Ratnakara etc for her outstanding contributions in the field of occult sciences. She is under constant guidance from eminent and well known naadi astrologer Naadi Jyotisha Kesari - Prof.N.V.R.A.Raja and doing research in Nakshatra Prasna Sastra.

She is giving astro consultation in Telugu and English.
Consultation through phone and reports can be given in Pdf by e-mail.

Meena 2 Naadi Astrologer (Nakshatra Sidhanta)
Astrology Consultant
Prasna Sastra Expert

MA Astrology (Osmania University)
MA Astrology (Yoga Samskrutham University)
Ph.D (Yoga Samskrutham University)

She has received many honorary titles like “Daivagna Ratna”,“Jyotisha Choodamani”, “Jyotisha Acharya” , Jyothisa Ratnakara etc for her outstanding contributions in the field of occult sciences.


Any one prasna question Rs. 1200 CONSULT NOW
Any 3 prasna questions Rs. 1800 CONSULT NOW
Any 3 birth chart questions Rs. 1200 CONSULT NOW
Marriage/ Gruharambha/Gruhapravesha Muhurtha Rs. 1000 CONSULT NOW
Marriage Compatability Rs. 1000 CONSULT NOW
Child birth and remedies Rs. 1000 CONSULT NOW
1 year dasa analysis Rs. 2300 CONSULT NOW
3 years dasa analysis Rs. 2800 CONSULT NOW

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