Deepak Bisaria

Astrology Guru & Researcher
Deepak Bisaria

Astrology consultancy

Sri Deepak Bisaria is an internationally renowned astrology teacher and researcher. He has been on the teaching faculty of the Institute of Astrology of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan New Delhi, since 1997. Also, he writes the monthly newsletter of Deepak Bisaria has very strong predictive instincts. He often travels to Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Singapore and Philippines for taking astrology classes. During his wide-ranging research under K N Rao in 95-97, Deepak Bisaria wrote detailed astro-sketches on Dr Rajendra Prasad and Ram Krishan Dalmia. This helped him attain instant recognition in the astrology community. He has written several articles and contributed to several group research projects too. His book, Indian Marriage in Modern Urban Educated Society, is regarded as a path-breaking exploration of marital astrology. Deepak Bisaria belongs to the new group of research-oriented and technically qualified astrologers. He believes that the Vedic knowledge helps to access unexplored areas of science. Consultation only through phone. No written documents (pdfs, docs or hardcopies) provided.
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