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Astrology indicates that the position of the celestial bodies at the time of one's birth influences the individual in a significant way. It determines what you are in body and spirit. Our natal chart helps us better understand the placement of the celestial bodies and their impact on various aspects of our lives.

With the advent of technology, it has become easier to access exact future predictions free by entering accurate birth details. Clickastro presents free online astrology services, including an online astrology birth chart. The report provides astute and precise predictions and is simple and easy to understand. It helps you to understand yourself as an individual. Favourable astrology helps you to make prudent life decisions to ensure a successful, prosperous and happy life.

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How does Clickastro provide their online astrology with precision?

Clickastro has built a legacy of trust in online astrology with its decades of services. Our 110 million plus satisfied customers are proof of Clickastro’s expertise in online astrology. Clickastro has established its reliability through 40 years of research and development.

Accurate astrological predictions are achieved through rigorous and complex mathematical calculations and expert knowledge. Clickastro’s free accurate online astrology predictions by date of birth and time have eliminated room for error by careful calculation with the help of advanced and specialised astrological knowledge since 1984, which is necessary for such exact calculations. With over 38 years of expertise and the power of advanced astrology, Clickastro has carved a niche for itself as the pioneers of precise online astrology service providers.

The Free Online Astrology report you will receive is the outcome of decades of study by more than 100 Vedic astrologers. With the knowledge we've gained over the last 38 years, we have summarised your life in 60 pages which can be easily understood by you.

Important Features of Free Online Astrology

Your Vedic Astrology summary

(Please provide accurate birth details)


You have _____ Yogas in your horoscope.

GajakesariYoga bestows positions of power, fame, fortune, and success. Find out your Yogas in your horoscope.


You have _____ Doshas in your horoscope.

The in-depth horoscope analyses your natal chart and examines the doshas that you may have and also suggests easy remedies.


You have _________ favourable periods for your career.

Make a successful career with the right career choice. Learn about the various career options based on your personality and analysis of natal chart.


You have ________ auspicious periods for marriage.

The In-Depth Horoscope provides a list of favourable and excellent periods for marriage from the ages of 18 to 50.


You have ________ favourable periods for your business.

Understand the favourable periods in your life when you can expand and grow your business and make the right business decisions.

House Construction

There are ________ favourable periods for house construction in your horoscope.

Build your dream home during the favourable and excellent periods provided in the horoscope.

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Other Features of Free Online Astrology

Includes Detailed Analysis & Predictions on:





Includes Favourable Time Period list for:




House Building

Includes Dosha analysis & remedies:

Analysis of your chart for 3 most significant doshas.

Get astrologically recommended remedy suggestions.

Includes Yoga Analysis:

Analysis of the natal chart for 76 different Yogas in your life

Includes predictions for 40 years:

The Report includes projections for the next 40 years or until the age of 90, whichever comes first.

Includes Easy & Simple Remedies:





Dress Colour


This well researched Vedic horoscope report is:

PDF report


60+ pages

Vedic Astrology


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User reviews
Average rating: 4.7 ★
1954 reviews
priyanka nikunj majiwala
Nyc one
Vedic astrology has played a very important part in preserving the sanctity of marriage in India. Clickastro is a major player in the field of Vedic astrology. The Hindi Kundali matching reports prepared by Clickastro stands as testament to this fact. Staying true to a cause is something only the noble-minded can do. I am proud to be a loyal customer of an astrology portal which reflects this virtue in both its service and product.
Marriages are said to be made in heaven. If thats the case, then Clickastro is a messanger from god. The marrige compatability report is very accurte and bares a contemporray outlook. It was a revolation to me that Clickastro does not wince at same-sex relasionships like most other astrolgy portals. Their open-mindness and dedeication to the craft is impressive.
I use Telugu Jathakm report to help out the people who seek astrolgical advice from me. I use report from Clikastro for this purpos. U guys have the best and most profesionl servce among online astrolgy compnies. But if I may, I think your style is getting pretty stale. If u could update style and contnt of your report it would be great, thanx.
menaga menaga
மிகவும் நன்று
d. c. parekh
Very good.
ajay gopalan
Yes it was a good experience for me and it's simple and understandable for common man
Clickastro's Telugu Jathakam was really an eye opener for me. In one instant my entire assumption about online astrology and even astrology in general was shattered. I used to wonder how this outdated science could stay relevant in this age of information surplus. But the Telugu Jathakam report made me realize that Vedic astrology is flexible enough to accommodate modern ethos also into it. I am very happy I chose Clickastro for availing the report.
daisy prasad
Bhahut kam samay mein satik bhavisyabani. Thank-you.
Good horoscope report
I am quite wary of meeting astrologers. Somehow I have been taken for a royal ride by a couple of astrologers and that kept me away from them for quite some time. One of my friends who happened to get the Telugu jathakam from Clickastro recommended it to me. I wasn't so eager and I let it slide. Recently I needed my horoscope for a personal requirement and I got my Jathakam made in my mothertongue Telugu. I was actually surprised by its contents and predictions. I am truly satisfied with the service.
Very useful
hema pandat
Garib logo ky bahut ahcca solution hi jinky pass kundli bnvany ky liye fess affert nhi ker skty thanks for work🙏
saurav gurjar
Amazing....real and right evey thing
dr paidi malleswararao
Good report
manoj v s
നല്ലൊരു സേവനം ആണ്... നിങ്ങൾ നൽകുന്നത്
Thank you astrologers click astro
divya yadav
Jeewan ke liye shi margadarshan
sumit yadav
rajesh kumar
Mera dasha kaisa hai
gopal singh
Very nice report
Right predictions
gyanaranjan baliarsingh
Excellent horoscope report
I am happy with your astrology...
kajal choudhary
Excellent prediction
Getting a good Telugu Jathakam report used to be a matter of luck. I used to try different websites based on crude assumptions. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. Until I chanced upon Clickastro. The experience with Clickastro came as a revelation. I never expected an astrology site to possess such high standards. It was like dealing with an IT company. They have all my goodwill and wishes.
Marriage predictions without Clickastro is like Ferrari without a logo. Objectively there is no difference, but to those who know, the omission is like a sacrilege of the highest order. There are many websites offering free marriage predictions. But no one does it like Clickastro. Their's is the best and the most professionally managed astrology website.
durgesh maley
Good experience

