N. Dharani Namboothiri

Vedic Astrologer
N. Dharani Namboothiri

Astrology consultancy

Dharani Namboothiri has completed an MA in Astrology and has been working in this field for 10 years. She is a specialist in Chozhy Preshnam, Bregu Naadhi Astrology, and Kerala Conventional Astrology.
This is a blessing for her through her ancestors, who were specialists in Mandhram Thanthram. She also performs Endrams for Vidhya Rajagopalam, Thozhil Vasyam, Sree Vasyam, Lakshmi Enthram, and more.
Her family performs Thantreega Pooja, which is against astrology predictions, and provides solutions through Thantreega Poojas. She is also a specialist in Chozhy Preshnam and Marriage Matching.
Dharani guarantees solutions for all who approach her for their life issues or for improving their lives.
Telephonic Consultation only.
Languages - Tamil , Malayalam & Hindi only.
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