Rajakumar Nerella

Astrology Consultant & Teacher
Rajakumar Nerella

Astrology consultancy

Sree Rajakumar Nerella is a Vedic astrologer with deep-set knowledge in various occult sciences. In addition to being an Astrology Consultant & Guru, he is an expert in Fengshui & Vastu, Dowsing, Aura therapy, chakra balancing, crystal healing etc. His vast knowledge in occultism also extends to Gems, Salagramas, Rudrakshas, yantras, tantric items, pyramids, Lal Kitab remedies etc. Rajakumar Nerella has been practising as a Vedic Astrology consultant for the past 19 years. He is a man of studies who has done various PG, degree and diploma courses in astrology as well as other streams. He writes study materials for numerous courses in various universities and has written several articles on Astro remedies for top journals & magazines. He is a Board Of Studies Member in Department of History, Heritage & Tourism Studies, Hindi Maha Vidyalaya Hyderabad. Rajakumar Nerella is the author of the books - Akhanda Daivika Vastuvulu, Adrushta Daivika Vastuvulu and Jyothisha Ratna Chikista. Akhanda Salagramalu and Nava Ratnalu–Vaisishtyam are the two books ready to be published. A multi-professional who works as Astrology Consultant, Teacher and Tour Conductor, Sree Nerella has several awards & honours to his credit.
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