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What’s in the report?

Panchanga Predictions

Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana, and Nithyayogas are a few of the significant astrological factors that should be examined based on your birthdate. Their analysis clarifies aspects of your life like your character and physical appearance. The Panchanga predictions provide information on a number of these aspects. Like the Nakshatra and Tithi of the day, the day of the week you were born has a significant impact on the way you are. The personality of the person can differ depending on whether they were born during the Shukla Paksha or the Krishna Paksha. The analysis of the Karana and Nithya Yoga also provides details on the particular impacts on the individual that will affect his or her life on Earth.

Dasa Predictions

Dasha is the period of time during which a particular planet is having an impact on the individual. Your free online astrology report provides information on significant Dasha periods as well as their sub-periods, which can last up to 25 years. Natives can learn more from the report about how these times will impact their lives. It will assist the person in comprehending the broad trends that can be anticipated over a certain time period. The Dasha predictions cover a period of 25 years from the date of purchase. Thus, predictions up to the year 2068 will be covered in your report. The effects of both the main Dasha period and the various apahara periods within the Dasha period will be covered.

Bhava Predictions

The houses in your horoscope are known as bhavas. The positioning of the planets in your horoscope, which can affect your physical appearance, character, personality traits, education, wealth, intelligence, family, progeny, health issues, obstacles, marriage, your partner, luck, prosperity, longevity, profession, income, etc., is examined in bhava predictions. Even malefic planets can have positive effects when placed in certain houses, while in other houses, even the most benefic planets can become malefic. The 7th house is arguably the most well-known because it pertains to a person's marriage and married life.

Get your free marriage predictions

Yoga Analysis

Your birth was influenced by specific planetary alignments known as yogas, which have enduring, one-of-a-kind effects. Vedic astrology uses a variety of yogas, some of which are strong and others of which have a more subdued impact. Your free astrology report thoroughly explains the effects of the particular Yogas that are particular to you and analyses how they will affect your life. Some forms of yoga, like Raja Yoga, can generally raise someone's fortunes. Other forms of yoga, such as those that place a stronger emphasis on education, physical fitness, etc., have a more focused impact. For instance, Adhi Yoga helps you live a long and fulfilling life while also bestowing wealth and a luxurious lifestyle.

Download your free wealth horoscope

Favourable Periods

In life, fortunes constantly change. It's possible that, metaphorically speaking, there are times when everything you touch turns to gold, and times when everything you do turns out to be incorrect. Your free online astrology details all of the happy and prosperous times in your life. These include the best times to start a business, get married, have children, or build a house. From the time of their beginning to the time of their conclusion, the various periods are displayed in table format. The favourable ages for marriage are examined from ages 18 to 60, whereas those for careers and businesses are examined from ages 15 to 60. The ages analysed for building houses range from 15 to 80.

Know more about your career predictions

Graha Dosha and Remedies

Your free online astrology will examine any Graha Doshas that might be present. When planets are placed incorrectly in a horoscope, Graha Doshas result. For instance, the horoscope has Kuja Dosha if Mars is placed in the seventh house. Since such Graha Doshas could have negative effects, it is best to follow recommended remedies. The free astrology will include any remedies you might require if your horoscope contains any Graha Doshas. The corrective actions could include vrats, mantras, pujas, etc..


