Shristi Joshi

Tarot Reader, Psychologist, Life Coach
Shristi Joshi

Astrology consultancy

Through a blend of Tarot, Psychology and Life Coaching, Shristi guides people and gives them a broader & better perspective of life, if and when they are feeling stuck. While they might be curious as to what lies in store for them, She gives them a narrative through her readings, which compels them to think beyond their usual perspective and that makes them believe they’re doing great and they are special. Shristi has curated special practices and remedies, like chakra healing, crystal healing, sound bath therapies, etc. which heals people on a very deeper level and works on their subconscious mind.
Shristi Joshi is a B.Tech in Cognitive Psychology and an MBA in Communications Management, along with which She has added a few certifications in the field of spirituality and healing, to build a strong foundation and gain the desired set of skills required to deal with clientele.
Her readings not only give everyone the answers that are in their best interest, but also makes them feel therapeutic, guided and healed. Tarot helps her create a safe space, trust and a bubble of love and light, which is accessible to people everywhere.
Telephonic Consultations only.
Languages - Hindi, English, and Punjabi.
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