Ajith Benadi

Astrology Consultant
Ajith Benadi

Astrology consultancy

Ajith K Benadi was born in a Jain business family. He came in contact with astrology at the early age of 20. He graduated in civil engineering in the year 1962; he worked as a successful structural Engineer in India, UK and Germany for 42 years. He pursued Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology as a hobby and made an in-depth study before he started astrological counseling few years ago. He is also a qualified Planetary Gemologist and a member of the Planetary Gem Association, Bangkok. His professional assignments led him to advise and associate with projects in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea in addition to UK and Germany. Mr. Benadi is based in Germany and he is a Life Fellow Member and Chartered Engineer of the Institution of Engineers India, Fellow Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Member of the German Society of engineers, VDI (Germany). Mr. Benadi has interacted with leading astrologers like Dr. Vasan, Dr. Desika, Prof. R.G. Rao, Dr. Krishna Kumar and others.
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