The combustion of planets known as moudhyam occurs when they are placed in the horoscope too close to the Sun. For instance, the Moon is said to be combust or in Moudhyam when it is within 12 degrees of the Sun in the horoscope. Your free online astrology examines the overall Moudhyam of your chart in this manner. A person's life may suffer as a result of moudhyam or the burning of planets. The likelihood of conflicts between the planets in your horoscope are also examined. The name of this state is Graha Yuddha. The Graha Avastha comes next. Every Avastha, or stage of your life, is examined in Graha Avastha to determine the planets' positions.

Ashtakavarga Predictions

The eight-fold classification known as Ashtakavarga describes how the planets' influence on a person's horoscope is affected. Here, the ascendant and the planet's position in relation to other planets are used to calculate the planet's strength and intensity. Each planet is given points ranging from 0 to 8, with 0 being the weakest and 8 being the strongest, depending on it. Your free online astrology's Ashtakavarga predictions evaluate the planets' overall potency. This makes it easier to predict the possible outcomes of the person's life. The report also suggests corrective actions based on the impacts and, if they are negative, depending on the impacts.

Transit Forecast

The positions of the planets in the horoscope are compared to the planets' current positions in the cosmos in a transit forecast. Your free online astrology consists of transit forecast that will assist one in clearly understanding the impact of each planet's transit on his or her life. For instance, the transit of planets like Jupiter, the Sun, and Saturn can have a significant impact on a person's life. Jupiter transits from one sign to the next in a year, while the Sun does so in a month. A sign's transit through Saturn takes two and a half years. The slower a planet moves or transits through a sign, the greater is its impact on the native.

What’s NOT in the Report?

Negative Astrology

For many years, astrology was utilized as a tool to promote fear tactics among people. These would often include expensive rituals as remedial solutions to the problems, even when such remedials solutions were not necessary.

At Clickastro, we promote positive and constructive predictions and remedial measures only when they are utmost necessary. These are based on the doctrines mentioned in ancient Vedic scriptures and genuine astrology.

Free Astrology Prediction Online: Get a snapshot of your life

Astrology is a complex science that revolves around the ever-changing pattern of the celestial bodies including the planets, stars, the Sun, the Moon, etc. wherein their movement also impacts different facets of human life.

Clickastro experts study your free online astrology chart created as per the position of the celestial bodies and based on their analysis provide you with detailed insight into how your future life would be, information about your personality, characteristics, life interests, favourable and unfavourable periods, Dasha - Apahara periods, etc. The analysis acts as a complete roadmap of your life which allows the astrologers to understand you as an individual and highlight the twists and turns and life challenges which they foresee in your life.

To understand the depth of the Indian astrology bylaws, you must understand the meaning of the five basic elements i.e., planets, signs, houses, cycles, and aspects (angle between the planets).

Understanding Vedic Astrology– A Quick Overview Sun and Zodiac Signs

The Sun is known to be the ultimate source of power and energy that drives the entire solar system. The Sun symbolizes independence, willpower, strength, energy, popularity, and other attributes. In a general sense, it defines the individuality of a person as to how they are from the inside.

Even though you might not be knowing everything about astrology, you shall still know your Sun sign and the basic character traits that are assigned to that particular sign. Thus, if you’re keen on getting your astrology predictions and know what the future holds, understanding your horoscope chart is a good place to start.

As per Vedic astrology, there are 12 segments wherein each segment represents a sign of the zodiac chart. Your Sun sign is dependent on the position of the Sun in either of those 12 segments at the time of your birth. Ideally, the Sun spends thirty days in one segment i.e., it takes one full year to visit each segment and complete the entire zodiac circle. Each segment i.e., zodiac sign provides its definite characteristics and energy to the individuals who are born into that sign.

Get your In depth Horoscope Report

Ascendant (Rising Sign)

Apart from the zodiac signs, another important part that you must understand by studying your accurate life prediction by date of birth for free includes the concept of Ascendant (or the Rising sign). It describes which particular zodiac sign was ascending the eastern horizon at the time you were born. Ideally, astrologers prefer taking 6:00 AM as the default time if you aren’t sure of your birth timings. While the Sun describes your individuality, the Ascendant helps you understand more about your personality. It affects your physical appearance and how you present yourself in front of others. Different Ascendants can have different characteristics like:

  • Fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) – you’re known to be full of energy, optimism, and enthusiastic
  • Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) – you’re known to be cautious, practical yet a serious individual
  • Air sign (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) – you’re friendly, sociable, and communicative
  • Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) – you’re emotional, intuitive, and sensitive


If you look closely at your horoscope chart, you’ll notice that it consists of 12 different houses. Each house represents a different area of your life in which the planets and the zodiac signs operate. While the zodiac signs are dictated by the movement of the Sun, the houses within your horoscope chart represent the Earth’s movement around its axis. Your detailed life predictions helps you understand the significance of each house and allows the astrologers to understand the personality traits you exhibit in your daily life.

