Dr R. Chandralekha

Vedic Astrologer, Astrology Consultant
Dr R. Chandralekha

Astrology consultancy

Dr R. Chandralekha hails from a family of Vedic scholars and is an ardent astrology practitioner and researcher. She is a well-known Meena 2 Nadi astrologer with an experience of over 10 years. She has published several articles and presented research papers in astrological conferences and seminars on Meena 2 Astrology. She holds a Masters Degree in Vedanga Jyotisha and a PhD in Medical Astrology from Florida, USA. She is currently pursuing MSc in Psychology from Ambedkar University. She is a faculty member of the astrology department at a reputed institute. Dr R. Chandralekha's contributions to divine Sastra and occult studies have earned her several awards and honours, including Daivagna Vallabha, Jyothisha Gyana Saraswathi, Jyothisha Ratna, Jyothisha Visharadha and Jyothisha Praveen. She conducts Nakshatra Prasna Quiz and does YouTube videos on astrology topics. You would find her videos on Medical astrology, the importance of Digbala, Magical Mystery of 8th House, Significators of 6th house etc. Telephonic Consultations Only. Consultations will be available in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil.
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