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Acharya Anand has been transforming lives with his experience and expertise from the last 19 years years. Coming from a family of Astrologers with his mother as the biggest inspiration and the first teacher, Acharya Anand started learning Astrology from a very young age of just 5 years. After completing his education from Maharishi International University USA, he is dedicated to helping people with a more humane approach. A versatile personality packed with multi-dimensional skills, he is well-known for changing lives by bringing a positive change in people’s attitude and thinking. He is a strong believer of constant change and evolution so along with old methods of chart reading, pujas & rituals he brings in counseling. He understands people like no other and provides consultation with a combination of prediction and life advice. His belief in the power of positivity is clearly evident from the changes he has brought to thousands of people in just 29 years of life. An expert on different forms of astrology (Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Tarot Reading and Corporate Astrology), Acharya Anand is undoubtedly the guidance and guru you need in your life, be it for getting a solution for the problems you are facing in any walk of life or the way to grow. Telephonic consultation will be provided in English, French, German, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada and Bhojpuri. Report Consultation(pdf) will be provided only in English, Sanskrit and Hindi.

Acharya Anand has been honored with significant awards for his outstanding contributions to astrology, including:

2023: "Jyotish Braham" Award by Uttarakhand Chief Minister

2022: "Jyotish Vibhushan" Award by Uttarakhand Chief Minister

2021: "Eminence in Astrology" Award by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister

These awards, received in consecutive years, highlight Acharya Anand's exceptional expertise and influence in the field of astrology.

Connecting with him is like deciphering your cosmic story in the tongue that feels most celestial to you.Acharya Anand aims to connect with #8Billion people and spread positivity through Vedic astrology.

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