  • 1st House – House of the self
  • 2nd House – House of finances and feelings
  • 3rd House – House of communication, mental stimulation, and relationships
  • 4th House – House of home and early childhood
  • 5th House – Governs love, pleasure, creativity
  • 6th House – House of order, system, and concerns your health and hygiene
  • 7th House – Governs partnerships (marriage, business, etc.)
  • 8th House – House of death, possessions, strong feelings
  • 9th House – Governs your education, prophecy, philosophy
  • 10th House – Represents your status, importance, and life aspirations
  • 11th House – It’s the house of hopes, and wishes
  • 12th House – It relates to the psychic abilities and person’s unconscious alongside health problems

Clickastro’s Free Online Astrology Report - What are the benefits?

  • It helps you understand yourself better. You see yourself from the point of view of another, allowing you to discern your strengths and weaknesses more objectively and effectively
  • You will know about favourable and unfavourable periods in life. This will prepare you to go through the daily grind with a more composed mindset. You feel more in control of your life.
  • You can plan life events more efficiently. You can make wise moves and enjoy a successful and productive professional career. The detailed life predictions will act as a guide to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient science dealing with the influence of celestial bodies on life on Earth. Through astrology, you analyse the general character and life events of an individual. Further, you can also study the movement and position of different celestial bodies.

Is Vedic astrology and Indian astrology the same?

The term ‘Vedic Astrology’ refers to the astrology practices followed in the Indian sub-continent It has another Indian term known as “Jyotisha” which has roots in the Vedic texts. Indian astrology and Hindu astrology as simply alternative terms that refer to the Vedic astrology.

How is astrology beneficial for me?

Astrology can predict a lot about your life patterns and help you make the right decision in life. With your free online horoscope, you can study your nature, general mindset, behaviour & characteristics, etc. It can also predict the basic ups-and-down of your life chart.

How can I get my detailed life predictions for free?

Your life and destiny get defined based on the position of celestial bodies at the time of your birth. To get your detailed life horoscope, you need to capture the accurate position of these planets and stars. Since these positions and your subsequent horoscope is unique for you, you can simply analyse these designs and planetary positions to obtain information regarding your life and character. You can use our free astrology software to generate accurate astrology predictions for free.

How does astrology predict my future?

Your horoscope is crafted as per the planetary positions corresponding to your time and place of birth. It predicts not just the general flow of your life, but the Dasha – Apahara can further anticipate other probable events from your life chart. To get the most accurate life prediction about your future, use your original date of birth, time and location.

Do I need to pay to obtain my future prediction by date of birth?

No, you don’t have to pay for the basic version of your free online horoscope. Simply fill out the form on our website asking for your birth details and other information, and you will get your accurate astrology predictions for free in your inbox.

Can I make important life decisions based on the online report generated here?

At ClickAstro, we provide you with your most accurate life prediction report giving you a glimpse of what your future beholds. Depending on it, you can plan your future, make informed life decisions, and improve different aspects of your personal and professional life.

Can our free online astrology prediction help you overcome obstacles in your life?

If you’re facing issues in your personal or professional life, it could be due to the likely presence of doshas in your birth (natal) chart. We don’t assure you of 100% positive results, but our astrology experts can study your horoscope chart, and give you your free life prediction report advising you on what steps you can take to minimize the impact of these doshas.

How accurate are astrology predictions?

Accuracy of astrology predictions depends on the accuracy of calculations and the way one interprets different astrological facts. Performing the horoscope analysis accurately requires one to perform multiple astrological calculations with precision. Rely on Clickastro’s astrology report to get accurate predictions based on weekday, star, thithi, karana & Nithya Yoga. The software helps you get the most accurate free Vedic astrology predictions for your life.

Why should I choose online astrology?

An astrologer puts in 100% effort to generate and analyze your horoscope. However, a human effort to perform such complex calculations always increases the probability of encountering a calculation error. So, to avoid such mis-happenings, it’s better to generate your horoscope chart online.

What is Rasi?

A Rasi is simply an alternative term for zodiac signs. These rasis or zodiacs represent the twelve equally divided portions of the 360-degree sky or constellations. So, each rasi represents a 30-degree segment of the sky and are used to calculate your future prediction by date of birth.

What is Nakshatra or Birth Star?

Nakshatras are a salient feature of Hindu astrology and represent a star or constellation occupying a 13-degree, 20-min segment of the sky. Thus, we have a total of 27 nakshatras in the 360-degree. The birth star, or nakshatra of a person, is decided by the position of the moon in the sky at the time of birth. With our free life prediction generated online, you can know in detail about your birth star.

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